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Avatar f tn On Xmas eve my hubby boiled a gammon joint for an hour. After the hour he pasted the gammon in syrup and cooked for a further hour in oven. Anyway..he forgot to put syrup in bin. Yesterday I was making a cheese cake base yesterday and added the syrup and tasted it. That's when he came in and remembered he used a brush going in and out using the syrup on the gammon! My worry is that the gammon was only boiling for an hour and with that syrup I tasted the cheesecake base!
Avatar m tn You have been facing this mountain for a long time and you expect that mountain to move on its own. YOU have to move that mountain. It is time to dig deep and stop this insanity. All you are doing is causing more pain for you and your loved ones. Honor Wee Joe by getting some help. Your son will be out of prison before you know it. Show that young man that change does happen and be a role model. He will need help getting back to the real world. Deal with your demons James.
Avatar f tn t fortunate enough to afford a space heater. Talk about cold! I slept under a mountain of blankets, doubled up on socks, leggings with sweats over them. A hoodie and long sleeved shirts. I even slept with mittens on at one point. Anything to stay warm. As far as your pos landlord goes.. You should do some research and see what can be done for his negligent behavior. As a land lord he is required to make sure the home is suitable for living. Saying a little prayer for you dear.
Avatar m tn James, The sooner you realize that this disease doesn't have a damn ting to do with willpower, the better off you'll be. It has nothing to do with fighting the disease. It's all about surrendering to you. If will power was all you needed, many of us would be cured. Get to some meetings...or even better..surrender to the addiction and get into rehab.
Avatar m tn I was off for 8 days! I fell, I feel horrible about it but I am ready to climb that mountain again - and stay there. I guess a question I have for now is If i cleaned my body for those 8 days, then went on like a 8 day binge so to speak will I still have the W/Ds as severe as last time? I can't believe I fell but I did. I want my life back and I am going to take it back. Just curious if I should expect the same physical deal I did when I stopped Dec 1, then I had not been clean for years.
Avatar m tn Frank says its got to come from James and will eventually come. James will be 1 week clean tomorrow.And over the worst of physical w/dsHe still feels agitated when pushed. And he also wishes to thank Letakos and Laurel for the notes ,they give him the courage to get past the early w/ds the rls and the depresion ect.
Avatar m tn But i staid strong occupied my mind kept busy today and feel a lot better for doing that thank you guys,,,,,James PS ill be at my bros for a bit longer so i maybe able to read some answers
199177 tn?1490498534 You sure are James.. I do not want to loose my Brother through that B itch and Kim needs you whole your kids need you whole and James you are at your very best when you are clean.. Please do not stress over not talking !! You can sit there quiet as long as you like.. but if you really want to talk and share You are going to have to take that leap of faith James and just do it. I do not think you would regret it You may just find understanding and support..
Avatar m tn Hi for those that dont know me, im James,s wife Kim. Just an update James has just done his 1st 24 hours clean.I spoke to him on the phn and he,s real dope sick.But i am proud of him as this is the first time in my life.That i know for sure he has not used heroin. I think thats great and put my mind at ease. I also spoke to Frank and he said he done well. They have him eating a little so im so happy.I want my old james back.
Avatar f tn I have heard that drinking mountain dew is really bad for the baby. Is this true?
Avatar f tn I really want some mountain dew.. lol I haven't had any throughout my pregnacy,I've had soda &tea, Do you think it is okay if I get a bottle of mountain dew?
Avatar m tn Wow James, way to go!
535822 tn?1443976780 Yes it is curly Kale we get here, I usually cook it till its crispy it is really tasty, I will throw some bacon in next time the bacon found here isnt like the collar or back you get there its very fatty/streaky or you can get Gammon which is just called Ham ..I heard today that meat is going to be up 25% and getting dearer,in the US as the corn is being used to make ethanol instead of giving it to cattle ...
Avatar f tn i was a heroin addict for 13 years i was clean for a few months i went cold turkey and did not sleep for 10 days but after that i started to feel better it is very hard to do but can be done i have realapsed only coz i lost my pc and had know one to talk to but it can be done good luck my freind im starting cold turkey today for the second time this year so may god give you the willpower and strenth to get through it but that will only happen if you want it like me badley enough again good luc
Avatar f tn I drank a lot of cold water and a few sips of mountain dew in the waiting room.. she was moving so much that the ultrasound tech almost missed it..
1211508 tn?1343079605 Oh just to add another comment to an already hard to describe sensation, right upon waking up I feel normal. Then I change positions and I notice this. It feels almost like I just ran up a mountain, but I quickly feel normal again. It's like my HR increases sharply (I think???) for a few seconds but then after I check my pulse (by hand) it's beating at a steady 60-65 bpm. I'm not sure what it is during these "attacks"....
Avatar f tn Yes...As James need to go back or go to an urgent care facility and tell the truth. It's not good to just stop Valium like that. How old are you?
Avatar m tn HI JAMES... I haven't been on the site in a while.. busy busy busy... but I got on a couple days ago and was wondering how you were doing... I am SOOOO HAPPY to see you are doing so good .... have fun on your trip my friend and make the most of every minute.... you truly are an inspiration and a true success story for others to follow... thank you for your strength.. I know it has helped me and others as well...
144586 tn?1284666164 Within recent weeks a young girl died when her father had her walk down a road toward her mother's house when their car broke down. Her brother took off all his clothes in a blizzard. The father is now being prosecuted for his conduct. Hypothermia is often thought of as simply a physiological process. But it is much more. It affects the thought processes. I suggest "To Build a Fire" by Jack London be required reading for every schoolchild.
Avatar f tn I will drink anything as long as it is cold. I'm talking water, Pepsi, mountain dew, juice, tea, milk, I mean anything as long as it is cold..