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Avatar f tn Ever since I got pregnant my hands have been really cold I know it's cold outside but i'v never had this problem before.
Avatar f tn My hands always feel cold after i take allergy medication. Does this happen to anyone else? And why does it do that?
1302779 tn?1287405029 This can often result in one having cold hands, or just being cold in general. Many people attribute things to just getting older when it's actually their thyroid causing the problem. Age can cause these symptoms but it wouldn't hurt to rule out any thyroid issues. My kids make fun of me for my knee socks because my feet are always cold, and I'm older than you. I always wondered when I was younger why older women always had a sweater on when it was warm I know.
Avatar m tn When I touch anything that is cold like,holding a glass of tea,my hands swell up & starts to hurt & itch & burn & turns RED.. Also when I drink something that is really cold , it hurts my heart ,my insides, I have pain all around my HEART.I am 35years of age, and theses symptoms started 2 years ago.I have no health ins. please HELP me with some advise.
Avatar f tn And her hands and feet were black and ice cold. No one can tell me what caused her hands and feet to be that way. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/199682'>purple hands purple feet in 14 yr old daughter</a>.
1671473 tn?1450592437 s Syndrome, some hypothyroid patient experiencing a cold feet cold hands of course sensitivity to the cold, if symptoms continue a cold feet cold hands Raynaud's Syndrome can be one of the reason? so thats why im always cold hands & feet? or just one of a hypothyroid symptoms only? So far i dont feel any strange symptoms, & i always take my medication thyrax (150mcg) every 5am, but if my thyrax gone im gonna choose synthroid well another adjustment?
Avatar n tn I used to always be cold while others were warm, have cold feet all night, cold hands always, I take only these supplements and I am always the perfect temperature. Actually taking these tools the body needs, I feel darn well great most of the time, I'm 47.
404438 tn?1201720280 s being suffocated of it at the same time. That can lead to possible heart issues in the future. Cold, stiff muscles cause a great deal of pain and/or discomfort. The more pain/discomfort I'm in, the more miserable I am. I'm certain that it is the same for your son even though he has a difficult time to articulate it. His eyes and facial expressions can tell you a lot if you know or learn how to read them, if he's in greater pain or discomfort you'll see it in his eyes and face.
1079987 tn?1258040916 Meg pre-op others had noticed what they referred to as my heart stopping while taking my pulse. BP was all over the board. Dr ran cardio test twice thinking there had been heart attacks, every time they hooked me up all was well. Ice cube hands like selma mentions. When the hands where cold I'd have pain, otherwise they where almost always numb and or tingling with occasional electric spikes in the fingers and right wrist. Post op these symptoms are almost gone already.
Avatar m tn point, but to your cold limbs question I can say I had open heart surgery to repair my mitral valve and to do a mini-maze procedure on the inside of my heart to try to stop atrial fibrillation. This was done in November of 2007, and I have not noticed any increased sensitivity to cold temperatures or colder hands/feet... The 40 mg of Simvastatin may be something to discuss with your doctor.
Avatar f tn I think it was probably 1 and a half years that i have had cold hands. Even when i am warm, my hands remain very cold, especially around the fingertips. My hands often go grey with bright orange blothes (like highlighter) randomley on my hands when they are very cold. My fingertips are also often grey even when my hands are not cold. Can this be connected to my red hands? A lot of the time, my hands are blotchy in a way that you can see my blood vessels being very red.
Avatar f tn My feet and hands are always freezing cold and my feet although they are cold, they sweat . I'm always under blankets about three and I have socks on. Do any other pregnant mom's feel like this?
Avatar f tn My hands are almost always very cold and sometimes after that they start to sweat, and sometimes it's the other way around. They start to sweat then get very cold.What could be the reason for that?
709686 tn?1277432159 I think 20mg is the standard dose, to be taken between 1/2 hour and one hour of your major meal of the day. Because of an extreme problem with acid reflux I took as much as 80mg daily for a short amount of time before surgery, but I took 20mg daily for perhaps twenty years with no known side affects. I think if I were you, I'd check with your doctor about the symtom of cold hands after eating sugar, and do so at once, it sounds like a diabetic issue.
Avatar n tn I am writing this for my sister. In the winter she gets extremely cold hands and feet and her fingernails turn purple. She is not normally that cold to touch, as much as she feels cold herself. It actually causes pain. It leaves in the summer but in the winter its pretty bad, socks doesn't help, etc. She is only 21, so I was just wondering everyones take on it. She hasn't went to the doc yet...
645800 tn?1466860955 I could also understand the autonomic dysfunction since your feet are the furthest from your heart. But blue hands make no sense if no other part of your body is also blue. I did check that out as I wa Au natural at the time getting ready to take a shower. I did mention this to my new PC today and she came up with vascular spams as why my hands turned blue. But I don't think I tend to believe that as she didn't seem very smart.
Avatar m tn Some time i have cold hands sometimes cold feet as compared to rest of my body. Why is this so? Can there be any hidden problem?
Avatar n tn Can anyone help - I am a 48 year old woman and have suffered for the past year or so with swelling fingers (especially in the cold) and if I pick up something with a hard edge - clap my hands or press a trigger spray for a little while my hands bruise and turn black under the skin, especially the fingers. I have seen my GP but he is completely at a loss as to what it can be. He ran blood tests but nothing showed up. I am quite fit for my age and have a resting heart rate of 48.
Avatar m tn a slightly slow pulse (50-55 at rest), cold hands, slow thinking, trouble thinking, feeling out of it (etc), as well as this odd breathless feeling that I get on and rest or when active, but not worse when's just on it's own. I have never had any of these symptoms independent of the others on the list. THey are all or nothing.
Avatar f tn my hands always swell when it gets hot outside, this started happening about 2 years ago. i have no idea why, but its only when its hot out. My feet and toes do it too but not as bad.
Avatar f tn When my hands are exposed to the cold they turn red and become swollen, sore and itchy. It's very much like an allergic reaction. In fact, the first time this happened I thought it was a reaction to some soap I had used. I was outside without gloves in 34 degree weather this morning for about 20 minutes. My hands had a reaction after about 10 minutes. I've always had cold hands and feet, but this is only the second time I've had this sort of reaction.
Avatar f tn Hi. I'm a 16 year old male and For the last few years (4 or so) I've had some concerns with my heart. I've had severe heart palpitations and feeling like my heart totally stops for a couple seconds, accompanied by shortness of breath. I can't even exercise (even light jogging) after any strenuous exercise, my chest feels like its being crushed, i have all of the other symptoms i listed above as well as i have a thick metallic tasting saliva with vertigo as well.
Avatar n tn I have anxiety/panic disorder When I get anxious I get very cold my hands are like ice and I shiver. anxiety has a lot of strange symptoms that go with it. Some time my hands and face will feel tingley and numb. My heart races and I feel like I am going to choke.
Avatar m tn I am a 15 year old boy who has been dealing with chronically cold hands and feet, debilitating fatigue, and increase of symptoms after eating. After standing for a few minutes, my hands and feet become a dark shade of blue, and are very cold. My lower legs become incredibly itchy. However, I do not experience an increase in fatigue while standing up. I have been tested for autoimmune disorders, thyroid problems, infectious diseases, diabetes/hypoglycemia, and many other diseases/conditions.