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Avatar f tn t happened noticably in a very long time. earlier trying to sleep i noticed my stomach heated up to what felt like blazzing inferno, my heart started racing, i felt as if i were ready to puke (and really wanted to too), a VERY heavy adrenaline rush swooped over me, and i felt cold in the face and felt like i was sweating pools of water yet i remained completely dry.
Avatar f tn Jumped out if moving van and smashe my head on floor after being flicked in the air. I get freezing cold still and have a rash all over my body. My nose is runny and I have a noise in my ears like been to a there means for concern?
Avatar m tn Normally speaking, you will develope symptoms after infection 2 to 20 days, but in some rare cases symptoms can develop months after or never appear at all. In your case if it has been 2 months, theres a great chance you never became infected. There is only one way to be positive and that is having a STD or STI screening done. I hope this helps.
Avatar n tn let me tell you what happened....that night i attended a disco for a 1st i was excited...but when we arrived i was sad...i tried to be happy but i cant....after eating we went to the area where the disco was held and i was not really in classmates drag me to dance but i can....then we left that friends told me that i was really face....then i burst out crying for no reason...they were asking me what the reaon were \,,,but i can't...
1135275 tn?1586565652 Once upon a time many years ago, this forum was a place where the disco lights would turn on and we could have a party on the virtual dancefloor... I've got the disco ball going... "Stayin' Alive" is blasting... and I've got my best "Saturday Night Fever" suit on, and I'm wondering... how many days, weeks, or even months will I be waiting for a disco partner?
Avatar f tn I eat tums like crazy my doctor sad it would take a lot of tums to over do it! But I drink ice cold milk, which I hate. And I never lay flat! Also stay away from carbonated drinks they just increase the burn!
Avatar n tn Small endlplate osteophtes and chronic, small posterocentral disc bulge is seen from C2-3 to C6-7. Disco-osteophytic lesions are dcdasuing indentation over the thecal sac, root canal narrowing and adjacent neural compression. Howevere, there is no cord compression. Cord is normal in contour and signal pattern. Central canal diameter at various levels are as follows: C3=11mm, C4= 10mm, C5= 10mm.
Avatar m tn Hello, Some time ago (I dont remember excatly when, sometime in may) I met a girl at a disco and she brought me back to her house were we had sex. We used a condom, which to my knowledge did not break, and after we rubbed genitals. Im not 100% sure if we had clothes between us at the time, but no condom. The day after I had a fever and a few days later I noticed many red spots on my glans. This greatly disturbed me. After a few days, the spots went away.
Avatar m tn 10 months ago I went to Dominican Republic specifically Punta Cana for a bachelor party. I visited disco clubs twice, there I had sex with a CSW one each night, I assume they were clean since the price they charged were not cheap at all. Anyway first night, the CSW gave me a protected oral sex, then we proceeded to have protected vaginal sex, I did not ejaculate, then we had a quick may be 3 sec french kiss. I did not notice any sore on her mouth before I kissed her.
Avatar f tn I read spicy food kick starts labor so I ate a packet of the del taco inferno sauce! And some nachos.....crossing fingers...
Avatar n tn hi i was drunk and i kissed a women in a disco and she light up a cigarette by her mouth for me if he has hiv is it mean that i'm in a risk.
382218 tn?1341181487 Knock on wood, my MS has been relatively quiet, but I am putting a plan in place, just in case. My travel agent suggested I get a letter from my neuro stating what treatment I would need (solumedrol) should I have a relapse while on the cruise ship, and that the ship can then ensure they have it in stock. When I discussed this with my neuro last week, rather than do that, he provided me with a prescription of very high dose oral prednisone (1250mg) [= 1g solumedrol] for five days.
983008 tn?1329925830 Hi VAl you and me both then disco dancing by Xmas LOL. Glad you are feeling at least a tad better.
Avatar n tn please someone help me i was at a disco yesterday i was so drunk i meet a stranger women and i kissed her and drink together from the same cup and i notice she was having a scratch on her mouth, please some one tell me what is the risk.
Avatar f tn I am a 29y/F and I had an US last year that showed enlarged rt lobe, heterogeneous gland multiple subcentimeter cystic structures with increased vascularity. Based on my labs, I was diagnosed with Hasimoto's and my endo wanted to "watch & wait". My symptoms have gotten worse and my follow up US shows cystic structures are still present & the vascularity has increased over the past year & the color Doppler images looks like "Thyroid Inferno".
Avatar f tn Lately, it seems like if I eat a larger meal and drink water with it, oh my, my heart starts doing a disco dance and it stays at the club for at least 5 hours being settling down, they are miserable. The fact that they go away on their own is a good sign,but still, while having them, it is very upsetting, which in turn, can make them worse.
Avatar n tn At C5/C6 Wide disco-osteophytic complex centered posteromedially displacing the sac without contact with the cord.
Avatar m tn Oh my God Dear Teak, How could i quit this fear of my head, this is an inferno, and more is that I got fear to infect to my wife, i have told her about this situation and her have pardon me, but i got fear to do unprotetecd relation unti 3 months after exams of antibody, and i got fear about condom break or somthing in this months before the exam. Thanks for read me and reply...this is a calm for me...