Cold noodle salad

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Avatar n tn Red enchiladas rice charro beans and small salad lettuce tomato avacado and sour cream
Avatar f tn Just ate... yuuuuum!! Im full! Hahahaha! That rice was delicious! My baby is happy!
Avatar f tn Leftovers from my wedding yesterday... pulled pork (made by my brand new hubby) and bacon-loaded potato salad (made by me) and broccoli-bacon pasta salad (made by my mama). Livin' large. No cake tonight though. Too much.
Avatar f tn Oh man. Shepards pie sounds real good right now lol. I've been having a cold for the last few days and haven't been feeling real good to my stomach so I made myself homemade beef and noodles in the slow cooker. And I made my hubby egg salad sandwiches cuz he picky. He didn't want beef noodles lol.
4540912 tn?1379630447 It's Sunday evening and I usually cook a nice Sunday evening meal. But tonight, since my husband and i went grocery shopping and just got back from a hotel, I'm going to make PRE COOKED egg rolls and ceaser salad :D I love salad! Which is probably good for me anyways lol. Then we're going to have ice cream sundaes for dessert :) so what's for dinner ladies?
Avatar f tn Tonight i wanted ice cream chocolate milk soda cup a noodle and yesterday i wanted thai salad and thia food with a moca tea and who knows what ill want tomorrow any one else like this
Avatar f tn What can I take for a cold? I have loads of fisherman friends cold sweets in I have asked my midwife and got no reply. Also can you have a flu jab when you have a cold? I'm 16+6 and still haven't heard the heartbeat anyone else had this? Had midwife yesterday and she refused I have a home Doppler and still can't hear anything on there. I'm not sure if there is any drop in clinics to go to..
Avatar n tn I have had my gallblader removed on Sept 18, 2008 - One week later I was in such severe pain that my surgeon admittd me to hopital. I have x-rays, CAT scan,MRCP & ERCP. Came home felt great for two days and was back in the hospital with severe abominal pains - enough for deloutin by vein - Did another Cat scan, Lower GI series and sent home again. Have to go in two weeks for a Colonscopy.
Avatar f tn I ate canned chicken noodle soup with crackers and 7 up maybe not even an hour ago a little less. Thats the only thing i can keep down. Now I'm getting that hungry feeling like i haven't eaten all day. Should i eat again? Or is it bad to keep eating?
7826987 tn?1401691041 The list of medication my doctor gave me says I can take Tylenol cold and flu. but I would call your doctor just to be on the safe side.
1279364 tn?1280682588 share some fries or he can grill a steak or maybe I can make some creamy chicken noodle casserole. We have been cautioned against this practice, but we have found that it makes the whole idea of watching what we eat a little more bearable. If this starts to interfere with our weight loss we have agreed to quit, but I really don't think it will. Does anyone else do this?
645800 tn?1466860955 So I was really getting into the mood for some great German food. I ordered the WIENER SCHNITZEL , German potato Salad, and a garden salad with ice tea to drink,. While the garden salad and potato salad were good, the veal was not very tender at all ( had to cut it with a knife). I also had hoped that the potato salad would be the sweet version, but instead it was the vinegar version. So I was kind of disappointed with the place after all.
Avatar n tn i have a troath infection n cold or so i belive... any natural home remedys that wont harm my baby or that may cause komplications during birth if she decides to be born in these days....
Avatar f tn i ate it once and my baby dont like it so i threw up. but its ok to eat it!
Avatar f tn An awful cold virus was going through my house last week, and this weekend was my turn. Fever, headache, congestion and cough. I've been taking Tylenol every 4 hours since Saturday to try and keep my fever down. Fortunately, I had my checkup this morning and my doctor said everything seems fine, keep taking the Tylenol for fever and add Robitussin DM at night to help me get at least some sleep.
Avatar f tn Pls help me I am 30weeks pregnant and from Friday night 25June I have been feeling like I am getting flue like symptons, sneezing feeling cold right inside your bones, but buy Saturday I was feeling worse I cold not even lift my head from the pillows without feeling the blinding pain that is coming from the headache that I was having, and it was causing me to close my eyes as it felt like I was going to black out if I stand up fast.
9924471 tn?1419954420 i woke up with a cold and sore throat, my doctors office is closed, was wondering if there are any otc cold medication that i can take?