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9309926 tn?1405447056 When you drink or eat something cold before you deliver, your baby's skin will be dry. His/her skin will be peeling off & sometimes grow stuff on their face. It's better to stay off of cold drinks/foods.
Avatar n tn If you're chewing ice for the nausea and it works, good for you, though I'd try to get some crushed ice (chewing ice is bad for your teeth, it can crack the enamel). If you're chewing ice because you crave it, check your iron levels. Craving ice is a sign of anemia.
Avatar f tn The pigment in my 2 year old dogs nose is fading, his nose was jet black now it has a pink hue to it, is this normal?
Avatar f tn y is my left leg ice cold wiv no feelin in it and wen i walk my both legs r so pain full
Avatar m tn The doctor suggested not to have cold drinks or ice creams after 6 PM
Avatar f tn I seen something on my lip about a week ago, but thought nothing of it, It got worst and embarrassing, so I went to urgent care, and I find out I have a cold sore. I was very upset when I found out and the fact that a guy gave this to me and didn't even tell me made me even more upset, Ive been taking valtrex, but I need this to go away as soon as possible,it's already been 8 days, and it's still here.
2181099 tn?1337874414 I've wont hurt anything, I eat ice whenever I have a drink with leftover ice and don't feel like getting up for more. But once you can feel your bean move, you'll notice it more when you eat super cold things!
Avatar f tn My doctor told me drinking ice cold water helps wake up the baby so it will move more. I'm sure other cold things would have a similar effect as well.
Avatar m tn Not sure this fits under the jet lag heading. It seems as though any time I travel, when I return home, I feel completely brain dead, sleep for 14-18 hrs straight during the weekend following the return, and feel almost as though I have flu like symptoms. It seems to occur with any air travel. I travel to Mexico for work, frequently. Sometimes (as in the trip from which I returned today), I am in the same time zone the entire time. Others, I cross from Central to Pacific.
Avatar f tn I spent three months this year with a cold face - cold upper lip, cold nose, and cold tear duct - on the right side of my face. It was very strange. It felt like I had a chunk of ice on the skin. Unfortunately, it's a paresthesia, so it's either drugs or the heating pad.
Avatar f tn Yeah worried about these symptoms coz this is my first pregnancy... I feel like going through all this symptoms is not that much easy..
9220968 tn?1413600225 I heard putting cold cabbage leaves in your bra will dry you up.
Avatar f tn Ice, snug fitting bra, sage tea, ibuprofen and lots of fluids. I also read that cabbage leaves in your bra works, not sure why but you can google it. The dr can prescribe something too because it takes about a week for your body to do it on its own.
Avatar n tn They are itchy at times, prominently when I wake up in the morning, but then they are not really itchy for the rest of the day. After bowel movement, when I spray water jet to clean the anal area, the ones on which water jet sprays directly will burn or smart, but only while water is being sprayed on them.
Avatar f tn I love ice !!!! Never could I chew it before cause it always was so cold on my teeth......but now I feel like a drug addict......I'm addicted to chewing ice lol....I go to the kitchen get out the ice trays put ice in a baggie and use a meat tenderiser to smash it how rediculous I know but its literally something I crave badly right now.....weird!!!! And I heard a wife's tale of it meaning low iron but my iron is fine!!!!
Avatar f tn Is it ok 2 eat da soft crush ice I mean I eat it but not every day sumbody told me it was bad 4 me and I'm 28 wks wit twin boys
Avatar f tn The pain starts off center-right of my chest in close proximity to my right pectoral and esophagus. Sometimes I can sense an episode coming on and nip it in the bud with ice-cold water. The pain radiates in an area about the size of a softball and left unattended becomes devastating. “When I refer to cold water throughout this discerption I mean a 30-ounce Yeti tumbler filled with ice first then filled with cold water, then refilled with ice and water until the pain is extinguished.
8518086 tn?1407289593 Its nice and cool and Idk iv always liked to crunch on ice. Since about 16 iv been eating ice lol. Started with Sonics ice but then I moved up north and there's no sonic here.
Avatar f tn My dog has had a warm, dry nose for quite a while. I have heard that this means your dog is sick. I am wondering if that is true? My dog does have allergies.
Avatar f tn Warm showers and hot compresses are not a good idea they help produce milk after bf for six mo with my first my Dr told me to just take Luke warm shower or as cold as I could handle to help stop milk production. Also wouldn't give me any med to take to dry it up cause they said it caused cancer but that was almost 6yrs ago they may have somethin new by now.
Avatar f tn I posted before i posyed my question..... my question is how do you stop or dry up your breast milk. Its been a week and i barelystarted producing milk. I really dont want to breastfeed at all. I have my reasons. And the lactation specialist agreed. She has been on formula since day one. What can i do to dry my milk???
1899640 tn?1321493404 I have a cold, and I've had it for about 6 days now. Is it normal for the top of your mouth to be sore if you cough a lot? Also, is it normal to have slight crackling noises in your throat after coughing? I'm only fourteen years old, and I don't smoke or drink or anything.