Cold turkey versus weaning

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Avatar n tn I quit about a year ago cold turkey, and never want to go cold turkey again. I was clean for a couple months. I'm curious as to how your weaning is going.
Avatar f tn Since you already been on it for 4 months and because of the nature of the med itself and that you are fortunate enough to not experience any withdrawal symptoms I would suggest you quit it cold turkey. Anyway, for your own information withdrawal symptoms are supposed to start one week after not takin the drug and some people really used to the drug can experience symptoms as soon as they are skipping a dose.
Avatar f tn m pregnant like maybe 6 weeks and was going to try and wean down but wondering if cold turkey with suboxone would work better to just get off without weaning? Any ideas or doctors? Thanks!
Avatar m tn I am seeking some guidance as to how long can I expect to be sick and welcome any and all suggestions. This includes thoughts on cold turkey versus a tapering regimen. Thank you in advance for any input.
1528695 tn?1360582320 Are you talking about quitting breastfeeding cold turkey, or just naturally cutting back on feeding? If you just start feeding less and less, your milk reduces itself steadily, until it ceases to be produced at all. It keeps pace with your baby's usage.
422823 tn?1229736847 it's your decision. personally, i'd go for sustaining the pregnancy and weaning your daughter cold turkey. sure, it might be hard work and you may have some teething problems...but that way you don't risk a life.
Avatar n tn I am writing for answers for my 15 Year old son with Autism. He has been on Risperdal for about 5 years now and was taking 4mg x 2 daily, HIGH, I KNOW. He is 5'10" 165 lbs. For about the past 6 months he has started with some new behaviors. I relayed these to his Psychiatrist and she has had no comment on them. I researched them myself and found they mimic Tardive dyskinesia in many ways. I have found a new Psychiatrist but can not get in to see her for approx 2 more weeks.
Avatar m tn t want to compromise your health. I went off dilaudid cold turkey. My pharmacist explained it like this; some breeds of dogs have their tails cut off. This is done with one cut, it would be cruel to take an inch off the tail every week. Taper down and you have withdrawals everytime you cut your meds down. Cold turkey and you go through withdrawals once.
Avatar n tn sometimes a low dose is easier cold turkey. How long to you plan to taper? if you take days breaks in between using you might not have bad phsicall w/ds, when did you use last?
Avatar f tn Weaning yourself off means gradually lowering your dosage. People do this or attempt to do it so that they can try to avoid the most severe of the withdrawal symptoms. Once a week or so you drop your dosage a fixed amount until you are at a low daily dose at which point you stop completely. You will still go through withdrawals but they should be milder as you aren't stopping cold turkey.
Avatar f tn By what day honestly do you start to feel better if you ween yourslef off versus cold turkey?
Avatar n tn If you are only 2 months into usage, then I say quit cold turkey. The WD will not be that bad. Not many people are capable of takes will power and strength to not cheat, and stick with the program. How much have you been using a day?
Avatar n tn I can't believe you did them both at the same time w/o tapering either one. People go to Detox for less than that. I am suprised that you have not experienced horrible anxiety or panic attacks. Your Dr. would never have gone for this plan. I would get an appt. immediately. Good luck. I undestand where you were coming from, but please seek help.
Avatar f tn I want to stop taking them because I am pregnant and afraid of hurting the baby but I am terrified that I might miscarry if I stop cold turkey! Please help! I am also weening off of 10mg Lexapro. What is the safest way to do this? Thanks!
1124805 tn?1259662690 t eating, droppped 20 pounds and got scared. I was too embarrassed to talk to my doctor, so I quit cold turkey. Try weaning yourself down a little at a time, to make the transition easier. It worked for me. There will be some withdrawel symptoms, but the worst of them only lasted 3 days for me. Good luck to you!!!
Avatar m tn I hope it helps instead of going cold turkey. What do you think? What about suboxone? does taking it help in anyway?
Avatar n tn You really shouldn't make them quit cold Turkey. Let them slowing stop on their own. Or if you really want to be done, do it very slowly. That is their comfort thing at that age,you dont want to just rip It away.
Avatar m tn But my mind and body says just a little longer. Is weaning off better than cold turkey? Should I just get Xanax to help me get off them or just get enough pills and take a lower dose until I feel like I do not need them anymore? This is so much harder than I thought.
Avatar f tn m extremely angry, exhausted, dizzy, nausea, numb feeling, how long with this last. I did not taper off the drugs, I just stopped cold turkey about 5 days ago.