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Avatar f tn I have this tightness in my chest i kno its mucus but i dont have a cough or cold it hurts when i try to take a deep breath ive never had chest congestion before im not coughing up blood or anything like that. ive been using my asthma pump because when i was younger i had trouble with asthma it helps clearing my airways so i can breath easier but it comes back after awhile. Help?
Avatar n tn i have a question, i have been having a tightness in my chest for the last week and a half. What I have been feeling can be described as this: diffuculty breathing or just hard to catch my breathe ( especially when sitting up or standing, easier to breathe when lying down) When i first noticed this it was very very mild,but i it got worse after being around cigar smoke. I went to the doctor last wednesday, just to make sure i didn't have phemonia or nothing like that.
Avatar m tn Soon after pain, I started to feel tightness in my chest. It is difficult to explain the tightness. It is not tightness caused by congestion. If feels like my chest is heavy or the muscles are laboring more to suck air into my lungs. Today the pain in the back feels more like a burning sensation. It also seems like my face is a little swollen. Any thoughts and help will be appreciated...
Avatar f tn I am 51 years old. For the past 12 years, after getting a cold and chest congestion, I am unable to speak fluently due to me chest tightening up while exhaling/talking. This only occurs after the congestion travels from my sinuses to my chest. At this time, I have been to the dr's and they do not find any problems with my lungs. I was also to a neurologist and was cleared of any issues with the brain.
Avatar f tn Right now the neck is too tight, I have keep taking Advil which is not good to relieve this tightness. I feel like no doctor cares to help and that I'm the only person in the area with this problem. It all started around the time I was experiencing symptoms of mono before I was diagnosed. I see another endo in November. What else can I ask for to see if this problem can be solved (aside from having the thyroid removed). I'm at my wit's end! Thank you for any help!
Avatar n tn Except for the other symptoms I'd have thought I pulled a muscle wile lifting weights. I also had a slight feeling of chest congestion. After about a week I developed a minor cold but the other symptoms went away. Within a week, though, I was waking up with night racing again, anxiety, chest tightness. This lasted about three days. Then it subsided to the knot again. I have continued have minor symptoms for the last couple of months.
Avatar m tn Other question for the community - I actually had a few days of tension/tightness in chest and heart-burn for about a week - is that common with this clan as well?
170935 tn?1225374676 me too!!!! i recently came down with what I thought was a cold and experienced extremely bad symptoms (coughing, wheezing, itchy, watery eyes, congestion) the whole bit! This was probably the worst "cold/flu" virus that I have had in my lifetime. I'm 32. Turns out about a week and a half later - I started to get twitching in my left eye and the muscles in the left side of my face started to weaken.
Avatar dr m tn Every time you get a cold, notice how it usually starts in the throat with a tickle, a scratch, or a slight cough. It then progresses into chest congestion or travels up into the ears and the sinuses. You’ll have a low grade fever, mild chills, and a runny nose. Even if you start out with a runny nose, eventually, you’ll have throat symptoms later on. Sounds like a classic cold, right?
Avatar m tn About 2 weeks ago, I got my bi-yearly cold/sinus infection. I stopped going to the doctors for this because i'm just so used to it and all they give me in anti-biotics. I just suffer the few days through it, then typically go for a week of coughing up mucus. Well this most recent one 2 weeks ago lasted for about 4 days, when I felt the sinus pressure go away, I had a cough that lasted pretty bad for about 1.5 weeks. To this day (2 weeks after initial symptoms) I cough very lightly.
Avatar m tn Hi I am 29 yrs old, a little overweight and don't have the best diet when it comes to eating but in the process of changing that. I have been having left side mild off and on chest discomfort for about 2 days. It is barely noticeable but still noticeable enough. I also have a blood pressure checker machine at home which I have been using to monitor my blood pressure and it has been at healthy numbers.
Avatar f tn Earlier I used to have nasal blockage , feverishness , severe pain in legs , chest congestion etc on exposure to air conditioning as I mentioned in my post last year . Things have improved at least in nasal blockage and feverishness . I've been searching google , medhelp and many other communities to find more info on this . I was trying to find why and how this sort of allergy develops . At least I found one more person near to my place having the same allergy . We both have 1.
Avatar n tn My father and I have thje same wierd chest feeling but the doctors seem to have no idea what it is. I caught a cold that became a chest cold and infection. I did not treat it right away. There was bo sore throat but consisted of coughing and mucus. The mucus went away and then i went to the doctor and took some antibiotics to make sure the infection wa gone. After the mucus went away this feeling of discomfort and tightening of my wind pipe started and a shortness of breath.
Avatar n tn Hi all. I had an ablation 4 weeks ago and since that time I have been experiencing chest tightness, pressure, and sharp pains in the heart. I am seeing my doctor on a weekly basis to determine the cause and undergo treatment. Following a work up of tests (echo, nuclear stress, ekg, etc.) the doctor has determined that everything in the heart is normal and that this "discomfort may be something that I just have to ride out.
