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Avatar f tn just try to go to the dr if it gets worse my chest was itchy and hard to breath but i also had a cough and it was bronchitis but sounds so far you could maybe just have a cold, and like others said hat of some sort would help with ears i think especially with the wind and idk where you are but its cold and windy where im at.
Avatar f tn t fortunate enough to afford a space heater. Talk about cold! I slept under a mountain of blankets, doubled up on socks, leggings with sweats over them. A hoodie and long sleeved shirts. I even slept with mittens on at one point. Anything to stay warm. As far as your pos landlord goes.. You should do some research and see what can be done for his negligent behavior. As a land lord he is required to make sure the home is suitable for living. Saying a little prayer for you dear.
Avatar f tn This is the third summer post treatment and can actually tan but I try not to push it and always use sunscreen and a hat. Try the Blue Lizard Line of Sun Screen products plus use cover-ups (shades, broad rim hats, etc) but for the first few months probably best avoid the sun altogether if you can. I also had a bad case of rosacea post treatment which further complicated things. It's now under control but probably something to deal with to one extent or another forever.
Avatar f tn I was wondering that too and was told at 2 weeks they can start to self regulate their body heat so start dressing them how you would dress yourself if your cold they are cold if your hot they are hot so just use common sense when to have the hat on and off as it's summer where i am i don't use the beanie any more but keep in mind I'm talking about a full term baby, prem babies are a whole diff kettle of fish and i would still use a hat
Avatar m tn I was off for 8 days! I fell, I feel horrible about it but I am ready to climb that mountain again - and stay there. I guess a question I have for now is If i cleaned my body for those 8 days, then went on like a 8 day binge so to speak will I still have the W/Ds as severe as last time? I can't believe I fell but I did. I want my life back and I am going to take it back. Just curious if I should expect the same physical deal I did when I stopped Dec 1, then I had not been clean for years.
Avatar f tn When I go from a hot room or from outside into a cold room I get a headache, with dizziness and I feel like i am going to throw up. This has been going on for years, I have to wear a hat to bed so I don not wake up with a headache. On a couple ocassins I could not even lift my head up. What is cousing this and can you make it go away please?
405614 tn?1329144114 We drove most of the way around Pikes Peak (saw a herd of elk, prairie dogs, a hawk), climbed a narrow winding road on the side of a mountain, and ended up in the town at 9,500 feet or so. We were surprised at all the busloads of people being driven up that mountain to go gamble! It was really windy, so it was a good thing that the casinos we visited were connected all down the side of the street we were on.
Avatar f tn Whats the best kind of outfit to bring them home in? he will be here in january so it will be cold out(cold for texas anyway), and its about a 45 minute drive home so i want him to be comfortable. Suggestions?
335728 tn?1331414412 That sounds REALLY good! Too bad I have no hot chocolate, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, cherries or peppermint sticks and it's too COLD to go out and get them! ha ha It is supposed to warm up for the rest of the week so I will get those ingredients and give em a try during our next "cold snap"! Thanks!
Avatar f tn I have heard that drinking mountain dew is really bad for the baby. Is this true?
Avatar f tn I really want some mountain dew.. lol I haven't had any throughout my pregnacy,I've had soda &tea, Do you think it is okay if I get a bottle of mountain dew?
Avatar f tn I have a huge straw hat that I wear out in the heat. It helps a lot just to be in the shade and hat helps you bring your own shade. We are headed to the beach next week and I will be under a umbrella or wearing that hat. A quick trick is to put a cold washcloth on the back of your neck if you start to feel over heated.
4838572 tn?1367706719 m having a girl and the outfit I have for her to come home in came with a head band and not a hat. My grandma told me babies have to have hats to come from the hospital in. Is that true or is that something old people just say? I'm due September 2nd goin by my last ultrasound but I figured if its cool then I could just bundle her up til I get her to the car. That should be fine right?
Avatar m tn Am I in danger? I am a 72 year male, last night upon leaving my sisters home, I had to walk approximately 50' to a preheated car, in 32 degree weather. I started experiencing being cold all over the whole body, what went from bad to unbearably being cold. I couldn't stand it. Upon entering the car, only after about 10 minutes of all heat sources on full blast, could I get some relief. Can you please help with ay information? Could this be fatal?
Avatar f tn I drank a lot of cold water and a few sips of mountain dew in the waiting room.. she was moving so much that the ultrasound tech almost missed it..
333672 tn?1273792789 I am plagued by cold hands, cold feet, and cold calves. At least, they feel cold to the touch most of the time. I am not always bothered by this--sometimes lack of sensation is a blessing. My husband, on the other hand, is not too keen on this particular symptom (which one neuro told me probably is from the MS). For a while, some years ago, I had trouble sleeping because my nose would just get so cold. It was bizarre. I think my nose still gets cold, but it doesn't bother me anymore.
Avatar f tn Just hat to share with you cant wait and todays going to be a bloody hot day here in Australia gold coast and of you mummys near by
Avatar f tn its not cold persay in the house but im worried shes gunna get cold... im putin her crib on the inside wall cuz the outside wall get soooo cold. What do i need to keep her warm? I got lots of onsies but they dont have sleaves so imma have to layer... i got long sleepers and some pants, socks, imma go buy some lil warm booties for her...
144586 tn?1284666164 Within recent weeks a young girl died when her father had her walk down a road toward her mother's house when their car broke down. Her brother took off all his clothes in a blizzard. The father is now being prosecuted for his conduct. Hypothermia is often thought of as simply a physiological process. But it is much more. It affects the thought processes. I suggest "To Build a Fire" by Jack London be required reading for every schoolchild.
Avatar f tn My Baby shower is gonna be Jan 3rd , I'm thinking a winter theme ( Oh Baby Its Cold Outside) But don't know what colors or prizes should be given out ...
Avatar f tn I will drink anything as long as it is cold. I'm talking water, Pepsi, mountain dew, juice, tea, milk, I mean anything as long as it is cold..
Avatar f tn s 2 now) and I put her in a footie outfit with a onesie underneath, a hat and layered a blanket over her with one over the carseat to keep out the cold air. The car was warm and the trips to and from the car were super short, so the layering worked just fine.
Avatar f tn re not sure what it is
Avatar f tn yep excercise def helps but have bath/shower after to get rid of the cold/hot sweaty feeling. I also found wearing a hat seem to regulate my body temp abit better, maybe crazy but worth i try.