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Avatar f tn t fortunate enough to afford a space heater. Talk about cold! I slept under a mountain of blankets, doubled up on socks, leggings with sweats over them. A hoodie and long sleeved shirts. I even slept with mittens on at one point. Anything to stay warm. As far as your pos landlord goes.. You should do some research and see what can be done for his negligent behavior. As a land lord he is required to make sure the home is suitable for living. Saying a little prayer for you dear.
Avatar m tn I was off for 8 days! I fell, I feel horrible about it but I am ready to climb that mountain again - and stay there. I guess a question I have for now is If i cleaned my body for those 8 days, then went on like a 8 day binge so to speak will I still have the W/Ds as severe as last time? I can't believe I fell but I did. I want my life back and I am going to take it back. Just curious if I should expect the same physical deal I did when I stopped Dec 1, then I had not been clean for years.
Avatar f tn I have heard that drinking mountain dew is really bad for the baby. Is this true?
Avatar f tn I really want some mountain dew.. lol I haven't had any throughout my pregnacy,I've had soda &tea, Do you think it is okay if I get a bottle of mountain dew?
Avatar f tn I drank a lot of cold water and a few sips of mountain dew in the waiting room.. she was moving so much that the ultrasound tech almost missed it..
144586 tn?1284666164 Within recent weeks a young girl died when her father had her walk down a road toward her mother's house when their car broke down. Her brother took off all his clothes in a blizzard. The father is now being prosecuted for his conduct. Hypothermia is often thought of as simply a physiological process. But it is much more. It affects the thought processes. I suggest "To Build a Fire" by Jack London be required reading for every schoolchild.
Avatar f tn I will drink anything as long as it is cold. I'm talking water, Pepsi, mountain dew, juice, tea, milk, I mean anything as long as it is cold..
706250 tn?1232453817 About the cold. Certain paresthesias cold be worse in the cold, especially if the temperature sensing nerves are damaged. Also cold muscles do not function as well as warm ones, so people with MS will often see an increase in stiffness and spasticity in the cold.
Avatar m tn After mountain biking in the countryside I get a sore throat, I can taste metallic or blood in the mouth, but there is no blood there. I don't get this walking, even walking up a mountain, just cycling. When on the bike my nose starts running especially now during winter, when sat at home, it feels like mucus going to my lungs making me have chesty cough. I told the doctor about it two years ago, I told them I feel faint after going up hill.
Avatar f tn Whenever you have some down time drink something cold like a cold mountain dew lay down on your left side for an hour and see if you feel movement. if not lay down on your back babies tend not to like that position.
Avatar f tn ( and jumping in the cold mountain lake after conquering the mountain for a good shocking cool down.
Avatar f tn How many sodas do y'all drink a day and what's your favorite one mines mountain dew
8571628 tn?1399056444 Beforehand, drink lots of water. The day of the gender ultrasound, drink something sweet. I've heard orange juice really helps. I had mountain dew but it's all a personal preference.
Avatar f tn First he had weakness, and he was cold, and He started getting nauseous. The next day he had a fever of 103.1 (that was the highest it ever got to) . He threw up twice, and he said he had abdominal pain from heaving. He went to the doctor and they didnt know what it was. They told him to go to the hospital if it kept on. He started feeling better the next day (his fever broke and he felt fine). Then later that day his fever went back up a little bit and he felt worse. He threw up again.
Avatar n tn My wife has COPD and we live in florida, cold weather seems to worsen her condition yet living in this area withouth aird conditioning is impossible. We come from New England and the cold weather there also bothers her terribly. Is there any specific thing we can do including relocation to help her condition? When the air conditioner is on I can get the humidity down to 40% at 71 degrees, but when she steps outside into the 90 degree 70% humidity or vise versa she has a most difficult time.
Avatar n tn Kilimajaro (by the long Machame route) successfully to the very summit (Uhuru Point). Do not under-estimate that mountain. Two very young, very well conditioned climbers (both physicians) got pulmonary edema and cerebral edema and had to be rushed down the mountain by the porters. It is possible to have retinal hemorrhages due to the altitude and the very dry air and severe wind conditions causes a great deal of discomfort in our party.
Avatar f tn Aquafina has always tasted nasty to me. Try evian, it might taste a little better, to me it has no taste. The other one i like is ice mountain, but i think that is more of a "midwest" (ish) special brand. You might just have to experiment with different brands.
Avatar n tn One day I went snowshoeing and I was fine, the next day I was on top of a mountain looking around in a t-shirt and it was kinda cold. Got in the car and started itching all over my arms and noticed whelps all over them. Now every time I encounter the cold in any form, cold beverage in my hand or weather outside I get the symptoms. Is there any chance this will go away one day as fast as I got it or will I have this from now on?
10504858 tn?1423544346 The will normally say if the baby shows us do you want to know the gender. I drank a cold mountain dew right before my appointment and she was moving all over and it was clear she was a girl.
8778737 tn?1413827423 Code red mountain dew and being able to do things myself without asking other people to do it for me.
Avatar m tn I was just sent this site to look at. It is from the Rocky Mountain MS center in Colorado. They have quite a large number of clinical trials. They have trials on RRMS and SPMS, but also trials on a new drug for neuropathic pain, a trial on how statins help in MS, and a trial on exercise and anti-oxidants and their benefit in slowing down MS. There must be 25 trials listed. I am going to call them tomorrow about the neuropathic pain study for Craig.
Avatar f tn What are the ramifications of continued use of canned air coupled with drinking quarts of Mountain Dew? My closest neighbor is a forty +/- year old man who "is too sick to work" and spends his days huffing (or whatevery you call it) canned air and dring large amounts of Mountain Dew - he then vomits, and repeats the cycle.
Avatar n tn Are you still experiencing the pain that you mentioned? Rocky Mountain spotted fever is an infectious disease brought on by a specific type of bacteria carried by ticks. For diagnosis, diagnostic tests such as antibody titer by complement fixation or immunofluorescence, blood tests, urinalysis and even skin biopsy taken from the rash to check for R. rickettsii. Treatment usually cures the infection. Have this checked by your doctor for proper evaluation and diagnosis.