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4850939 tn?1370543309 blood pressure took and urine sample. and ALOT of information being given. thas what i had and what i can give to help you feel at eeze is you dont get blood taken unless you hadnt had that previously.
Avatar n tn and yet both my doctor and clinic are aware I have gained some 30kgs, have been treated for insomnia and depression. I am also constantly cold and my blood pressure is still high. I have taken a drastic step to move to Pressure Eeze (Herbal suppliment) with Magnesium and Potassium suppliments and am also now following a strict pressure friendly diet. I only started this today!!! how long with it take to gain a normal heart rate back?
Avatar m tn Again, I'm assuming this is to improve absorption, as absorbing minerals is slow and for fighting a virus it needs to be quick. But that's a lot of zinc for two months. I'd do some homework on this. Zinc helps do two things that most doctors don't usually know -- boosts the immune system so things heal more quickly (often used in veterinary medicine) and to fight viruses. But it would seem, if you're concerned about the taste, there are lots of alternatives.
Avatar f tn Just looking for anymore information or advise about withdraws from Fioricet / I have been taking this medication from years from Migrain headaches, it's seemed the longer I was on it the less it helped so I would increase my doses because I could not get rid of my headaches the other day I just stopped using it because it was like just this non stop headache.
Avatar f tn I have never even had a cold sore, but in the past week I have these small blister like sores on my gentials. There are 4. My finance does get cold sores, but he hasn't had one recently and he has never had anything on his gentiles. I went to the doctor yesterday and he took some samples, but I won't get the results for a week or longer. My questions are 1. If it is herpes how did I get it? and 2. Should we substain from any sexual activity?
Avatar n tn A prominent trigger in children is food items including chocolate, foods preserved with nitrites or nitrates, which are cold cuts, ham, bacon, sausage and smoked meats like beef jerky. In your child's case, since you have noticed the triggers for attacks to be pasta/diary foods, these should be definitely avoided. Best..
Avatar m tn I am trying to obtain reliable information. I think I have an inflammed hair follicle. It is on the shaft of my penis at the base. It is round and red and only one is present. I am involved in a relationhip with a woman, not my SO and she does experience a few oral cold sores each year. I have no history of cold sores. Last week we had very intense deep kissing and later oral sex. I. want to know whether the round red spot on the base of my penis is likely a primary HSV infection.
Avatar m tn We are married, however, not to each other. My friend gets random cold sores. The last was about 6 months back. We kiss very often and do engage in oral without condoms. We are careful to watch for any sign of a cold sore and refrain when one is present Approximately 10 days back we engaged in lengthy kissing and oral sex. Approximately 6 days later I noticed a red pimple type spot near the base on the shaft of my penis. There are no signs elsewhere or on my lips.
Avatar m tn so I've been tested a couple times for HIV, and my last test was in February, I've had a couple more at risk exposures including a couple unprotected times but no ejaculation.. (gay intercourse) anyways it's now the end of December and I was just wondering if by the given symptoms you could tell if I had possibly HIV, Like I said I tested neg in Feburary (after 6 weeks possible exposure) and hadn't had any unprotected intercourse since or intercourse in general..
Avatar m tn And lastly will the person be more susceptible to infections such as common cold if other people around him/ her have the cold during the window period / during acute hiv infection stage? Please assist in the information if you can.
Avatar f tn I had unprotected sex 2 days ago, I now have a fever, chills, sore throat (no cough) feeling weak, sweating profusely, always cold ... All of this happened two days after having unprotected sex , I've searched all over the internet & they say this is symptoms of HIV , is it possible to be happening so quickly ? Please somebody advise ... I'm worried ." It is now June 13th, I still have a mild sore throat but no other symptoms(No Cough).
Avatar f tn I have had literally a handful of sexual partners - never had any problems. My last two relationships were 5 years and then 4 years. 4 months ago I started seeing a guy who had been a friend of mine, he too has had long term relationships and I know believes he had no form of an STD. Six weeks ago I went to the doctors and they diagnosed genital herpes, it was horrific - so painful. I was so shocked when they said it definitely appeared to be Herpes an took a swab...
Avatar f tn She told me she had canker sores occasionally on her lips and I questioned her if they were cold sores and she promised that they wernt. Again no symptoms on my mouth or genitals but what are the chances I could have picked up herpes and never known over the past 2 years?? Thanks so much for the help!
Avatar f tn Popcorn popping sleep is what i called it , flip floppin not stopping freezing cold but full of sweat...took me like 35 days or so till i woke up one mourn and i had slept 8 hrs i almost couldnt believe it now 46 days into soberiety i could pry sleep 12 hrs if i wanted to !!!!
Avatar f tn I have been taking 3 80mg of oxys everyday for thee years. Sometimes I forget to take one and I don't feel too bad. I have had 8 back surgeries, for my lower back. I have Congestive heart failure. Lung problems. I have been in the hospital everyday this year but about 15 day. I want to get off of the Oxys. I don't crave them. With my heart problems would it be safe to go cold turkey, to get off of these pills?
Avatar f tn I am hoping to find clarity and information. I started to have some problems over a few months ago. Basically the end result was some additional test (to play it safe since my husband and I (been together for 8 years) have been trying to get pregnant with our 2nd child) and one was an IGG HSV 2 test that came back positive 2.43. This was a complete shock because though I was having irratation; I have never had a blister or lesion.
Avatar f tn y is my left leg ice cold wiv no feelin in it and wen i walk my both legs r so pain full
Avatar n tn m married and I contracted herpes because my husband had a cold sore on lip when he performed oral sex. I went to a health clinic to get dignosed because I do not have enough money for a hospital trip. The doctor rushed me out before I was able to ask important questions. I have had severe pain over the last couple of days. I can't do anything I used to. I just wanna know if there are some home remedies that I could try to take away the pain. Or are there any inexpensive herpes medications?
Avatar m tn When I drink anything cold it hurts my insides all around my HEART.Or if I hold a glass of cold tea or drink in my hands, my hands will turn RED and swell up and hurt.Or if I touch anything.COLD weather is a problem now for me.
Avatar m tn Hi - I am new to this website and forum and have come here because I am so confused with all the information regarding STDs. Basically my question is related to STDs in general - but more specifically, Herpes and Genital Warts (for the sake of argument can we pls assume that Herpes is an STD). I have read that with both Herpes and Genital Warts, someone can still contract these infections through sexual contact with a carrier of these viruses - EVEN IF the carrier displays NO symptoms.
Avatar n tn I have tried several times to research this however not a lot of information is available because HSV-1 is usually diagnosed as cold sores and less commonly on the genitals. Any information you can provide for me would be helpful. Thank you for your time.
Avatar f tn You may want to look up some information on pelvic health and mention this to your Dr. Our hospital does have pelvic health clesses, and the physical therapist there do teach about all the stuff that can change internally from pregnancy, and what we can do to improve strength and prevent issues post partum. Seems some women's uterus/cervix will have "prolapse" during and post birth. There are some devices that can be inserted and worn to support your inner organs.