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Avatar f tn Ever since i was right young, i always had problems with my hands started turning blue and purple more often, i remember my father use to warm my hands/gloves quite often , then when i hit 15 and started smoking cigarettes, they started turning orange as well, like a actual orange, Orange.
Avatar f tn The orange tasted like orange soda to me it wasnt to bad
Avatar f tn Get your hands very cold or someone in your home get their hands very Cold and put them on your belly he should move or drink orange juice!
Avatar f tn Buy some black elderberry liquid extract. It helps you build your immune system back up, and its much better than taking any medication. You just put some in a glass of orange juice 3 or 4 times a day. I'm usually sick with a cold for a week or more but after using this it was gone in a couple days! You can usually get it in the oganic section of a grocery store, or a whole foods store.
Avatar f tn So I got the bunged up with the cold and been prescribed amoxicillin 2nd day of taking them and now I'm sore and peeing orange, ideas on what this could be?
Avatar f tn I think it was probably 1 and a half years that i have had cold hands. Even when i am warm, my hands remain very cold, especially around the fingertips. My hands often go grey with bright orange blothes (like highlighter) randomley on my hands when they are very cold. My fingertips are also often grey even when my hands are not cold. Can this be connected to my red hands? A lot of the time, my hands are blotchy in a way that you can see my blood vessels being very red.
Avatar f tn Lots of orange juice and oranges can't seem to get enough but I got sick last month with a bad cold had to take a zpak to help my body fight it off so keep your head up .
Avatar f tn Ever since I got pregnant my hands have been really cold I know it's cold outside but i'v never had this problem before.
Avatar f tn My hands always feel cold after i take allergy medication. Does this happen to anyone else? And why does it do that?
1302779 tn?1287405029 This can often result in one having cold hands, or just being cold in general. Many people attribute things to just getting older when it's actually their thyroid causing the problem. Age can cause these symptoms but it wouldn't hurt to rule out any thyroid issues. My kids make fun of me for my knee socks because my feet are always cold, and I'm older than you. I always wondered when I was younger why older women always had a sweater on when it was warm I know.
12648482 tn?1426464553 I find out on Friday that I am 6 weeks pregnant with my third child. Literally that day I started feeling nauseas and fatigued until about 4pm everyday since. I couldn't hold anything down accept for today but still feel very tired with no energy. But the thing that is bugging me is that in this California town I live in, it is 81 degrees today and I'm wearing a sweater. I have a constant chill and My feet and hands are freezing. I've been bundled in a blanket for 3 days now.
Avatar f tn I am 8 weeks and some odd days pregnant. I took a nap and woke up with a really bad cold and it kinda slowly came on and now it's worse than ever. Is there anything I can do to make myself feel better?
2129193 tn?1342539411 Thank you. I've been trying to drink lots of water since yesterday but it's like we can only drink so much before I feel like I'm internally drowning lol. Ultrasound tech told me to have a sweet overload right before going in but the thought of eating one more cookie is making me sick. I will probably have a cold glass of orange juice.
Avatar n tn I'm not 100% sure but with my last pregnancy when I had a cold I had lots of hot water with honey and lemon, I used to drink peppermint tea as well that helped.
Avatar f tn I am an 18 yr old vegetarian. i woke up this morning and found i has an orange tint to my hands i havnt been using fake tan or hair dye and it doesnt scrub off, i have also experienced some joint pain in my legs. Does anyone hav any ideas?
1671473 tn?1450592437 s Syndrome, some hypothyroid patient experiencing a cold feet cold hands of course sensitivity to the cold, if symptoms continue a cold feet cold hands Raynaud's Syndrome can be one of the reason? so thats why im always cold hands & feet? or just one of a hypothyroid symptoms only? So far i dont feel any strange symptoms, & i always take my medication thyrax (150mcg) every 5am, but if my thyrax gone im gonna choose synthroid well another adjustment?
Avatar f tn What can I take for a cold? I have loads of fisherman friends cold sweets in I have asked my midwife and got no reply. Also can you have a flu jab when you have a cold? I'm 16+6 and still haven't heard the heartbeat anyone else had this? Had midwife yesterday and she refused I have a home Doppler and still can't hear anything on there. I'm not sure if there is any drop in clinics to go to..
Avatar f tn My doctor told me I can take robitussin DM for my cold. Is robitussin cough+Chest congestion DM the same thing?
Avatar n tn Not certain about brown but I do know if you eat a lot of carrots you can turn orange or hands and nails can ..
Avatar f tn First try drinking some orange juice.
Avatar m tn Tylenol, lots of fluid or orange juice ...not much we can take when pregnant..ask ur OB if this things dont help u...hope u feel get well soon!
13724114 tn?1440985203 Not really a question, but i didn't feel my baby all day, and i tried the orange juice thing and she started kicking like crazy! It made me so happy lol.
Avatar f tn I started feeling junky yesterday and woke up even worse today. Sinus and head cold. Runny nose and sore throat. I am 8 weeks pregnant. Any suggestions for relief? Can you take cold meds (I assume no)?
Avatar f tn HEy mommies. I am 3 months and a half pregnant...and I've just caught a nasty cold. My nose is running and my eyes are red with tears. I don't have temperature and I am not caughing ...but I am sneezing a few times a day...this is my second day... I am drinking lemonade like crazy ... what should I do more?
Avatar f tn i do what hubby calls "antagonizing" her. lol. i push on my belly in one spot nd she'll kick nd kick until she finally moves nd i'll leave her alone. or put something cold on my belly nd she'll usually kick it until i move.