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Avatar f tn No ur fine just limit ur caffeine intake to 200mg a day MAX I keep a big jug of lipton cold brew decaf tea in my fridge at all times something to try see it u likw it the same (my hubs won't touch it and he loves tea so win win for me)
Avatar f tn Its a cold I had it 2weeks I hvnt took anything
168348 tn?1379357075 Got anything behind that bar for a vile soar throat? Seems I have decided to catch the family cold-last one to get it and I have to work tonight! Throat has been feeling rather full lately due to enlarged thyroid and nodules and now it has to be sicker on top of that! I will need something stiff now to nap before work tonight!
Avatar f tn You can also try a Toddy Pot. It is a way of "cold" brewing coffee. It's used to make a concentrate for hot or cold coffee drinks and is supposed to reduce acid content. I like cold/iced coffee. Also, in my opinion, coffee is not bad for the body - TOO MUCH coffee is bad for the body. As with everything in life, moderation is the key.
Avatar f tn The only thing my doctor said I could take when I had a cold was tylenol. I basically has to sweat the cold out and was miserable for almost two weeks. However vices vapor rub helps a soothes. Home remedy tea; half red onion, half an apple, lots of ginger, slice of orange and of lemon. Let that brew with lots of water.. add an little honey and pop a cough drop in the hot tea. Sounds nasty but not too bad and it helps!
Avatar f tn i asked earlier but got no responses so I'll attempt this again.. I have a horrible head cold that's driving me nuts! It's bad enough I don't feel myself when being pregnant but this head cold has taken over!
Avatar n tn Sorry, I am not familiar with witch hazel brew. Thanks again.
Avatar f tn Phenergan, zofran, ginger, something with not a whole lot of flavor, ******* pops, sipping on ice cold water, sucking on ice, etc.. I had severe vomiting while pregnant(there's a medical term for it) and had to do all of that for the first 5 months! They even gave me the Phenergan and told me to put it up my butt bc it would help better... embarrassing!
Avatar f tn ve found that vitamin c eye gel from the body shop does wonders for under eye circles. You can also do a treatment with black tea bags- brew two bags of tea, take the bags and put them in the refrigerator for an hour, then apply the cold tea bags to your eyes for about 20 minutes. It's a easy way to apply the caffeine that the other commenter mentioned above. Happy thoughts!
1284791 tn?1271994267 Hi I am 47 and had tubes removed and left ovary removed toddy at Duke! My stomach area very sore and getting larger by the day..,kills to get out of bed. Does anyone have tips? I have pain meds - but still in Pain- should I put should On ice!? Heating pad? How do you get out if bed? How long will this be?
8526246 tn?1405601876 Brew a ginger tea. Take ginger and pour boiling water leave it for few minutes to cool but not to be cold. Then is very natural way of healing the body quickly.
Avatar f tn Not going to church this am because I delivered puppies all day yesterday, and I was up all night checking on thd new mommy and her brew. Going to be lazy today and watch movies and hang with my family. I hope everyone has a great day!! 21 days clean.. What?! Oh, it's nice to be free from those hell demon pills!!!
Avatar f tn Yes just made a brew can feel every now and again but not allot and not as strong as normal :/ thanks for advice
Avatar f tn They might be talking about red raspberry tea ppl use it at the end of pregnancy trying to get things going its not good until ur full term caffeine isnt the best either NO more than 200mg I use lipton cold brew decaf tea always have some in my fridge if u have other teas u wanna drink check with doc or do aome research about the ingredients
Avatar f tn I went cold turkey and stopped Caffiene all together. Its to the point now that my family is sick of hearing me say "I miss coffee" They just tune me out now.
630047 tn?1289248521 When I'm getting a cold, I swear by Airborne. It usually seems to prevent the cold from developing.
535822 tn?1443976780 Insomnia , rinse a wash cloth in cold water then place it on your abdomen Asian Medicine says it pulls energy from your head to your Torso ..Raw Potatoes soothe minor burns ...Ginger for Nausea...I bet you guys know a few more olde remedies.....
7358510 tn?1427032173 I took the capsules. I would like to believe they have helped in softening my cervix some.
613536 tn?1294238447 How about "EXPECTING" , " EXPECTING 09", " CONCIEVED" , " BABY BREW", or " FUTURE GRANDPARENTS" ... I hope this helps.
733930 tn?1286571409 and what are some other alternative things to drink while TTC and pregnancy. i prefer hot drinks over cold because they help me relax.
Avatar f tn Four years ago my daughter started preschool and she started being sick. Every two weeks she would have cold symptoms, eventually I got the same symptoms. We were never sick before that. Eventually, I reached for tylenol cold for her and myself, doctors refused to look into in, they said they don't treat colds. Year after I asked for allergy evaluation. Both doctors prescribed allergy nose sprays without any testing. The medicine didn't help.
Avatar f tn Tea is fine in moderation. I drink my one cup of coffee in the morning, green tea every now and again in the afternoon if I'm really tired. Just don't brew it very strong and go light in the sugar if you use it. The studies are conflicting, most dr.s agree 200mg or less of caffeine I'd safe. That's about two 6oz cups of coffee or 24oz tea.
168348 tn?1379357075 Today bloodwork for TSH and vit-D. Thursday another check up with the the ENT since the sinus surgery, but still have something going on with my salavary glands?
Avatar f tn I'm 8 weeks and have a head cold with sinus congestion. Sore throat and such. Looking for some home remedies or opinions on what to help.
599170 tn?1300973893 for a bad cold and feeling toddie..