Cold stone ice cream cupcake

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Avatar f tn Mine is ice cream shakes or cones, and chicken and ice cold water.
Avatar f tn I would really love to curl up in bed with cupcakes and ice cream. Are you ladies having a great day?
Avatar f tn I want a strawberry shortcake cupcake and a Mcdonalds ice cream cone but no one wants to get me one cause they say I eat to much I really wish my husband was home.
Avatar f tn I like chicken alfredo from dominos cold stone ice cream cheesecake ice cream with black cherries grilled chicken pita with chili fries all type of fruit what about y'all
Avatar n tn I have never heard that you can't eat ice cream there was a ton of other things you arent supposed to eat ice cream was never one
4105678 tn?1356545271 The past wk I have been addicted to ice cream for some reason I think of all diff kinds right now I'm working on a half gallon of strawberry LOL..anyone else have a ice cream fix? Or wat is ur fix this wk?
Avatar f tn Wings pizza and cold Stone ice cream sounds good
6789572 tn?1395629939 If the eggs in the batter have salmonella bacteria in them, it likely wouldn't matter if you had a tiny nibble or the whole batch, you'd probably get sick either way. The vast majority of eggs bought at supermarkets are safe, but there's still a chance of illness. It's kind of a gamble - but it doesn't really stop me. Cookie dough is awesome. (Though if I've really got a hankering for it, I get some Ben+Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream.
Avatar f tn its called Maggie moos..they make the best ice cream ever..i want some birthdaycake ice cream with chocolate chips and rainbow sprinkles:) yummy lol. What are you ladies craving?
Avatar f tn Been waiting for 3 hours for cold stone to open. I've been craving it since yesterday. 30 min to go! Ahhh.
Avatar f tn Anything sweet! Cake,cookies,ice cream, sugary cereals and for a few weeks I was absolutely addicted to the candy smarties too.
Avatar n tn Is it ok to eat ice cream or something cold whle pregnant?some people says it will affect in baby's brain is it true?
Avatar f tn on the 28 of december 2017 i didn’t eat for about 6 to 7 hours and the first thing i ate was obviously bad food like ice cream with whip cream and a cupcake from walmart. after that for the past few days i’ve been nauseous so i took pepto-bismol and it helped. but yesterday i ate at 11 at school and then i didn’t eat again until 5 because i had to study there. but i only ate an apple with peanut butter and a blueberry muffin.
Avatar f tn Cold stone ice cream - Chocolate with nuts, marshmallows, and ghirardelli carmel chocolates all blended in. I can't even think of another one I'm just zoned out thinking about the ice cream. Yellow cake with chocolate frosing.
393986 tn?1303825975 ************************* Happy Birthday Fluffy Kathy!!!!!!!! What kind of cake you like? Ice Cream? Ice Cream Cake? Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Bananna? Some sort of "cream pie?" Come on - tell us, describe! What is your favorite birthday treat? ************************* Birthday Hugs!
Avatar f tn I read today that pregnant women should avoid ice cream. Is this true? Are you eating it?
Avatar f tn Have any of you ladies heard that soft serve ice cream is a no-no for pregnant women?
Avatar f tn Ice cream has been my biggest craving, can't get enough of it (as unhealthy as it is) but my midwife said it is fine to eat in managed portions due to sugar c:
Avatar f tn I already went for ice cream earlier!! Had strawberry cheesecake and I don't even like cheesecake!
Avatar f tn My son is 11 years old and is diabetic. He absolutely LOVES ice cream and I hate to deprive him of it. Is there any type or amount that he can have that won't hurt him?
Avatar n tn Ok so I've been eating ice cream from ice cream van. Not all the time. About once a fortnight or something. But I've just read that you're not supposed to eat them because ts bad for you? Worried now...
Avatar f tn Would it be ok to have some cookie dough ice cream now im 37 weeks.