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Avatar f tn Do you know what her starting number was? With that said as long as the numbers continue to decline she is doing great...Usually they test once a month.. the number can sometimes go up when if you are sick or other factors.. some women are very senstive to it.... I am.. I have stage IV and started at 380.. after 2 surgeries and 6 rounds of chemo I now stay around 9.0 up and down a point or 2 every month.. My .last chem was Aug..
Avatar f tn i have been taking childrens mucinex, works better in my book then the adult one and taste better to. and i also been doing nebulizer treatments twice a day.
5944308 tn?1396478749 If I started a once a week topic meeting we can figure out the book thing as we go but I want a seperate topic meeting too what day and time best suits everyone?
Avatar m tn Hi Joseph! Good morning! So far so good,huh? Get your BP checked,it's probably not as high as you think. The pulse and BP can be a lot different;one higher and one lower. Not unusual. So,it's good to know what both are before you get way in to this. And,you know I agree with Laurel,one thing at a time. That way you won't be cranky! Set up your tracker!!
4605616 tn?1362003158 I read a book by the same name, but it must be a diff book. This girl about had her arms amputated, the pictures were nasty! But I would like to read the book you read. Do you mind sharing the author? Ps. I only had Rls for 1/2 a day if that. I'll pray same for you!
Avatar f tn Do any of you ladies have a baby book? I recently bought my son one and its so cute I'm getting so excited feeling it out this little boy has really became my heart my everything!!
Avatar f tn Has any one got a cute baby book yet? I've noticed most stores only have online these days. Want to put in pics, first, pregnancy info. Having a boy.
Avatar f tn Any of you making your own? Or made your own? I make lots of scrapbooks and I was looking for a baby book but couldn't settle on one I liked enough.. so I decided I'm just gonna make my own!
Avatar f tn Dont be sad about that , if someone doesnt throw me one i wont be having one either . Of course i want one but i cant afford the decorations and food for all the people who want to come . My mom said she will try but no promises . Just say you never got to have one .
Avatar f tn Does anyone know where I can purchase a baby book for a girl???? The one where it has all her first moments and information leading up to her birth.
456970 tn?1287587447 I want to get at least one book on breastfeeding and I was wondering if you ladies might have some suggestions for a good one (or a list of ones to avoid!) thanks!!
Avatar f tn Hi, i don't know of many books but there are some good documentry's on youtube, try '' Flight From Darkness" : Bi polar Disorder Documenrty that's a good one and also ''Stephen Fry -The secret life of the Manic depressive " and this one ''Ultradian (ultra rapid cycling ) Bipolar ... My story'' this one is very interesting . hope this can be of some help for you .
Avatar f tn The one I bought was for my now two year old. I realized I didn't say that above. I hope they still carry them so I can get one for this baby, due in March.
1373602 tn?1373026364 thanks i have the first one "what to expect when your expecting " i didnt know they have an other one i will def check it out thanks ! any other suggestions !
Avatar f tn I forgot about this book. I have only read parts of it but one of the authors is on a forum I'm on and I've always appreciated her no-nonsense input. Confronting Lyme Disease: What Patient Stories Teach Us (IPPY Award Winner - Health/Medicine/Nutrition) Karen P. Yerges (Author), Rita L.
Avatar f tn Well, I don't have the originals anymore, but I've replaced them over the years at sales and buying for my kids (kinda) as they were growing up. By the time I could afford to buy a book, I would have been in my early teens, so probably Trixie Belden, Nancy Drew or anything about horses. My first hard caver book as a young adult was In the Shadow of Man by Jane Goodall. She's still one of my heroes.
Avatar f tn Yep, library is your best bet. Depending on where you are getting your prenatal care, they might have their own library of pregnancy/birthing and parenting books for you to borrow. By the way, I would not read "What to Expect When You're Expecting". Everyone I know that read it said it was a huge waste of time. "Birthing from Within" is a fantastic exercise book that will prepare you mentally, psychologically and spiritually for labor and birth.
Avatar f tn I liked What to expect when your expecting and expecting 411 has been better to me then that book. Ive got alot more from it.
535822 tn?1443976780 Very much part of currant events is Sarah Palins book, I may get it,sound a good read. I must admit I have been shocked at the attacks she has recived and can only assume that most of it is because the left wing radicals are afraid of her, no doubt she is popular maybe she will run in 2012 .... they feel threatened certainly the 'Lame stream media feels threatened .
Avatar f tn Hey I am doing a kids book exchange. What it is is you send one new kids book to a child and Your child would receive 36 new books in return. But in order to get your books you have to send the instructional letter / text to six other ppl that will participate. I need a few more ppl send my letter to. Any interest in joining this?
671132 tn?1335247006 ) and epic series like this one also have the effect of making one feel like a hero while reading them :) a completely irrational, yet usually quite welcome, feeling of accomplishment.
Avatar f tn I received/read all these books from the National Multiple Sclerosis Society Lending Library. I find their system works quite well and consider it a treat to find another requested book in my mailbox. Each review will start with the title and author and then a short summary of my thoughts. Facing the Cognitive Challenges of MS by Jeffery N. Gingold : This book is excellent! I wasnt certain what to expect as I had not really thought through the cognitive issues of MS. Until I read this book.
800427 tn?1324945719 ll give it a couple weeks to see if others want to join in and then we can pick a book to read! the big forum has given me a ton of book recomendations so i have quite a list built up! im so stoked someone finally responded to me! how far along are you?