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Avatar n tn hey all! my name is Jennifer! i am doing a research paper on Aquagenic Urticaria. I was wondering if anyone who has this allergy could let me know how it effects your life, how you cope with it and how you got it. that would be so great! Its appreciated!!! thanks!
Avatar f tn I know the names cold urticaria and cold sore are similar by coincidence and that the cold sores could have originally been caused by the stress of the sudden cold urticaria, but is there any other possible connections between cold sores and cold urticaria or something that could cause both of these? Thank you!
Avatar f tn Since aquagenic urticaria and aquagenic pruritis are pretty rare, what you are most likely suffering from is cholinergic urticaria. You can research it by googling. That is what I am looking into right now. Good luck!
Avatar f tn After looking into it, what you have is truly an allergy to cold. Refered to as 'cold urticaria'. With cold urticaria, exposure to cold temperatures causes redness, itching, swelling and hives on your skin. People with cold urticaria should avoid exposure to cold air or water as much as possible. (Source: Mayo Clinic, This completely agrees with everything you have said, and thus proves your cold allergy.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with cold urticaria seven years ago. I would like to get to know people who has the same allergie. I have no hives, only swelling of the mouth, coughing and choking if exposed to cold air, air condition, fridge, freezer, drinking cold drinks, etc. I have to use gloves to touch anyting cold otherwise my fingers will swell and get very red, or have broken blod vessels as a results. No medication is working, avoidance is the answer. Maybe someone out there have the magic answer?
Avatar f tn One month ago ( around the time that I stopped nursing my 10-month-old) I started getting random lip swelling. From there it turned into itchy hives all over my body. I got a lot of blood work done for my allergist and immunologist everything came back normal but my CU index (chronic urticaria) was slightly elevated suggesting it's autoimmune response. He tested for a large variety of autoimmune disorders. The doctor is treating my symptoms with Zantac, Zyrtec, and Singulair.
Avatar n tn Hi, From what you describe you seem to be having cold urticaria or cold hives. Are you allergic to any specific food substances or do you have allergic reactions otherwise? You should consult your doctor for a confirmed diagnosis and a proper clinical evaluation. You should try and avoid exposure to cold and also antihistamine or antiallergic medications would definitely help you. The cold allergies are known to last for variable periods of time in different individuals.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know of any open stem cell research studies or proven successful stem cell therapy treatments to stop and/or reverse viral attacks on the human body? I heard this type of therapy is out there but don't see many studies. Not even finding studies specific to a particular virus (HSV, HPV, coxsackie, ....
Avatar n tn Hi, There had been many studies of finding the relationship of (chronic) urticaria and cancer. Results show however, that there is no significant relationship.( ref: However, it is very important that the triggers be identified to prevent future outbreaks. Take care and regards.
Avatar n tn Unfortunately, there is no good evidence regarding the safety of this medicine during pregnancy. It was not shown to be teratogenic in animal studies, but adequate studies have not been conducted in pregnant women. The official recommendation is that it be used during pregnancy, only if clearly needed. And, this caution is very similar to that regarding the whole class of antihistamines. Also, cetirizine does enter breast milk and it is not recommended during lactation.
505916 tn?1248792942 Studies report that as many as 57.4% of patients with hives (urticaria) have the presence of thyroid antibodies. Thyroid panel tests include: TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone), free T3, free T4, thyroid antibodies - thyroid peroxidase antibody (TPOAb), and thyroglobulin antibody (TgAb). "In conditions of chronic urticaria, thyroid antibodies are not only indicators of chronic inflammation, but they appear to play a role in the disease process.
Avatar f tn Hello, These symptoms can be due to cold urticaria. Cold urticaria is a disorder characterized by the rapid onset of itchiness, redness and swelling of the skin within minutes after exposure to a cold stimulus. Diagnosis can be made by an ice-cube test. Place an ice cube on your forearm for 4 minutes and observe the area for 10 minutes afterwards. If you have cold urticaria, the area will become itchy and then swell approximately 2 minutes after removing the ice cube.
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Avatar f tn Investigators at the National Institutes of Health are also actively engaged in research on Urticaria You and your physicians might also want to contact their research facility at: Dean D. Metcalfe, M.D., M.S.