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Avatar f tn What could be causing congestion in my dog’s eye and ear only on one side though? It came on rather suddenly and the right nostril gets plugged up with dry mucus and the eye is goooy at times but not red. This is only in the right eye and the right nostril.
1393709 tn?1280178870 I've been having a plugged up nose for about a month now.. It's so bad that I had to finally went to the store and bought myself a nasal congestion spray. It is called "Afrin". My nose is plugged the whole day through out the night, it's literly plugged 24/7 and I have to breath through my mouth only. The Afrin helps my nose clear out 10 to 12 hours and then after that it's plugged again and then I have to spray the afrin up my nostril again.
Avatar f tn I earned mine, but again, other than making one nostril more likely to get plugged when I get allergies, it's not something I concern myself with. One way to minimize your health anxiety is to stay off the Google machine. You can't really diagnose yourself, and the same symptoms can be a sign of thousands of diseases or not disease at all. Google is good after you see a health professional and wonder if the treatment plan makes sense, but not to make your own diagnosis.
10052319 tn?1408978714 This is weird but my right nostril is always plugged up i cant breath through it no i dont have a cold or allegries but every day is the same thi g i blow that side of my nose and its useless what can i do and does this happen when pregnant ??
7678907 tn?1400809113 Our household has had a pretty intense head cold. I'm cold, burning up, coughing, one nostril dripping, the other stuffed, ears plugged, etc. Today when I woke up, it hurt my abdomen so bad to sit up and I'm really sick to my stomach. Diarrhea and puking. This is no fun...
Avatar f tn For about a month or 2 I have been noticing my left nastril seems to be not put to par like my right side.I'm bad at explaining so I'll try my best.Just wondering your thoughts and ideas and if anyone else has felt this way.If I were to blow my nose my right side is fine my left can blow but not nearly the power as my right.Some day's I notice it's a little plugged,which that I understand can make a differece.But on day where I'm not plugged it's weird.
Avatar m tn When stuffy it is usually on one side, the low side. If I lay on my left, the left nostril is closed, and if on my right the right nostril is closed. It takes only a couple of minutes for the plug to shift sides. I do not have pain, and I think that is an indication of an infection. I suggest you see you doctor about the congestion - may be a specialist ENT.
Avatar f tn You can buy it at any drug store, just a little pot that you warm water up in and pour it into one nostril until it comes clean out of the other nostril, sounds a little scary I know but it helps and there's no medicine involved
Avatar m tn I am not sure if I have asthma or not but lately I am having difficulties with breathing. My left nostril gets blocked early in the morning and in the late evenings after dinner. I am breathing with my right nostril. Sometimes, when it gets really difficult, I do 10 to 15 push ups and I find a sudden relief in breathing. I feel something melting away in my nose and I feel better for the next few minutes.
1049259 tn?1295088478 1 I also sneeze when I wake up and right now my left nostril feels plugged and dry this could be allergies? weird..
Avatar f tn From my experience, I would put one shot of afrin in each nostril and wait about 5 minutes till the nose is clear then lie on a bed and drain the loose flood also flushing with neilmed before lying down. The main goal is to get the fluid free and then to drain it. Closed sinuses are a welcome mat for evil things.
Avatar f tn Even when calm and not anxious, I feel as if one of my nostrils are constantly plugged,sinus pressure and hard to breath especially when speaking or picking up things, labored work ect.I will also feel at times as if I am breathing too hard through one nostril giving me a sharp pinching sensation in the crown of my head/ back sides of skull/brain.What could this be?
Avatar f tn My family and I moved to North Carolina in February, and I noticed that ever since we moved here I have had plugged ears. I do know that allergies are more common in places due to the high level of pollen and such. I have never had any allergy problems until now. I talked to my doctor and she checked my ears and said everything looked fine but to take benadryl just to be on the safe side. But no matter what I do my ears keep staying plugged!
Avatar f tn I woke up with this horrible cold my nose is plugged I have a fever my throat hurts. . I feel like crap. Anyone else get a cold during pregnancy? I'm 31+4 if that helps . Anything you ladies did to help it?
Avatar n tn I light a piece of paper on fire and blew it out. I could not smell this when I plugged my right nostril and tried to smell through my left. Getting pretty nervous that this incident might leave me changed forever. I have gotten x-rays and nothing is fractured. I also saw a similar post from 2007 on this site, but nothing recently. Was hoping someone with this a similiar experience or medical training could help. Should I see a specialist? If so what type? Thanks.
Avatar m tn Is it posible that some people geneticaly have more hairs in their nose to gather more dirt? I sometimes wake up with one nostril plugged , that is why i ordered a full face mask. can you you recommend a spray to help this?
1021834 tn?1379292300 Just thought I'd post the symptoms that made me think I was pregnant for others who also might not have what are textbook symptoms. Started out with major dizziness; it really made me think when I knelt down and got really dizzy and queasy. Kept getting the chills; started wondering when I realized it wasn't really cool enough to justify being cold. Looked it up and found out that some people get the chills and some people get hot when pregnant.
Avatar f tn Is his nose plugged? Sometimes their tiny noses are, and they can/t breathe comfortably (sleep apnea). A nurse friend had me squeeze a small cotton ball soaked in salt water into each nostril. Baby hated it, but sneezed out the mucus. And slept.
Avatar n tn You dont need an antibiotic for a cold, and I dont think a doctor would presribe one anyway.
1569575 tn?1314424059 Is there anything I can put on a cold sore that has developed IN my nostril? It's inside my right nostril on my septum. I've never had this happen before and it's very uncomfortable! I'm sure it's a cold sore and not a normal irritation caused by a hair or something. I've been getting cold sores for years, always caused by illness or stress - this one I can attribute to a stress overload. It hurts every time I blow my nose or chew food.