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163305 tn?1333668571 "But of course, I can be at home anywhere that isn't freezing cold or desert dry..." Me to, but I got Vermont. LOL. I just can't see myself in Vermont.
Avatar f tn While the debate goes on, Wallin and a group of 140 volunteers who call themselves Los Samaritanos work against brutal heat and an unforgiving desert landscape where 61 migrants died in the seven months that ended April 30. In a region split by the increasingly fortified U.S.-Mexico border, they say they are doing moral deeds in the face of a simple reality: Migrants keep coming. "Most of the people we find are broken, beaten down, sobbing, so lonesome, broken.
Avatar n tn ve had post-nasal drip, one cold with a cough that lasted about 8 weeks and now a constant tickling sensation in my chest, under and on either side of the breast bone. I also sometimes feel a tightness in my chest, not pressure or pain but discomfort, hard to explain. The post--nasal drip is constant and annoying as well as the ticklish feeling. I went to one doctor and he thinks allergies but I don't know-what could I be allergic to in the middle of the desert?
Avatar f tn for the past 5 months on and off i have suffered from dry sores on the corners of my mouth after a while using cold sore lip cream it goes but then soon returns, its not contagious and not very painful but itchy and easy spreads and splits when i yawn !
706250 tn?1232453817 About the cold. Certain paresthesias cold be worse in the cold, especially if the temperature sensing nerves are damaged. Also cold muscles do not function as well as warm ones, so people with MS will often see an increase in stiffness and spasticity in the cold.
Avatar f tn My Husband made yellow rice beans and baked a roast. and for desert he made a vanilla ice cream mango .
8367118 tn?1442605420 Depending on the time of the shower you could just do simple appetizers like a veggie tray, fruit, some little smokies warmed in BBQ sauce, and chips and dip. Or you could just get some cold cuts and do a sand which bar and a couple of salads....
Avatar f tn I have had cold sores for most of my life, and have become less frequent even if I run a fever or am stressed out. I had one earlier last week and it went away, all that was left was dried skin on my lip and no tingling or itching like a normal cold sore. I had sex with an old hookup later that week which included oral and vaginal. The next day I didn't feel any itchiness or anything out of the ordinary, plus I had shaved the day I had sex (both for the first time in months).
Avatar f tn I don't think it is cold weather since I live in a desert and its warm all the time and no I've never had a mammogram, I'm soon to be 18 I don't know if this helps but I also have small white marks around the middle of my breast, I believe they are stretch marks, but could it be that which is making me itch? Maybe there's something wrong?
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Avatar f tn So this is my 2nd yr living here I'm from desert weather and still adjusting to the weather (driving in snow ) and walking I kinda fall alot Lol anyone else scared bout the winter n being pregnant I'm going to be extra cautious but can't help being extra scared now that it's not just me.
Avatar f tn Yup same here.
10221785 tn?1410990458 I absolutely looveee bananas and last night at ten o clock I decided to make a desert to have the next day and I just tried it... one word.. DELICIOUS! :) hope you mommies try it.. it does need to set in the fridge it is a no bake desert so make it ahead of time or the night before :) You need 5 bananas 2 packs of instant banana creme pudding 4 cups of milk Whipped cream Vanilla wafers a desert pan Make the putting by adding the milk and instant pudding in a medium sauce pan.
669230 tn?1252149194 I'll start! I have a cold. My 5 year old gave it to me, but he got over it in 3 days and I still have it. I've taken almost all my old cold meds that still have real pseudoephedrine in them and I'm just hoping that I can still get some more from the pharmacist when it's all gone. Stupid cold is keeping me up at night and I had to buy more tissues. I'm a mom. The only other person I can whine to is my Mom. I'm done for now, so thanks for listening.
1096641 tn?1271707225 hey girlee....the cold thing in the friggin desert and still get hit with it by day I just try to get out in the sun....something we have no shortage of here in phx az but at night ive been using a heating pad around my helps with the aches and pains as well as radiates heat into your whole body....the cold thing also gets better with time...Ive got 23 days clean today and it hasent really been an issue for the last week or so...just hang in there your thew the worst of it..
Avatar f tn Oh gosh. The joys of being pregnant right lol.
Avatar f tn and even provided off-label dosing of the ribavirin. I’d receive monthly cold packs of drugs from their contract pharmacy from FedEx; it was a wonderful service. Thinking of treating again :o)?
Avatar n tn s right arm elbow area is swollen and looks bruised, so is his right ankle. Both are sensitive to touch, He feels weak and tired. He played golf in the desert and may have came in contact with a cactus. Is there any chance that he is infected?
Avatar f tn I am 16 years of age and for the past week I have been experiencing extreme body temperature changes almost like heat flashes. At one point my face will go tomato red and I'll feel like I'm in the desert and another moment I'll be teeth chattering cold. Sometimes I'll even feel hot but other people touch my skin and it feels like ice. I've also had lots of nausea, a little bit if dizziness, and one or two moments of blurred vision.
Avatar f tn Just mad. Cus my favorite desert is creme brulee (for those who don't know what that is i recommend you try it!) Anyways so ive only had 1 throughout my whole 5 months of pregnancy because they only sell them in certain restaurants and I haven't had a chance to go in a long time. im just sad cus ive been craving so bad,i wanna cry!
Avatar f tn I'm making baked mac and cheese , baked meatballs in bbq sauce , and for desert fudge brownies , my baby girl is kicking up a storm from the smells lol
9704378 tn?1553726192 Lately, I've been drinking down bottles of water like I live in the desert. There's even been times where it's 2 bottles a day. I'm not complaining in the slightest because I know there's nothing more healthy for me & the baby, but does this mean anything? What I think it could be, is dehydration. I just find myself craving the taste of the coldness & just water, period. Anyone else going through this?
193137 tn?1367880063 I'm not sure if this photo will work since it's not landscape, but thought I would post it anyway. For Halloween, Bianca (left) and Sorcha (right) dressed up as each other. So Bianca, normally the angel, became a devil dog, and Sorcha became the angel of the two. The Samoyed sisters are also called the Fluffy Puppies, even though they are now eight years old.
Avatar f tn What about Elaina Raine , or Elaina Desert Rae the Rae of a beautiful Desert ...