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Avatar f tn I review this book with a bit of caution. I do believe that diet and nutrition are very important, and the author's personal experience is one of total healing after following a detox/dietary plan as well as looking at emotional issues, etc. HOWEVER, I personally am a Christian and i cannot recommend her venture into the new age spiritual mysticism aspect.
3453160 tn?1398019442 Read the review of the book. It seemed like a pretty sensible book since it attempted to break down why one would have weight problems and then how to deal with that specific cause - instead of the traditional one diet fits all approach. As to the link with ADHD. Many with ADHD are very lean because they are so active. However, due to jobs or job focus, meds, spontaneity, anxiety, depression, etc. I can certainly see how weight management could be a problem.
Avatar f tn Darn! I wish you'd posted this two days earlier!!! I just ordered three books from Amazon and I didn't order that one because it had only one review. I'll let you know how the three that I did order are ...
427382 tn?1298209586 I would reccomend it to all. We have been through a lot of it already, but the book gives the truth about everything from the beggining till labor. It is hilarious too. I also just got baby laughs from the library so I will keep you posted on that, it is the same type of book but of babies 1st year and all the truths no one told you behind it.
Avatar f tn Snow Falling on Cedars by David Guterson This award-winning bestseller is “flawlessly written” (New York Times Book Review). When a local fisherman mysteriously drowns, Ishmael struggles to balance his need for justice with his feelings for the accused man’s wife. A stunning novel of love and loss with over 10,000 five-star ratings on Goodreads I ENJOYED THIS BOOK!
1858622 tn?1319813203 I do think that the good doctor has a lot of information worth reading and I will probably include his book in my own library. The reason I recommended the book I did is that both sides of the argument are addressed. Anyway, the link is here - scroll down to the review by djazzy92 Hope this answers your question!
Avatar f tn All this exercises can be used to stimulate nipples. You may find this book review in It is an informative book on Sex.
Avatar m tn My wife had 3 external hemorrhoids banded over a 6 week period - one every two weeks. The first two bandings went well. But the third banding is not healing after two weeks. Seems that every BM she has causes the sore to be irritated so that it does not heal. She is trying to maintain soft stools in order to minimize irritation of the sore caused by stools. She takes psyllium, prune juice, stool softener, & watches her diet so that only foods that result in soft stools are eaten.
Avatar f tn s one of those 3in1 convertible beds and has a changing table.
562511 tn?1285904160 Thanks Karen, I just ordered a used copy through Amazon and it cost me under $8. I'll let you know what I think when it arrives.
Avatar f tn How long did you have disability before you were reviewed again. Only one year? That indicates your condition was a temporary one. Three years is the normal time before review when a person has ESLD and is waiting for a transplant. Then it is normal to have one year of disability after transplant before being reviewed. "All of my other symptoms I have that matter 3 months ago now go unmentioned." What do you mean.
Avatar f tn Do you know what her starting number was? With that said as long as the numbers continue to decline she is doing great...Usually they test once a month.. the number can sometimes go up when if you are sick or other factors.. some women are very senstive to it.... I am.. I have stage IV and started at 380.. after 2 surgeries and 6 rounds of chemo I now stay around 9.0 up and down a point or 2 every month.. My .last chem was Aug..
Avatar n tn I did inform the medical staff that one of my young sons had jumped from the back of the sofa onto my breast. The consultant stated that my breasts were ageing, but he wanted to see me for review in three months time, although it would probably take longer for the appointment to come though. As I was very nervous at the time, I didn’t ask any questions. I am going to see him for a review appointment this Thursday. I was just wondering if you think it would be appropriate to ask for a biopsy.
Avatar f tn i have been taking childrens mucinex, works better in my book then the adult one and taste better to. and i also been doing nebulizer treatments twice a day.
757137 tn?1347196453 There is a new book out on French parenting. I read a long review which outlined the major differences between French and American attitudes towards children. It also pointed a finger at causes for the ill discipline of American children (something a foreigner notices immediately on visiting here). On forums such as this one, it is a subject I have given much thought to.
Avatar m tn last thing-- everything seems to be pointing to herpes, but how could it be that i was with a girl from oct 2010 to dec 2011 who would get cold sores once every 6 weeks (she did not give me oral sex when there was any evidence of a cold sore), but i never got a cold sore on my lip or a lesion on my penis from her... then i receive oral sex from one person one time in dec 2011 and now there is a lesion.... i did not notice any visible cold sores on the girl two weeks ago...
1002512 tn?1265438579 In addition- Ive been to one neurologist who did not review my MRI.. He told me my symptoms were caused because of my birth control.. I stopped it in august and in november i had another ``episode``. The neurologist said he wouldnt consider MS, or any other immune diseases... He told me that Women are complex like sports cars-- watever thats supposed to imply! At the time of that appointemnt I had no symptoms..
5944308 tn?1396478749 If I started a once a week topic meeting we can figure out the book thing as we go but I want a seperate topic meeting too what day and time best suits everyone?
Avatar m tn Hi Joseph! Good morning! So far so good,huh? Get your BP checked,it's probably not as high as you think. The pulse and BP can be a lot different;one higher and one lower. Not unusual. So,it's good to know what both are before you get way in to this. And,you know I agree with Laurel,one thing at a time. That way you won't be cranky! Set up your tracker!!
4605616 tn?1362003158 I read a book by the same name, but it must be a diff book. This girl about had her arms amputated, the pictures were nasty! But I would like to read the book you read. Do you mind sharing the author? Ps. I only had Rls for 1/2 a day if that. I'll pray same for you!
Avatar f tn You can't get hiv when you used a condom so you need to stop googling for death cold turkey and stop examining your body cold turkey. You don't have any hiv symptoms, so see your doc if you need him to point that out to you.