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1302779 tn?1287405029 This can often result in one having cold hands, or just being cold in general. Many people attribute things to just getting older when it's actually their thyroid causing the problem. Age can cause these symptoms but it wouldn't hurt to rule out any thyroid issues. My kids make fun of me for my knee socks because my feet are always cold, and I'm older than you. I always wondered when I was younger why older women always had a sweater on when it was warm I know.
Avatar f tn I have researched thyroid problems and the hands swelling and shaking can be a symptom of thyroid issues...correct? I'm her mother...I'm just at the mercy of the doctors as far as getting things done. Has anyone had this experience before?
1671473 tn?1450592437 s Syndrome, some hypothyroid patient experiencing a cold feet cold hands of course sensitivity to the cold, if symptoms continue a cold feet cold hands Raynaud's Syndrome can be one of the reason? so thats why im always cold hands & feet? or just one of a hypothyroid symptoms only? So far i dont feel any strange symptoms, & i always take my medication thyrax (150mcg) every 5am, but if my thyrax gone im gonna choose synthroid well another adjustment?
Avatar m tn I had slight hand tremors prior to treatment, but I think treatment may exagerate it a bit. Some of the time I feel tired and weak, or cold and my hands shake more then normal.
709686 tn?1277432159 Have your thyroid and hormones checked.
Avatar n tn Check with your doctor are your hands cold/hot to touch? not to be a smarty pants - but it is freezing outside.
980510 tn?1282010946 I've noticed lately that my hands and feet are cold more often then not...was just wondering if anyone has cold hands and feet since decompression? while in my case it could also be hydro related just thought id throw this out there..
Avatar f tn Thank you so much for your help :) I will definatley take this issue up. I guess I never really mentioned to the Doctor because I assumed it was kinda normal. It wasn't till I shook hands with someone ("Woah! Your hands are like ice!") and asked a few questions ("Are your hands always cold?" "No") that I thought something was off. Thank you again.
Avatar n tn hello...please both hands fom shoulder to fingers shiver, it happens even in summer at times,but know its winter so its occuring now and then...sometimes it takes 2-3 hrs to come to normal temp. i always wear 2 sweaters,one thermal suit,socks,gloves etc to keep it warm...iam unable to understand why its happening....please advice.
Avatar m tn Hello~I would ask your doctor to take blood work to check the function of your thyroid, a low thyroid can definitely cause cold hands and feet and some other symptoms as well.
Avatar f tn Hi, I am freezing cold all the time. My feet and hands are ice cold. My TSH is 2.00 and in another test was 3.6 with normal range .4 to 4.5. Thyroid Antibody test is also normal, i think <10. My doc didnt do T3 or T4 test and said I dont have Thyroid problems. I have extreme brain fog and i am fatigued. Cannot even function normally. My body temperature is usually 97.0 to 98.0 but still my hands and feet are freezing. Is it possible to have hypothyroidism even with normal TSH.
288609 tn?1240096756 I am up right now because my shins especially, my knees, and my feet and hand bones are hurting because I am cold. I live in So California as well and should not be feeling this cold. I also have a Thyroid problem so my guess is our thyroid must have something to do with it, I'm just wondering how to fix the problem. I have multiple layers on, but the pain does not seem to go away. What do you do for the pain?
Avatar f tn Ever since I got pregnant my hands have been really cold I know it's cold outside but i'v never had this problem before.
Avatar f tn My hands always feel cold after i take allergy medication. Does this happen to anyone else? And why does it do that?
Avatar n tn what can cause someone to be cold and shiver uncontrollably but seem to have no other symptoms?
Avatar n tn This is a thyroid forum. Have you been diagnosed with a thyroid disease? Or do you suspect one? Have you been tested for thyroid function? On thyroid medication? There are many things that can cause itching hands, including the of latex gloves, since you work in a food service industry.
4544656 tn?1371593548 My hands have become very shaky the past 6-7 months. My handwriting is just terrible! And it is next to impossible to apply eyeliner. My FT3 is at 38% of the range and my FT4 is only 11%. Are shaky hands a hypo symptom?
Avatar f tn ) I have always been cold for as long as I can remember and I would never even be able to sleep if it was not for my electric blanket to help me warm myself at the end of the day! My hands hurt when they are really cold where I get the numbness but my NS thought that might be neck related but I know chiari people complain about hands all the time??? I just own a lot of wool socks and heavy sweatshirts!
1488651 tn?1296698023 Has anyone had cold sweats at night?? And then wake up with hand tremors, painful joints, and sensitive to light??
Avatar f tn I let these symptoms (hair loss, weight gain, premature graying hair, loss of lower 1/3 of eyebrow hairs, sensitivity to cold and depression, irritability, memory loss) go unchecked for 2 years. I was then diagnosed with hashimotos thyroiditis and have spent the last year getting regulated with just t4. I still did not feel like myself a month before finally being regulated so i was put on anti-depressants and had blood drawn to test for anything else that might be wrong with me.
Avatar m tn I have cryofibrinogenemia and if it gets colder so do my hands and feet. My feet were frozen and purple when it was 8C (46.4 F). I have livedo reticularis year round regardless of the weather. "Skin manifestations are usually the first signs and are usually moderate; in addition, cold intolerance, Raynaud phenomenon, purpura, or livedo reticularis often occurs." With untreated hypothyroidism my hands and feet were cold regardless of temperature.
Avatar f tn I just want to know if anyone else gets cold? I am freezing all the time, unless it is 80 or higher, and It is just a little disturbing. My son is always Hot, so we are at opposit ends of the spectrum on this one. I was just wondering...I do take Thyroid suppliments, and my Endocrinologist said to get tested for Raynard's which makes your hands and feet white or blue when you are cold, but I don't have that. I am just COLD. Does anyone else get this way?