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Avatar m tn (CNN) -- Who says the media aren't interested in good news? Fox News has been broadcasting lots of it for Mitt Romney this week. Never have so many gray clouds had silver linings as those hovering over the hapless Republican candidate and his deflating campaign.
Avatar n tn ill bet you a case of miller light you do not have autoimmune disease. you cant even spell it.
Avatar m tn ill bet you a case of miller light you did not get hiv from kissing.
1088527 tn?1425313375 oh my gosh. So sorry, Kat, but glad you were awarded 100%. It could be worse. He could have awarded nothing or less than 100%. Now, life can move onward, but I will hope for you that your date get moved back, too.
4437866 tn?1388119624 Awww yay! Congrats Kat! Just in time for your birthday too! He sound perfect!
Avatar n tn t stitched correctly according to my family doctor, who had to restitch the wound. now i have a decent sized scar on my wrist. do i have a case to sue the hospital that originally stitched me up?
Avatar f tn for a kit kat bar. I wish I lived somewhere with normal temps where I could just run out to my car, hop in nd drive a minute to the corner store then be back home all in under ten minutes. it takes forty minutes to warm up my car from -40. ): that's all.
762458 tn?1234366604 I have already taken him to Stanford University in CA where we met with a Dr. Gordon Lee. The only problem with this doctor is he has never seen a case as bad as Tommy. He did not seem very enthused about working on Tommy. I really want a doctor that looks at him and says I can help you. He is sending us to other doctors that specalize in different things, however he is the one that would reconstruct his cheek and upper lip. He doesnt think it is necessary to give him back a nose.
Avatar f tn Many thanks, Kat. I will ask.
Avatar f tn My son has been diagnosed with miller Fisher Syndrome. A couple of weeks after getting out of hospital he is still developing new symptoms including very disturbing sensations in his head. His specialist won't see him until April and he has no-one to ask if this is normal. Can you help please.
Avatar n tn i have been told to study biology, but I want to be certain. Also I get cold sores very frequently, i want to know how can i prevent them.
Avatar n tn I am Dr. Arch Miller, and I do reconstructive sternal procedures. The method of removing broken sternal wires and repairing the sternum is not now as extensive as it used to be. The procedure entails placing a plate that encircles the sternum and holds it together. You can go to the web site and go to wikipedia and read the article innovative sternal device. Your problem can be fixed. You may contact me at my office or forum reconstructive surgery for further questions.
Avatar f tn Nonetheless, I still have symptoms of hypothyroid like always feeling cold and tired and cramps. Is that Normal? Anyone had the same experience?
Avatar n tn Then sit in there for 15 minutes or so, and before you get out, run cold water over your face, ankles and writs. (to not become dizzy) You also have to drink and rehydrate from the water loss due to the salt.