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Avatar f tn I've been to the doc recently and I have a psycologist appointment oct 22nd. He suggested I have social anxiety or stress but I'm not sure. I was never one to really react to stress. Here's the full picture; I'm known for my undecisivness and mood swings. I have been extremely happy (to the point of causing people pain and laughing about it) and right after having giult for who knows what. I get depressed 4 days out of the week and cry uncontrolably. I'm always thinking.
4268628 tn?1375041176 So its a good day and turning into one of the most productive says I have had in a LONG time.washed the front and side windows outside, trimmed some bushes out front and working with my hubby on the cherry and apple tree out back. It's a rare sunny day in Seattle. I have a feeling I'm going to pay for it tomorrow, but don't want to stop...these tree's have been on money honey do list for months. Just wanted to share. Hope you all are having great days too!
Avatar f tn Thank You sooo much for playing! :) The next person wouldn't post the lyrics to the next song though until the person who posted the lyrics says if the guess is correct or not like as in my Name the Movies Game. That way we can keep the game in an organized fashion that won't be too confusing. ;) Thanks!!! :) Like in my other games you may ask the person who posted the lyrics questions such as what year the song came out and that.
1390847 tn?1344657468 1 year ago today a classmate, a friend, died in an accident. I knew him as a friend but my boyfriend was absolute best friends with him ever since they were babies. He is a lot stronger than me, and has a really good coping method and hes doing really well....the problem not. I am struggling so much...all day today i have been all of the sudden breaking down crying hystericly and my boyfriend hugs and comforts me...but it should be the other way around!
382218 tn?1341181487 today, about English cellist Jacqueline Du Pre, who suffered from MS for 15 years until she died at age 42. It was interesting to learn about how her career and huge talent developed, and her complicated relationship with her sister. The film is controversial (in terms of whether it is telling the truth), and, quite over the top, drama-wise.
Avatar m tn Do you think its ok to use music lyrics as your mood some ppl use quotes and quotes out the bible. I dont mind whatever helps the person in need. Id love to hear what you all think ?
957301 tn?1257690688 Today starts day 9 without opiates and so far so good. Not sure what made this time different, but at this point last time I quit I was so emotional; I figured that it was because I had numbed my emotions for so long with the pills that they were all catching up with me. Maybe I'm just lucky or finally found an anti-depressant/supplement mix that works well for me. Kind of dreaded yesterday, cuz it was payday & that would create opportunity.
230262 tn?1316645934 Trouble, I would love to play but I am still looking at runs batted in and earned run averages and stuff so that I might make a few picks!! And was me that when told that Billy Mays had died replied "Its a sad day for baseball !!" - - - I played all of those things and just never got around to watching them a bit. From an award winning middle line backer! That is currently searching for his tennis mallet in order to re-enact the US Open..................
590413 tn?1218784711 He was then diagnosed with a inoperable brain tumor and died. But before dying he lost his mind and the ability to comprehend much. It is my understanding he was at that time eligible for his GI life insurance to be taken from his check if he elected, no one told me this and I paid.....and paid.....I was not informed that he was eligible until he died.......then too late, and now cannot get copies of the autopsy..........
1740498 tn?1328962585 We didn't here in Seattle. We had a cloudy chilly Summer. We JUST had the high for the year a couple weekends ago at 91*. September here in Seattle is one of my favorite months, it was better than the other months but sadly still a disappointment.
390916 tn?1204840470 I'm going to Seattle for a wedding and we've decided to spend a week since we've never been out there. Has anyone been out there who can advise on getting around. My right leg is pretty weak and, with an AFO, I can usually walk up to one half mile. We've always been great walkers on vacations to new places and this is going to be a new experience. Any suggestions or advice?
Avatar m tn Even if you don't like hiphop or rap...I think you will like some of the lyrics. T.I.
398059 tn?1447945633 There is a song by Rodney Atkins called "Going Through Hell" with the lyrics saying ,"keep on going before the devil knows you're there." Below is a link to the lyrics:
Avatar m tn I have been on HC since 05.On average it was 8-10 pills a day sometimes more counting on my mood.I started my days by eating 3-4 of anything i had. I only take xanax when I cant sleep but want nothing to do with them seeing what close friends lost and their aftermath. It F****n sux when i have my mind on something else or even in music i can pick out little snuck in lyrics that to me refer to getting high etccc.
4437866 tn?1388119624 It's not that cold...average temp here is minus 2 so not really cold...Winters I'm used to is loads of snow and -16 at least!
1116556 tn?1345115906 Good Morning! I made sure to search the archives first, before posting so as to try not to be redundant to all of you :) It's been a while since I last posted, but previously I'd complained about pain in my hips and legs and the docs couldn't figure it out. Well, after much blood testing and continued pain... and me calling them every single month explaining the pain is not going away, we HAVE to do something! I finally found resolution. Geeze.
394774 tn?1235070839 i can't wait to be at day 7 feels like it will be a life time music seem to be helping me mentally and reading these post which is what i need right now i am trying to only think one day at a time. hears to being free.
Avatar n tn has there been any updates on the oraquick study done in Seattle questioning this tests reliability and false negatives? anyone know what generation test this is?
4598399 tn?1363707335 I am looking forward to each day. I appreciate you letting me bounce these lyrics off each of you.
8919982 tn?1400717187 Im in new mexico and its raining right now the weather here is never stable one day its 100 degrees next day or even a couple hours later its snowing !
Avatar f tn Ovulated day 28, had sex, day 36 still no period, negative pregnancy tests and no symptoms of period or pregnancy.