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Avatar m tn Miso, It's made from a bean (usually soy), sometimes a grain, salt, and a bacteria called koji. It's fermented, making it full of live probiotics and enzymes. Eating miso in soup is a healing form and is great for digestion. It's a big boost for the immune system and is alkalizing to the blood. It also has protein, iron, vitamins, and minerals. You can make your own homemade miso soup and enjoy it every day.
Avatar f tn I had a cold sore on my lip (dried) and I applied ointment with my fingers. About two hours later I changed a baby's diaper without washing my hands. I used baby wipes and then applied diaper rash cream. Could I have spread my cold sore to the baby?
Avatar f tn t fortunate enough to afford a space heater. Talk about cold! I slept under a mountain of blankets, doubled up on socks, leggings with sweats over them. A hoodie and long sleeved shirts. I even slept with mittens on at one point. Anything to stay warm. As far as your pos landlord goes.. You should do some research and see what can be done for his negligent behavior. As a land lord he is required to make sure the home is suitable for living. Saying a little prayer for you dear.
Avatar m tn fire moving at this speed is awesome.. the sun downer winds are pushing fire at 40 miles an hour up dried mountain sides.. 4 fire fighters have already been hurt.. we are experiencing droughts for a few years now.. the brush is dry.
Avatar m tn I was off for 8 days! I fell, I feel horrible about it but I am ready to climb that mountain again - and stay there. I guess a question I have for now is If i cleaned my body for those 8 days, then went on like a 8 day binge so to speak will I still have the W/Ds as severe as last time? I can't believe I fell but I did. I want my life back and I am going to take it back. Just curious if I should expect the same physical deal I did when I stopped Dec 1, then I had not been clean for years.
Avatar m tn I had mentioned safe sex in my previous post since I didn't know the difference between safe sex and safer sex. I am sorry about that. I used a condom for the vaginal intercourse from back with a sex worker. This intercourse lasted for not more than 2 -3 mins. After intercourse, I could see semen hanging inside the condom indicating condom didn't break.After intercourse I removed condom immediately and washed my pennis and genital area. 15 mins later I had shower with soap.
Avatar f tn I have heard that drinking mountain dew is really bad for the baby. Is this true?
Avatar f tn I really want some mountain dew.. lol I haven't had any throughout my pregnacy,I've had soda &tea, Do you think it is okay if I get a bottle of mountain dew?
Avatar f tn Cold sore fx and polysporin patches they make for cold sores cause then you can put a small dab of cover up on it. I rarely get them now.
Avatar f tn But when I put alcohol on it, it instanstly dried out and started shrinking. I thought cold sores take days to heal. Is this a cold sore or not?
Avatar f tn He touched it to clean it and then rinsed his hand in water and towel dried. He was taking Famvir for his cold sores. He later then proceeded to fidle with my pants but they never came off. How long does the virus last on clothing and what are the chances of it being transmitted to my genitals? We never kissed but we did kiss the day of his break out before he had any symptoms. Oral transmission is still possible?
1438816 tn?1287480957 Hi, I am in early stages of pregnancy and keep breaking out with cold sores. Is this common? Also any recommendations on best treatment?
Avatar f tn I drank a lot of cold water and a few sips of mountain dew in the waiting room.. she was moving so much that the ultrasound tech almost missed it..
1512612 tn?1290269491 I have not been anywhere that it was dirty, my house is extremely clean, I have not been around anything that would cause black stuff to go in my nose. It is awfully weird looking and very dark to be dried blood but I know dried blood can get pretty dark. Does anyone know what is going on with me? I am posting a link to my photobucket that has a picture of my rash. It is worse now, that was a few days after having it.
Avatar f tn I am 7 weeks and have either a cold or allergies, not sure which. Is it safe to use cough drops?
Avatar f tn How many of you ladies have been challenged to the cold water challenge. I just got the challenge today and I'm not sure if I want to do it or if I shouldn't do it! Theres a chance of me getting sick. I'm only 6 weeks prego and heard its not good to get sick due to the medicine you can and can't take. So what do you think go for it or just make a donation??
Avatar f tn Phedrines and certain antihistamines can dry you up. Phedrine is in a lot of cough/cold medicine. I would call my lactation consultant from the hospital for help with restarting your supply.
Avatar f tn First tip about washing brand new clothes....wash in cold water and never completely dry them. Once they are starting to get dry take them out and hang dry or hang dry as soon as they come out of the washer. We wash everything in cold and if its bought new I always hang dry even after 5-6 times of it being worn.
144586 tn?1284666164 Within recent weeks a young girl died when her father had her walk down a road toward her mother's house when their car broke down. Her brother took off all his clothes in a blizzard. The father is now being prosecuted for his conduct. Hypothermia is often thought of as simply a physiological process. But it is much more. It affects the thought processes. I suggest "To Build a Fire" by Jack London be required reading for every schoolchild.
Avatar f tn I will drink anything as long as it is cold. I'm talking water, Pepsi, mountain dew, juice, tea, milk, I mean anything as long as it is cold..
Avatar f tn At that time, the towel of the guy A felt a bit dry, and hard ( like if there were semen on it and it dried) and there were some drop of dried blood on his short, but how stupid i was, i did not think much about it. I just put all into the washing machine and press the button. I did use the power detergent. The clothes and towels were washed in about 1 hour, and then I get all of them out and hang them under the sun for them to dry.
706250 tn?1232453817 About the cold. Certain paresthesias cold be worse in the cold, especially if the temperature sensing nerves are damaged. Also cold muscles do not function as well as warm ones, so people with MS will often see an increase in stiffness and spasticity in the cold.
Avatar m tn After mountain biking in the countryside I get a sore throat, I can taste metallic or blood in the mouth, but there is no blood there. I don't get this walking, even walking up a mountain, just cycling. When on the bike my nose starts running especially now during winter, when sat at home, it feels like mucus going to my lungs making me have chesty cough. I told the doctor about it two years ago, I told them I feel faint after going up hill.
Avatar f tn Whenever you have some down time drink something cold like a cold mountain dew lay down on your left side for an hour and see if you feel movement. if not lay down on your back babies tend not to like that position.