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Avatar f tn s know what I can do or give my daughter to help her go through this mild stone as best as possible and maybe some things for me to expect.
Avatar n tn Analyize the stone. How do you know the stone was oxalate? Mostly the stone will have 2 or 3 components not just 1 (oxalate). Heyyyyy NO stone is "small" NEVER EVER. I think you know what I mean. When you get 1 stone it is almost 100% you ILL get another. Is this your first stone? Thers is a GREAT site for stone suffers it is called: cystinuria forum. com There is a GREAT doc. on there from NY. His name is David Goldfarb, he is the best.
997798 tn?1250089433 Yesterday I woke up with a terrible pain on the right side of my vagina and I assume its a stone trying to pass through my uretha, but I am not sure. Its been 24 hours now and the pain is still there and along with that pain I now have pain on my right side towards the middle of my side.....
Avatar n tn I also have 2 more feet of small bowel that is bad. Now they found a 3.5 x 2.5 cm stone in my duct. How dangerous is a stone that large with all of my other problems?
Avatar f tn got it removed after 2yearscas I put 5 stone on. I then lodt 4 stone and been trying ever since.ive had blood taken everything is fine.had a dye to check for blockages.and still no pregnancies after 7years is there anything else I can try.
Avatar n tn I'm in south carolina. It's chilly, but not cold.
Avatar f tn This weather is no joke.. buffalo ny.. it been cold..
Avatar f tn Great post i am new in this forum and A Resource for Finding Natural Healing Through the Top Chiropractors in the Syracuse, NY Area. Syracuse NY Chiropractors is individuals who treat individuals dealing with issues related to the musculoskeletal system.
Avatar m tn Before removing the stent, my doctor told me I would have to pay 400 cash/check out of pocket for anestesia for this procedure. Me being a barely broke 24yo in NY gave to go ahead without it. Since everything has healed from that point forward, I have noticed a new problem. It has to do with sexual intercourse. Getting arrowsed is some-what of a task, but when I am arrowsed I can hold my stamina for a very long time. There is a big problem however.
Avatar m tn its been five days scence 2nd shot im doing ok, but, now i have a head cold and don;t know what to take that want upset my med , im on triple by the way .
Avatar f tn Hi there, how much weight have you put on?? I'm 18+1 and have put 2 stone on do u think it could be twins? I had one scan but midwife didn't say anything about twins when they listen to the heart beat the other day it was above my belly botton but when i listend to it the day after it was near my knicker line...
Avatar f tn Im 4 weeks pregnant today. Ny insurance doesnt.kick in until 2 weeks. I have started with I have a slight cough,but hurts my chest when I do. Is there anything you ladies can recommend in the meantime?? Thank you!!!
Avatar n tn Keep in mind that we just miscarried and me as a guy wanted affection but above all sex. Well i got none of the above. STONE COLD! in hindsite trying to have sex was plain stupid realizing her hormones were outta whack. A few days later i looked in her phone in hopes of figuring out what was going on. Also keep in mind i've never been this vulnerable before so i was super insecure at the moment.
4331946 tn?1355816857 At my bed bath and beyond we sell a product called a bath stone. It may help. Its pretty Much just a pumice stone. We sell them like crazy because a lot of people have well water and it takes everything right off. It may work for you.
Avatar n tn t want my new baby taken away from me and the medication that they give me is harmful for my baby like the topomax what I can do please help me Ohh and plus I live I NY and I heard that cps take the Babys away if I use marihuana :'( please help
Avatar f tn My question is, how likely is for CT scan to misdiagnose stone? is it possible that this can be something different ? And is it possible for the stone to be stuck in the tube? I was told it was only 4mm big in size. Please help.
Avatar f tn Lol you would think I have to know what to do but I don't my kids have a big age gap between them my oldest is 8 and then I have a 3 yr old... I guess I'm fine with what I got I don't really plan on going out it gets really cold here in NY and I really don't want any of my kids to get sick....
Avatar f tn Same thing i said , ny baby moves alot nd my great aunt was like u wonder why the baby kickin your *** your tryna freeze her lol
Avatar f tn I have both from my last baby and the nursing cover was great for nip. The canopy was great as I'm in NY and the winters are quite cold. Helped to keep that cold air away from my little one :) The coupon out there I don't recommend is the seven slings baby sling. They are so stiff and uncomfortable. I would recommend a Boba wrap instead.
Avatar f tn After these Lithotriposys, no matter what the size of the stone, there is much dust and fragments that remain in the Kidneys. This dust than forrms MANY MANY new stones. The best approach to stones is to let them fall in the ureter where they can then be grabbed out, not broken. If the stone is stuck in the ureter and is too big tey can use a hand held blaster in the ureter. A Perc. is a much better solution to remove stones also.
Avatar f tn i live in NY so the weather hasn't been so hot yet here but omg I been so hot n sweaty n it's so annoyin ! I could be in the coldest room n will feel like it's normal room temperature or just hot ! Any other mom experiencing this and what do you to make it better ? I think a ton of water it doesn't help.
Avatar f tn My name is Jessica, I'm 14 and depressed (I think) I also have some form of anxiety. My brother is 12 and he is also depressed. On Friday the 25th of April 2015 my parent told me and my brother that they were splitting up however it wouldn't be for another year or two until my dad will be moving out as he didn't have the money then. I was also around 10 stone at that time so I was a bit overweight.
12162520 tn?1426012596 My nipples get really hard and they hurt! Every time I sneeze or get cold..