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Avatar f tn You can use a saline nasal rinse or spray for nasal congestion or dryness. Also be sure to maintain adequate hydration, typically 8-12 eight ounce glasses of water daily unless directed otherwise by your doctor. It is important you talk with your doctor prior to starting any new prescription or over-the-counter remedies, and to let your doctor know of any ailments or new symptoms you experience.
Avatar f tn m allergic to cold medicine, so I always use natural remedies. As soon as I feel a cold coming on, I double my Vitamin C. I also steam fresh mint leaves for congestion and make and my own vitamin water using mint leaves, fresh cut lemons and limes. I can usually kick a cold within 2-3 days using these remedies. Good luck and feel better!
Avatar f tn I been having coughing, chest congestion, nasal congestion and coughing up nasty stuff (mucus) ewww. What can I take or what can I do to fight this bug? Because I feel hopeless.
4970182 tn?1361738088 Good old fashioned steam. I'm on week 20 of a stuffed nose. The best way to ease it I found was to fill a bowl of hot boiling water with a little salt, throw a towel over my head, and stick my head over the bowl. I tried the nose rinse, but it doesn't do much unless it can get through your nose, which is difficult when its completely blocked. Invest in some good kleenex, your nose can get raw really fast.
Avatar f tn I'm 24 weeks and I have a bad cold and cough. What medicine was ok for u to take or have u taken while pregnant that will not hurt the baby?????
1955360 tn?1329356724 I'm 7 weeks. I have a really bad cold. What are some remedies of could use to make me feel better? I've been drinking hot tea and honey lemon cough drops.
1399124 tn?1401020004 So hubby has had a cold for almost a month went away a few days and then came back. he is snuffy and dragged out with little energy and is experiencing much coughing and sore throat.Thing is he is taking vitamin C daily as well as his normal multivitamins. He takes Neo citron which he says sometimes helps. He just stated echinachea today and also takes Buckley's and benelyn cough syrup. He is still sick and does not know what to do as it does not look like it is letting up.
Avatar f tn Hello everyone! I need some help. I have an awful cold, nasal congestion, deep hard and painful cough, ears hurt, sore throat, the works. I'm 14 weeks. What works? I'm miserable and need some relief, I can't sleep because of this. Medicines or remedies? Please share.
Avatar f tn I spoke to my local pharmacist last week because I had a bad cold and needed congestion relief. She told me do not use Vicks. Im only 20 weeks but she said it can cause pre term labor. I didn't want to take the chance. She said my safest bet was to sleep, drink water and put my head over a humidifier.
Avatar f tn ( I tried with steam inhalation and Vicks vapourub and it worked for me both the times..!! But had it continuously for couple of weeks. Also I avoided having cold refrigerated foods and drinks...
Avatar n tn Both of these act like speed, at least to me they did, they made me very anxious, so, I avoid these two ingredients like the plague. So many cold remedies have these ingredients as they DO dry out your sines, but, they are not worth it, believe me.
Avatar f tn However, my hubby has shared a cold with me. Is there anything over the counter you can safely take for congestion in the first trimester??
Avatar f tn My nose is draining so bad and my throat is dry and scratchy. What are some good remedies you ladies know of to help this pass along quicker?
9263335 tn?1403463032 Does anyone know of any good medicines that work or any homemade remedies for a nasal congestion, coughing, & clogged ear? I've had this constantly for about two months now & nothing seems to work for me & I feel like I'm going death because my ear is fine one day & then it hurts the next & I can't hear.
Avatar f tn I'm suffering because I'm avoiding medication. Any natural remedies you might know? Does this flu affect the baby in any way? I'm coughing like crazy, can't breathe from my nose, feeling weak & feverish. Hope this goes away soon...
Avatar n tn My Dr recommended saline nasal spray.
Avatar n tn Saline nasal spray may help nasal congestion. Stay hydrated and drink orange juice to boost your immune system. Hope you feel better!
Avatar f tn The embryo is fine, it is happily floating around in your uterus and it doesn't feel a thing. Nasal congestion is very common. We can't take the usual cold meds in the first trimester. I use Sinus Rinse, it is drug free and i find it to be more effective than many decongestants. You can also breathe steam and drink tea. If it is allergies making you sneeze, zyrtec is safe in the first trimester.
9101689 tn?1401720149 I have heard some are ok during pregnancy (don't know which ones though). That would at least help with the congestion. Good luck momma and feel better soon!!!