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Avatar n tn Does anyone know a Doctor, around the Milwaukee area in Wis, that would help my daughter get off Methadone? She has been on for 2 years and they don't seem to be bringing her down. She is on a lot. Anyway, they are getting ready just to kick her off the program because she missed a day or two because of her car braking down. I am so tired of these legal drug pushers. I can't stand their almighty attitude.
Avatar f tn My question is, how likely is for CT scan to misdiagnose stone? is it possible that this can be something different ? And is it possible for the stone to be stuck in the tube? I was told it was only 4mm big in size. Please help.
Avatar m tn I had a ct of abdomen it found a Small non obstructing stone 3mm lower pole in left kidney. My doctor told me I didn't need any medication for it as it will pass with no pain does this sound right?
Avatar n tn Ok cause I was given valtrex for cold sores, but it's like 8 pills to take in two days, not an every day occurrence, plus I have a prescription ointment for the cold sores.
Avatar n tn t seem to get warm espeally in the evening. Both of my feet are stone cold and I just get bad chills at night. Is this common for this ?
Avatar f tn Hi i popped a vessel in my finger yesterday while chopping onions turned the whole finger black and it swelled up, later that night went to the fridge for a drink but when i opened the door i went all dizzy couldnt see a thing and then i collapsed was knocked out cold for about ten minutes when i came round i stayed down for ages i physically couldnt get up and everytime i tried to stand i hit the floor again i was sweating very bad and shaking it has happened me once before when i was pregnant
Avatar f tn i am pretty sure i am passing a kidney stone. i went to the toilet and almost immediately after going i felt a sharp pain in my left side. I got a ct scan last week, showing 3 in my left kidney and 2 in my right. i'm now passing little blood clots (no obvious blood in the urine), and what looks like tissue. could that be from the stone moving? i can't go to the hospital cause then it's a pre-existing condition and my insurance won't cover it...
2169449 tn?1358489923 My hands and nose are always stone cold its awful!! I have no idea why but i hope this passes soon!!!
Avatar n tn i went to doctor he did a scan and said there is a 6.9mm stone (he pointed it in lower abdomen , i think in urinary sack ) he said the tone would pass in a week. and gave me medication -Tamsulosin HCl 0.4mg ,and pain killers . after that day i haven't felt any pain , a mild burning sensation was there yesterday.. but NO serious pain... im wondering now what to do., as i have traveled to another country and visiting a doctor is very expensive here..
Avatar n tn I'm 37 years old female. I had a CT scan and found many stone on both kidney. What does it mean? MSK or other ? Thank you.
Avatar m tn I found out that I have a kidney stone(5.3mm) in my right kidney.After three days my left kidney started to hurt.Doctor said I didn't need to do ultrasound but he suspected it to be another stone.He said since I have found out that I have have a kidney stone I should drink a lot of water and it'll work for both kidneys.Its been five days but it hasn't hurt yet.They are saying the pain is going to be excruciating if it comes.How long does it generally take the stone to pass?
Avatar n tn During the process of passing a kidney stone, I ALWAYS experience a few hours of intense pain. Once the pain goes away it does not occur again and I pass the stone within a week. This time was different. I had that initial few hours of intense pain, but then a day or so later I experienced the pain again. I ended up passing a kidney stone 2 1\2 weeks ago, but I am still experiencing almost constant pressure on my right side with some slight pain.
Avatar n tn As I had been overweight for two years and my maximum weight being 14 and 1/2 stone ( I am 5ft 7) and suddenly loosing 3 stone ( now down to 11 1/2 stone) I was quite pleased there was an explanation and after medication it all settled down nicely. My weight stablised, my life and health became stable, something I had never experienced before and I thought it was all over. I bumped into an old freind who had under active thyroid.
Avatar n tn It sounds like you might have a kidney stone, which is common in pregnancy. Can you call your doctor?
Avatar f tn I feel our heads r like a small fish bowl filled 3/4 of the way filled with stone, and arches...and u get a cold it is like adding plants and more fish, or more is too crowded.
Avatar f tn Hello Im searching for some answers I suffered badly as a teenager in to my late twenties with anorexia, nearly dieing, getting down to 4 stone 5 pounds, with treatment i was able to slowly recover and since 1987 have been fairly well, never eating big meals but having a varied diet and maintaining a 9 stone weight for my 5ft 5inch height.
Avatar f tn If it is a stone, you should try to collect it and take it in to you family physican and find out what type of stone it is so you know what to avoid. People who get one stone will typically continue to get them. If it is really bad, try drinking coconut WATER (not milk). This can help with some stones to help them "shrink". BYW; it tastes terrible at room temperature but not as bad cold.
Avatar f tn I had a doctor suggest once that my symptoms were because of a gall stone. So I talked to a friend that a gall stone pass and... yeah no no way I had a gall stone.
Avatar m tn Hi My body temperature is very strange and I want to find out if its an issue, Often my feet are the opposite temperature of the rest of my body, some time stone cold to the point of burning cold and some time very hot when they do heat up. I bottle in the heat and will not to cool down for a very long time, for example example could be cold but if I heat up I will stay that way for a very long time even if the weather has dropped in temperature hours later, this makes me very uncomfortable.
Avatar f tn t have insurance and/or the money to go get it checked out. then i got sick with allergies and cold symptoms so my sister took me to carenow where i got doxycycline hyclate 100mg 2x a day for 10 days to clear up my sinus infection. right after i stopped taking the doxycycline i went to the dentist for a bad cavitity on my back tooth and got amoxicillin 500mg 3x a day for 10 days. it is possible that those meds not only cleared up what they were prescribed for but the std as well?
Avatar f tn Been waiting for 3 hours for cold stone to open. I've been craving it since yesterday. 30 min to go! Ahhh.