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Avatar f tn m 20 years old, and I love Nintendo Video Games. Super Mario and the Legend of Zelda ones are the best, in my opinion.
Avatar f tn Ok girls my due date is July 1st but I been getting told about this full moon legend which is on the 13th Idk how true it iz I rather just leave it in gods hands whenever my son is ready to come but Idk I have feelings I'm not gonna make it till then at least the way I'm feeling what do yuhh all think?
Avatar n tn So my bf came to me tonight with wanting to name our baby boy Legend. I'm not sure about it. Very unique. What do you guys think?
Avatar n tn s whim and also give the baby a middle name you like and then call him by the middle name during the teasing years (elementary and middle school especially) and let the child decide in high school if he wants to try to live up to Legend, or I would use Legend as a middle name. Sure, if he grows up brilliant as Einstein, looking like a movie star, and talented in music and sports, Legend would be fine. But if he doesn't, he is going to find the name tough to deal with.
Avatar f tn Monroe Elizabeth, Legend Brooke, Savannah Leanne Boy: Abel Ryan, Nolan Scott, Dawson Kane Btw last name is Taylor(: And my first son's name is Gavin Lee.
Avatar f tn I literally laughed out loud when I read the first post about this, this morning ha its just so silly...ha Like you said even if it were going to effect you, how would those items help in anyway?!
Avatar f tn Is it from one of the Legend of Zelda games?
5609044 tn?1383514943 Are your little ones active tonight ? lol I just had a Wendy's frosty and baby girl seems to love it . What gets you baby up in moving?
Avatar n tn Thank you ladies ... Does anyone like the name Legend Reign Williams ?? I love all the names you guys are coming up with!
Avatar n tn Hi! I'm 22 weeks pregnant with a baby boy! I know I have time to decide but I'm stressing out about names because nothing feels right. I have a daughter and her name is Layla so I'd like a boy name to go well with that. My husband likes unique names. Currently he's stuck on Legend and Saint. I'm not completely against those names but they just don't feel right. And also the fact that my family says Legend sounds like a dogs name. Anyone have any ideas??
Avatar f tn I play all kinds of music for him, but he really likes the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time sound track and Gorillaz. With Dethklok he tries to kick as hard as he can as if he's trying to moshpit inside, and oprea puts him to sleep. Its funny to feel his reactions.
Avatar f tn Legend is a much bigger and better (cost more) scooter and is the one I use every day here. Get's me there and get's me back. I am well pleased with it. (seen in various stores in the $2000-$2500 range. I got mine thru the Internet for $1600. with free shipping and no tax). The Champion II is the one I got from the VA. (Retired Navy, disabilities thru the Navy, etc). I also got a lift for the back of the Van. I use this on all my trips to stores, etc.
Avatar m tn and the only thing that comes up is an urban legend. someone might be able to assit but try posting in the dental forum.
Avatar f tn I believe the darker, the more fertile. At least that's how I took it to be when I looked at the legend for it.
Avatar f tn That's just the thing, the one I had about him dying, he was sleeping right next to me, I don't think it matters anymore if he's sleeping next to me or not, cuz I use to do the same thing, I went on a trip without him when I was about 2 months along and had a nightmare almost the entire time, and haven't had one since then and now they've returned with a vengeance and it's scaring me...
483733 tn?1326798446 Peek, you are a legend! Glad you now have your own podium to stand on and share your wit and wisdome!
1807991 tn?1438779770 Bugs Henderson...from Tyler Texas, Blues Legend, died of Liver cancer last his 1st wife too, about 12 years ago. all due to complications from hepC Damn disease, thank GOD theres a cure. this triple therapy is ruff, but not death I love you buddy & you will rock my bluesey heart forever! see ya in heaven!
Avatar f tn Unfortunatley the thought that you can spot reduce fat is an urban legend - the best way to get rid of belly fat is cardio exercise that burns body fat as a whole... your body itself decides how to distribute the fat cells...
Avatar f tn t listened to the song you suggested but I have definitely teared up over All of me by John Legend.
Avatar m tn We lost my neice to a motor vehicle accident 2 years ago so those memories will always be the best ones for me.
Avatar f tn I would meet Link from Legend of Zelda, preferably Majora Mask Link so he could let me try on one of his masks, and Twilight Princess/Ocarina of Time Link so he could teach me sword techniques. I liked the sword controls and his body language for those games. For Twilight Princess Link, he would probably think I was a creepy stalker who wanted a peek up his tunic, but would be willing to teach me sword anyway because he was very gentle and honest in that game.