Cold german potato salad recipes

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645800 tn?1466860955 So I was really getting into the mood for some great German food. I ordered the WIENER SCHNITZEL , German potato Salad, and a garden salad with ice tea to drink,. While the garden salad and potato salad were good, the veal was not very tender at all ( had to cut it with a knife). I also had hoped that the potato salad would be the sweet version, but instead it was the vinegar version. So I was kind of disappointed with the place after all.
Avatar f tn What's the reason one shouldn't eat potato salad?
356518 tn?1322263642 I make tons of salads this time of year too! I do the basic mixed veggie salad, then I also do speciality salads Potato Salad is the one i make best.
Avatar f tn I had KFC, thigh and breast extra crispy with some potato salad and mac n cheese. The mac n cheese seems to be my current craving.
Avatar f tn // Warm Quinoa Breakfast Cereal Quinoa Loaf with Mushrooms and Peas http://www.wholefoodsmarket.
Avatar f tn t buy the foods that send you into eating binges. Look up recipes that use healthy ingredients like fresh vegetables and lean meats. Spend your time cooking healthy, delicious recipes and eating food you take an interest in, instead of following your bad habits and eating without thinking.
12788993 tn?1427512059 Ribs, bbq chicken, brisket, corn, potato salad, watermelon, peach cobbler, etc
4165941 tn?1353988628 chips & dip, cold pasta, potato salad, sandwiches, fruit, veggie tray, cupcakes/cake, candy bar, deviled
1666434 tn?1325262350 Sorry it's winter here so my brain is on hot food. And sorry that I don't know all the names that you use in America. Here is my easy meatballs recipe. Takes less than 10 minutes. It is dairy and egg free and ok for some gluten free types if they can eat oats. 500g mince (uncooked minced beef, do you call it ground beef?) 1 finely chopped onion 1/2 cup of rolled oats (raw oatmeal?) 2 tbsp of tomato sauce (ketchup?
298824 tn?1349955177 re looking for something like that...hamburgers and hotdogs, rigatoni, cabage rolls, macaroni salad, potato salad and stuff like that. we usually also have a fruit tray/salad, veggie tray, cheese and cracker tray along with assorted cookies and sweets. sandwich rings are good one as well. we do those sometimes to.
Avatar f tn My best friend Is Puerto rican, and So Is my fiance, So my best friends grandma made a big pot of Spanish rice,And potato salad, her mom made a pork shoulder and shredded It in a big pan, and my fiances aunt made yucca, Some fish salad type thing That I didn't eat cuz I Don't like fish But alot of people At The shower loved, and Also Some chicken That was really good. Then I had Some chips and salsa, and gold fish since my theme was under The sea.
6588814 tn?1391015002 I make some dang good potato salad and it is totally hitting the spot today! Yum! I also made extra moist milk chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting at 9 last night ha so delicious! Oh and ice cold Pepsi:) What are you ladies craving?!
Avatar f tn Anyone know of any good websites with diabetic friendly recipes? My mom has diabetes and I'm trying to help her out with a few meals.
7458937 tn?1391882099 We did an easter lunch my grandparents gey to tired to do a dinner but we had, ham, mashed potatoes, corn, mac n cheese, greenbeans, onion casserole, cole slaw, potato salad, over night salad, and for dessert a pig lickin cake which is a cake and the icing is vanilla puddin pineapples and cool whip
1253246 tn?1332073310 I curently can make italian, mex, chineese, japanesse, east coast, west cost. some german, I dont believe Ive had the oppertunity to learn much about polish! I dont even know what you spoke of. I will have to google it.
Avatar f tn Since its going to be summer I was thinking something fresh like fruit, tinga, potato salad.. still thinking. How about you??
Avatar f tn well I made copycat Olive Garden chicken gnocchi soup and it tastes delicious not as good as OG but definitely worth it we went there on Sunday and I usually always order unlimited soup and salad my hubby prefers Texas roadhouse and steak places so he had to go and please prego :( so for my husband I made beef meat with rice and beans and a tomatillo avocado sauce he is very traditional and has to has his meat and 2 sides lol so had to make something separately for my hard working man!!
Avatar f tn Quinoa salad is always a nice treat. Or fish with a rice pasta and easy pesto of some sort.
Avatar f tn I just had two hard boiled eggs, and I made some potato salad I plan on trying :)
506791 tn?1439842983 I made grilled black angus burgers, fresh cole slaw, store-bought potato salad, fresh yummy tomatoes & lettuce with some good ol' Hellman's Mayo....I was in heaven...still full...but, after reading these great recipes, my mouth is watering for that beef/pork sounds soooooo good!! Think I will copy and paste those recipes, and store them in a know......for when I can afford beef *and* pork at the same time!! lol Seriously, when is the recession going to end???