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Avatar n tn About 12 a day and he stopped cold turkey on Sunday afternoon. What side effects can I expect? Any suggestions on how to help him get through this would be very helpful. Foods to eat or avoid? Tea or herbs? Anything to help him get off naturally. He is also a sugar and caffiene addict. Lots of candy, rockstar and coffee. I did give him a zanax to take with him to work yesterday but he didn't take it until he got home and fell asleep at 7:00 and slept 12 hours.
Avatar f tn the pain is gone but im still on them becuase of the withdraws im tired of taking them and want to stop cold turkey how hard will it be for me please help??
Avatar n tn I am of Effexor 75mg they stopped making the 36mg dosage, I want to go off of them ands tart new. How do I do this? If i can't be slowly put off of them? I tryed cold turkey and was seeign things that were not there I have headacks from this medication insomnia and very painful pains in my neck and body, I am tired literally and can no seem to sleep enough. I want OFF OF THIS ****!
Avatar m tn Is it dangerous to just "STOP" Cold-Turkey from 125 mg of Methadone??? I know it won't be pleasant to say the least but is it dangerous to do it cold turkey at my home alone???
Avatar m tn Hi there i'm new here and i've come off DONE at 120mg cold turkey and today is day 8 and i feel not to bad .My ? is how long does it take before the w/d stop. What Vitamens should i get to make me feel beeter.
Avatar m tn Have any of you went cold turkey off your medications? Was it due to a screw up or because you chose to just stop it? How did it effect you and do you still have any side effects from it that have persisted? What medication was it?
Avatar m tn Under no circumstances do you want to stop taking your meds cold turkey. The worst side effect of course would be having a really bad manic episode which may take years to recover from. I say this from personal and professional experience.
Avatar n tn I am so sory for your situation..I am glad that your husband did get off the pills but essentially all he has been doing is trading one for another..Since he can't get suboxone where you are..Then his only choice seems to be cold turkey unless he can wean with another narcotic that is available..I wish i had better advice,..I haven't used heroin but I did go cold turkey off methadone and that is a nightmare..If he could have someone taking care I am sure he can do this..
Avatar m tn I am seeking some guidance as to how long can I expect to be sick and welcome any and all suggestions. This includes thoughts on cold turkey versus a tapering regimen. Thank you in advance for any input.
628981 tn?1260555203 t believe the VA doc (ok, maybe I can believe the VA doc) would just cut you off cold turkey. Were you abusing your dosage? Did he give you anything to counter the withdrawals? I just want to go kick that doc's butt right now. lol Check out the Thomas Recipe on the right side of the screen (click on the link). What worked for me was drinking Gatorade for electrolytes, taking vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, Omega-3 fish oils, and Imodium cause you will have the runs.
Avatar n tn I went cold turkey off xanax for 20 days now I was taking 2 .5mgs a day and then .5mgs for 5 months and then went cold turkey some symtoms went away but others are still here the rapid heart beat and the worry that is my heart even with the EKG saying that my heart is ok do the symptoms go away??
1316708 tn?1310916182 I am on day 6 of cold turkey off Methadone and I was talking 10 Mg's and that was it, I use to take 80mg a day..but for the past few years I have been taking 10 Mgs and I just could not take it any more. But the worms under my skin is killing there anything out there that is Natural to help me and when does this Peak? When will this stop..?
Avatar m tn Hi bam531 - I am 42 days clean off hydros. I was on about the dose of your hubby and while I did taper down, I could have gone cold turkey off that dose - it isn't going to be fun and I would highly doubt he could keep being sick from you - it s u c k e d to detox off the 1 hydro I tapered down from so going cold turkey is gonna be pretty obvious.
Avatar n tn I am on day 11, of a 35ml a day cold turkey withdrawl from methadone , and speeking from firsthand understanding of opiate detox, i have quit a 1 to 2.5gram aday herion habit and a 80 to 120mg a day dilaudid habit. and methadone is by far the hardest thing i have ever atempted to quit. now to the point, iwas hoping someone could give me a rough idea or timeline as to when ican exspect to start feeling better. i know thats a very openended question but this draging on much longer then exspected.
Avatar m tn I quit drinking cold turkey after a health scare. I drank very heavily for 10 years, and I do mean very heavily. I did not have the first problem. I don't crave or miss it. I sleep better than I ever have and feel better than I ever have. Is this normal or lucky?
7495625 tn?1417310011 I am on my 5th day cold turkey getting off effexor 75mg after 8 years...Before did this i consulted my dr and told her the method which i was choosing to get off..she was in full support been on them 10 years.Some of the stories on here are so similar..And hope too.
Avatar m tn everyone is different no 2 humans are same , there are baseline estimates , but would need more history to give any kind of feedback on what you might expect as far as how i felt during detox. like is that total time you have ever taken opiates/ or is this a relapse? are there other substances involved past or present, over all health, age etc.
1986130 tn?1326767295 I was taking 8-10 Norcos a day plus 80 mg of oxycontin. I stopped the oxys cold turkey 2 days ago & have been rapidly tapering off the norcos. I took 9 the day b4 yesterday, 7 yesterday, & 4 today. My goal tomorrow is to take 2 or less! I assumed tapering off would make withdrawals more managable but it I'm still having all them!