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Avatar m tn packet - and if you freeze that - it will keep it cold for about 10 hours in that lunch bag --- I used a literal BLUE ICE brand pack --- in that thermal bag - and it was fine for 24 hours.
Avatar f tn Tylenol is okay, in addition to the above advice. Reusable gel packs that you freeze are a life saver for me - buy too and one will always be nice and cool in the freezer when you need it.
Avatar f tn To help relieve the puffiness you can use a gel sleep mask, gel ice pack or soak green tea bags- in water and place in the freezer, and place over eyes every evening prior to going to bed. Place a regular sleep mask over the gel mask or the tea bags to help keep cooler longer and help hold them in place. If they are really really cold leave on for 10 mins and off for 10 mins and repeat to avoid damaging the eyes.
1777402 tn?1317176783 and found that cold helped me... an ice gel they sell for heavy legs did wonders or even an ice pack... other people find that the opposite helped them, an electrical blanket... tonic water is good too because of the quinine it has on it...
Avatar f tn They have these lightweight more flexible ice packs that look like ice cubes. I use to have a fishing vest and fill it with Wallmart icepacks. I have an ice vest now which does not leak but the packs are heavy.
1794411 tn?1321495731 I have a bed buddy for my neck and the heat seems to help, but there are times where the pain just feels like I need the ice pack...I have the pain in the back of my neck from a bulging disc in C6-C7, plus a lot of the headaches are always at the base of my neck. So I am just wondering what others find to work better. Thanks!
4165941 tn?1353988628 With my stiching the nurse gave me a big ice pack to out on my underwear, it does make u feel really wet but I thought it felt good. It's like 3 layers, your underwear, your pad, the big king ice pack and than some gauzes on top of the ice pack so you don't feel to wet. Oh yea they gave me some releaving spray too put on my vajay but I forget what it's called.
Avatar m tn Management of pinched nerve symptoms would include conditioning and exercise, an exercise program including stretching and strengthening, cortisone injections, ice therapy as cold gel pack or wrapped in towel, never direct or longer than 20 mins, heat therapy to increase circulation to the affected area. This is most effective to treat muscular problems, and can be applied with a heating pad but hot wet towel.
Avatar f tn Ice, or if ice makes it worse a geat pack. It is apparently milk supply starting and storing.
645390 tn?1338555377 ve been on Copaxone for about 6 weeks. I do get a little redness and that stinging, but with an ice pack it only lasts for about 15 minutes. When the nurse came to show me how to use it, she mentioned the side effects and I asked her if there was anything other than ice that I could use to minimize the side effects. She told me that there was, but wasn't allowed to tell me. I've used a tube of Arniflora Arnica Gel, a homeopathic topical gel for pain for years.
Avatar n tn s about 6-8 weeks,Anti-inflammatory such as Ibuprofen will help to release the swelling,Initial treatment should consist of an ice pack,but,now use hot pack for circulation.the gentle use of the quadricep stretch,I also recommend the use of sports support to speed up recovery time.Anyway,good luck!
Avatar f tn I will def check with my new specialist before taking any thing different than normal. I am going to get a gel ice pack too. Thanks for the idea! Will the headaches get worse once I start triple treatment?
Avatar f tn should barlean fish oil be shipped with an ice pack? i was always told that this should be refrigerated.
Avatar n tn Yes Yes Yes. It would be very helpful. Wrap a gel pack in a pillowcase (just the right thickness for comfort).
Avatar n tn Contact your ob and dentist immediatly and in the mean time tylenol is safe for exspecting mothers. You also may try holding a cold ice pack or a heating pad to the swollen area to help with the pain. I sincerley hope you feel better soon and wish you the best of luck with your pregnancy.
Avatar f tn Tylenol is safest. I'm also a big fan of a reusable gel ice pack on my forehead - if you buy two, you'll always have one to swap out of the freezer. Feel better!
10153131 tn?1411325469 Get a nice gel-filled ice pack. They sell them at Bed Bath and Beyond. Works wonders. Put it in the freezer and two hours later you can use it, about 20 minutes or so. Life saver!
Avatar n tn My upper chest area and my upper back area only are cold like there is an ice pack sitting on them. It just started 2 days ago and it only happens at night. Does anyone have any idea?
Avatar m tn i heard hiv virus survive very well in a cold box(where the nurse took the cold pack from).
Avatar m tn Apply cold compresses(cold gel pack, a bag filled with ice cubes, or even a bag of frozen vegetables)on the swelling. After 48 hours, or for chronic (long-term) pain, dry or moist heat may be more helpful than cold compresses. Ultrasound (sound waves) provides deep heat to help ease some forms of tendinitis, bursitis and are useful in providing relief.Apply some anti-inflammatory analgesic(pain killer)gel or cream on the swelling.
Avatar f tn should i start now or till i actually feel the need to pack ?? what is important to pack?? can i pack snacks ?? How many people can be in the room ??
Avatar n tn I find taking Advil and drinking caffeine really helps or taking an Excedrin migraine. Get s couple of gel ice packs from your pharmacy, so when one is no longer cold you can switch them up. They are very cheep. If you can find a little travel pillowcase or a baby tshirt. They are perfect for wrapping up the gel pack when using. Best wishes to all who suffer!