Avatar m tn Hi, im 18 years old and recently i was in the cold without a jacket as the weather forecast said it would be warm and it wasn't, i was wearing just a sweater and soon after i had chest congestion for about a week, now after my congestion has stopped just about 3 days later i started feeling tightness in my throat which goes away for a while and then comes back, i can get rid of it for a while after having something warm such as green tea.
170935 tn?1225374676 We both had a bad cough, congestion, tightness in our chest, sore throat, and sinus blockage and drainage. I'd go back to my doctor and let the doctor know you are still having problems. We have found if you don't clear this up with antibiotics, it will get worse and you'll just get sick again. Good luck.
Avatar m tn For the last 2 days I have had diarrhea constantly, at least 8 times a day to the bathroom. Now I still have diarrhea, but now I have chest pains (more tightness than anything, a sore throat, neck, and jaw. When I try to eat I feel sick, but shortly after and any other time I feel great besides the other symptoms. I'm 21 years old, could this just be a common cold that's going around? Of can it be more serious? Thanks.
Avatar n tn It started off with phlegm in throat and a hoarse voice and then gradually changed into a cough with chest tightness and feeling tired and weak. The cough is actually quite bad at night. Anybody ever heard of this? Know how long it will last?
Avatar f tn Shortness of breathe, nasal tightness (like something blocking inside of my nose, inflammed feeling), congestion, allergies, chest tightness and burning, thick gummy mucus, blood shot eyes, puffy undereyes, abdominal burning that comes and goes (but only mild gastritis and am taking prescription antacids), abdominal pain, foul stool, headaches, tiredness, brain fog that comes and goes, and candida esophagitis that was treated with anti-fungals and appears to have gone away.
Avatar n tn 47:22: I've been having an assortment of issues similar to yours, for over a year and a half. I don't have an answer myself, but I'm still looking hard for one. During most of '97 I had frequent heartburn (3-4x/wk) and frequent gas (both constant burping and painful unreleased pressure). I didn't think much of it, just took OTC calcium carbonate for the burn and simethicone for the gas.
Avatar n tn ( For the past month had increasing chest tightness, pain and just feeling breathless on stairs etc. Lung doc changed me to Adavair, and after a week I still felt more pain, tightness so I went to walk in. After consulting my asthma doc they decided to give me a course of steroids to nip the attack in the bud. I started prednisone yesterday (30mg) and then developped a bad cold (which is probably why my asthma was flairing since I was coming down with a cold).
Avatar n tn I have extreme muscle ticks and spasms, swollen lymph nodes, chest vibrations, heart palpitations, migrane headaches, IBS, chest tightness and swollen nasal passages. That's really just the half of it. I sure with my doctor's could figure this out. I'm thinking about seing a homeopathic doctor.
Avatar n tn So if anyone has any insight for fatigue, left side of chest pain into the back, sweaty then cold and at times a gurggling in the chest at times. I would appreciate your input.
Avatar n tn I am not coughing a lot but still have a lot of chest congestion. I have to clear my thoat a great deal. I feel tightness in my chest, throat, and upper back area. I seem to be experiencing some indigestion as well. I am a fitness instructor and have been teaching my intense cardio classes with less difficulty over the past few weeks. The pressure has been ongoing for the last 3 weeks.
Avatar f tn It almost feels like really bad chest congestion, minus the cold symptoms. Sometimes (usually at night or if I'm lying down) it's accompanied by a sort of crawling sensation or lump in my throat, which lingers there for a few minutes and then disappears. I visited a walk-in clinic on Saturday: the doctor took a chest X-ray and an EKG, and both were normal.
Avatar f tn It almost feels like really bad chest congestion, minus the cold symptoms. Sometimes (usually at night or if I'm lying down) it's accompanied by a sort of crawling sensation or lump in my throat, which lingers there for a few minutes and then disappears. I visited a walk-in clinic on Saturday: the doctor took a chest X-ray and an EKG, and both were normal.
Avatar n tn Guaifenesin is found in many medications similar to Mucinex that thins the mucus in your bronchial tubes. I started taking Mucinex DM because of chest congestion about 4 days ago... which is exactly when this sensation started happening. Its actually happening right now as I type this. Beneath my right shoulder blade, about 2 inches from my spine, this feeling occurs. It feels like something is touching me (like a shirt) even when I don't have a shirt on.
Avatar f tn It almost feels like really bad chest congestion, minus the cold symptoms. Sometimes (usually at night or if I'm lying down) it's accompanied by a sort of crawling sensation or lump in my throat, which lingers there for a few minutes and then disappears. I visited a walk-in clinic on Saturday: the doctor took a chest X-ray and an EKG, and both were normal.