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Avatar f tn I'm not a smoker but everything I've seen about smokers during pregnancy the best advice they were given was don't quit cold turkey. Stop little by little so you don't put so much stress on the baby. If you think you could do it cold turkey without stressing you or the baby then I would say do it that way. Hope I helped some.
Avatar f tn Me and Hubby were daily smokers green and stoggies and quit cold turkey its hard but possible!
Avatar f tn I quit cold turkey and I use to chain smoke I'm 11 weeks now and feel better ^^^
Avatar f tn 10 a day is kind of allot, either way it's good you cut down if you were smoking more!! Ugh i quit during my 5th month I'm not proud if how long it took me to quit, I'm pretty sure only way to do it us to quit cold turkey...
Avatar m tn Hi Deb and welcome to the forum. Cold Turkey is how I quit back in April last year and I quit because like you, I got acute bronchitis in Dec09 for only the second time in my life which scared me good and 9mos later, I am Still using my inhaler. Don't waste your time with NRT's. Will just drag the whole process out. If you are really ready to quit, never take another puff, then just do it. It's really the only way. Do check out the articles at whyquit.
Avatar n tn Is it safe to stop smoking cigarettes "cold turkey"? I am 4 wks.I smoked the whole pregnant with my son and he had no issues at birth.I don't want to smoke through this pregnancy.Just wondering if anyone had any info on this.
9131648 tn?1406565316 bf said because I was pregnant (didnt believe him) but I quit fully right after I found out I was, first child made me quit cold turkey too! Good job cutting back though :) yay for healthy babies!
Avatar f tn Stopping smoking is challenging for many people! If you can't quit cold turkey (and many doctors talk about this as being too stressful)-- then cut down day by day.
Avatar f tn Hi, I used to smoke. I was highly addicted to cigarettes because I got to the point where packaged unfilters were not good enough: so in the end, I rolled my own. I also woke up several times in the middle of the night just to get my nicotine hit. If this is not the first time you quit, then you probably know that it gets harder to quit each time after, but it's not impossible. I quit by fake "cold turkey.
Avatar f tn I smoked for 13 years and quit cold turkey. was one of the hardest things I've ever done. And I'm replacing cigarettes with food :(.
Avatar f tn My doc said not to quit cold turkey because it will harm the baby, I weaned myself off them but honestly I would probably still be smoking but it made me sick I can't even think a out a cig without puking now
Avatar f tn I was a smoker.. I quit cold turkey after a week of finding out I was pregnant.. It honestly made me sick to the point I could finish it. And I started not being able to handle the smell as well! So I just stopped and haven't picked one back up I was 5 weeks when I quit I'm now 38+1. Dr say not to quit cold turkey so I told her and she said it was fine because that was my body way of weening me off I guess. So I would go ahead and talk to your ob.
Avatar f tn I quit cold turkey it was hard but It gets easier . My friend smoked her entire pregnancy and her baby was born 4 lbs so it 's not so good on the baby .
Avatar f tn I'm 4 weeks and 2 days pregnant and I smoke cigarettes if I quit cold turkey right now will it hurt my baby?
504000 tn?1242500793 Hi, I haven't saw you around here before.. First let me say my mother smoked with all three of her babies, my brother was especially not SMALL, he was close to 9.5 lbs... I know that it increases the risk of having a very small baby and other complications, but as long as you cut back a lot, you should be proud of yourself.. As many other women would tell you, you don't want to just quit cold-turkey anyways. How much do you smoke now?
Avatar f tn So when I first found out I was pregnant, I was already a little over a month into it and had been a pack a day smoker for 7 years. My family convinced me not to cold turkey quit cuz it could be harmful to the baby at that point.
Avatar f tn I went cold turkey the day I found out I was pregnant.
Avatar m tn I've quit regular cigarettes and switched to electronic which is just the nicotine and none of the more dangerous cancerous chemicals in cigarettes. This has been the best way for me to quit though everyone is different. There are some initial withdraws from the other chemicals in regular cigarettes once switching to electronic but they pass within a week or so. I must tell you since quitting I feel so much better; breathing is easier, food taste better, and I can actually run!
Avatar f tn Ill be 30 weeks on thursday and am stil smoking cigarettes. I want to quit so bad but I don't want to do it cold turkey. I know smoking can harm my baby but cold turkey this far along can too. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions on how to quit?
Avatar f tn So I know this woman who is about as far along as I am (34weeks), and she smokes at least a cigarette everyday, and has been throughout her entire pregnancy. She told me it was because her doctor said that of she "quit cold turkey" that it could have negative effects on the baby because of with drawels, though she had plenty of time to quit by now. Is this true?? What do you guys think??
Avatar f tn the day i found out i quit cold turkey. i was trying to quit before then so i had kinda cut back to only like 4 a day. but i thought it was going to be so hard but as soon as the doctor told me i was pregnant i knew i was done and i havent smoked since. i feel much better and i needed to stop for my baby.
1755802 tn?1338909810 I know you're right... I guess I was just hoping there was some kind of trick I didn't know about yet. No such luck. I've heard the electronic cigarettes are great for smokers who want to quit, but really love to smoke. That's exactly the boat I'm in. I can get through the first 3 days pretty easily, but there are so many situations where I really LOVE smoking. It's terrible to even say... I think I'll probably have to change routines, change friends...
Avatar m tn i keep reading about ways to quit online, and i keep reading that its best to quit cold turkey instead of slowly and gradually. i always try the nicotine patches. they do wonderful for the first couple of weeks. but then i still get cravings that just get stronger and stronger. but if i try cold turkey, its completely hopeless. I'll be smoking in a couple hours, if that. im so done with cigarettes. yet im not. if that makes any sense.
Avatar f tn I used to smoke, but when I found out I was pregnant I quit cold turkey. Smoking and second hand smoke can lead to respiratory problems with your baby.
1559281 tn?1314216778 In december of 2000 I found out I was pregnant. I went home smoked a few more cigs, woke up the next morning...smoked the last one in my pack and vowed not to have another one. Here it is 10 years later and I have not had a single cigarette since that day. I had smoked upwards of 3 packs a day at times over the previous 12 years. (I started smoking at age 12) . I smoked through my first pregnancy and my daughter suffered from intrauterine growth restriction and lack of amniotic fluid.
Avatar f tn I was a smoker n cold Turkied it bc I can't stand the smell of cigs