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Avatar n tn m holding a gallon of milk or a cold drink in my hands and it touches my arm, or like yesterday at work, was on the computer, the arm I was using for the mouse, was on the counter, which is marble, and was very cold, my arm it turns bright red an swells up and itches. Never had this happen before, been happenin last couple days. And idea what that is??
Avatar m tn s no need to clean surfaces regularly because she has a cold sore? And no need to wash hands more than normal?
Avatar n tn t lift very heavy weights, or he locks up and has extreme pain; he currently is trying to work around this by using two hands to lift a single 15lb weight. He has stated that if his elbow 'pops', then he can continue lifting a weight for a while, but this 'popping' action apparently hurts a great deal. What might this be caused by?
Avatar f tn ve had some bitter cold the past month, and notice I seem to be more affected during the very cold days. Thanks for the post!
Avatar n tn Lately I am almost always feeling cold and takes my hands and feet a very long time to harm up, espeically in the evenings. Also during the day at work, more and more lately, almost every day, I have been feeling dizzy, lightheaded and feel nausea. I wait till it passes but normaly comes back many times thruout the day. Makes it worse when I look at my cellphone often or computer.
Avatar f tn I have been having Chest/Hands/Head Numbness together at the same time on and off during the day for the past few months. I have history of anxiety and heart palpitations in the past 6 months. I will like to know if this is due to heart disease or nerve issue. Please help me.
Avatar n tn It is normal for your hand to get red and sore if you are constantly on the computer and using the mouse- therefore rubbing your hand on the desktop. You might want to invest in one of those ergonomically correct mouse pads if you are doing so much computer work- it should help alleviate the pain in your hand and can also help prevent any carpal tunnel syndrome. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn Hello, Various possibilities for peeling fingertips are trauma and allergic or irritant contact dermatitis like washing dishes without wearing gloves,contact with harsh detergents,soaps and lotions that contain perfume can cause hands and fingertips to become irritated and peel.Sometimes cold, dry air can cause peeling and dermatitis or fungal infections can also cause peeling. In your case I feel that it can be due to eczema or contact dermatitis.
Avatar f tn Ever since I got pregnant my hands have been really cold I know it's cold outside but i'v never had this problem before.
Avatar f tn My hands always feel cold after i take allergy medication. Does this happen to anyone else? And why does it do that?
1302779 tn?1287405029 This can often result in one having cold hands, or just being cold in general. Many people attribute things to just getting older when it's actually their thyroid causing the problem. Age can cause these symptoms but it wouldn't hurt to rule out any thyroid issues. My kids make fun of me for my knee socks because my feet are always cold, and I'm older than you. I always wondered when I was younger why older women always had a sweater on when it was warm I know.
Avatar m tn how i could prevent my self from cold and age is 23..
Avatar n tn You could literally see my limbs shaking as I moved even slightly (I was using the computer earlier and my hands were shaking so bad I could hardly type). Even sitting still, I could feel myself trembling. In addition, I felt extremely cold and I'm sure some of the shaking was from that. The skin on my upper legs was mottled, my lips were almost purple, and my hands and feet were pale. My blood pressure was becoming hypertensive just walking around the house. I saw as high as 139/98.
Avatar f tn I had that , it can be attributed to a few things. First of all. .USING THE COMPUTER TOO MUCH AND NOT USING ERGONOMIC SUPPORTS FOR HAND and wrist. You can look that up and try to correct.. The other thing is a pinched nerve in your upper neck. it radiates down the arm in a burning way and makes your hands feel swollen or stiff. I suggest a few things. first go to a chiropractor ,get some xrays and an evaluation, and some adjustments, you may feel almost immediate relieft.
Avatar f tn Using the computer causes neck and elbow and finger problems. Follow these light exercises to relax the elbow and fingers.Keep taking deep breaths during this exercise. 1 Open and close your fists tight, keeping the hand straight in front of you.6 times. 2 Bend and straighten the palms of your hands, keeping the hands straight in front of you. 3 Place your hands on your shoulders, and rotate the elbow 6 times clockwise and 6 times anticlockwise.
Avatar n tn I get muscle spasms because i spend most of my time sat at a computer so my legs quite often spasm because im not using them to walk or run. I'm not sure but spasms may also occur if over excercised, think about what you did or didnt use your finger for, what were you doing before it happened. was it cold or hot at the time. Hope this helps releive your concern.
378497 tn?1232143585 Started with me with cold feet . . . . then cold feet and cold hands . . . . then cold from knees down to feet . . . . then feels like an icy-hot sensation but also like someone is pouring ice water from my mid thigh down my legs and SOMETIMES in my arms . . . . sometimes sensation in both arms, sometimes right, sometimes left . . . . sometimes in ulnar nerve distribution . . . . .sometimes burning, sometimes prickly, sometimes itchy. Not anemic, no problem thyroid or kidneys.
Avatar f tn Place forearms and hands in cold water for a few minutes, then place forearms and hands in hot water for a minute; repeat for upwards of 30 minutes, and end on cold water. Not only does this soothe inflammation, but after a period gradually widens veins allowing for greater bloodflow. * Home remedies: Ginger is considered to be a natural anti inflammatory agent and can be eaten raw in small quantities. It also does not create indigestion unlike some inflammatory medicines." en.
Avatar f tn my computer has been down.. am back on-line and thankyou for your reply about my hands. i did wonder about rheumatoid arthuritis but my doc tested me last yesr for all my organs and results were 0!..alot of people wonder weather he is actually botherd sometimes!! hands feel hot to me but they are really cold to touch by anyone else??
1671473 tn?1450592437 s Syndrome, some hypothyroid patient experiencing a cold feet cold hands of course sensitivity to the cold, if symptoms continue a cold feet cold hands Raynaud's Syndrome can be one of the reason? so thats why im always cold hands & feet? or just one of a hypothyroid symptoms only? So far i dont feel any strange symptoms, & i always take my medication thyrax (150mcg) every 5am, but if my thyrax gone im gonna choose synthroid well another adjustment?
Avatar m tn I and a number of others do well with moderate amounts of clothing. Personally, I rarely have a problem with getting cold. This includes my face, hands, and feet. Many people have an inherent inability to keep warm when it is cold. Are you active? Do you need to wear a ton of clothes when out taking a walk? I get cold sitting while on my computer with little more than a robe on when the house is 65 degrees. But I am rarely cold walking around in or outdoors.
632011 tn?1234347109 This may sound like a "goofy" question but, what exactly causes "us" to hate the heat so darn much? Or better yet, what exactly is going on in our bodies?----I, like so many, hate the heat and usually am "toast" after a shower or whatever. In fact I like to keep it cold in the house, I keep the"heat" at 55-60 (I live in the snow kissed state of NY) and only turn the heat up if my grandbaby is over.
Avatar n tn Common causes are a repetitive motion with your wrist like typing on a computer keyboard, using a computer mouse, playing racquetball or handball, sewing, painting, writing, or using a vibrating tool. Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by compression of median nerve which supplies the three middle fingers of the hand and causes pain in the same and I think which is also the most likely cause of discomfort in your hand. Rare causes could be arthritis, minor trauma of bones of the hand etc.
282955 tn?1394730951 i know someone found a list of herbs not allowed with clomid. But I don;t remember who... I am just curious because I am still taking clomid for the last time this month... I wanted to know what herbs are not allowed. bny: that is great news it means herbs may help huh? tfernandez: good luck to you this cycle... sending you good vibes. :)\ I am just trying to stay healthy this time... they are also talking about yin and yang of the body...