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Avatar f tn We gave an espresso machine... Decaf esspresso is not as bad as decaf brew! Just saying! Lol!
8793709 tn?1409594060 so I'd really love a tiramisu for dessert ... but it seems that with mascarpone (Italian soft cheese), espresso coffee and raw egg yolks, it's the ultimate triple sin during pregnancy ?! anyone had it while pregnant? any alternative recipe / similar desserts you know or like?
Avatar f tn No ur fine just limit ur caffeine intake to 200mg a day MAX I keep a big jug of lipton cold brew decaf tea in my fridge at all times something to try see it u likw it the same (my hubs won't touch it and he loves tea so win win for me)
506791 tn?1439842983 well heathy schmelthy we got to eat good grub sometimes a treat is a treat.. I am sure we wouldnt eat some things every day, well maybe I am wrong I can eat ice cream everyday...
390416 tn?1275185087 I will never give up my coffee ! They will have to pry it from my cold dead hands. Are you giving it up because of health issues ? They have a coffee that is 50/50 decaf and regular. You could kinda taper off. Sorry about your headache.
Avatar f tn The only thing my doctor said I could take when I had a cold was tylenol. I basically has to sweat the cold out and was miserable for almost two weeks. However vices vapor rub helps a soothes. Home remedy tea; half red onion, half an apple, lots of ginger, slice of orange and of lemon. Let that brew with lots of water.. add an little honey and pop a cough drop in the hot tea. Sounds nasty but not too bad and it helps!
Avatar m tn True espresso is difficult and expensive to make. I suggest buying a simple Moka Stovetop Espresso Maker. They are not true espresso makers but make excellent, strong coffees very simply. Even better is the AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker. Again, it is not a true espresso maker but OMG, it makes one of the most amazing concentrates of coffee out of even the worst beans ever. Very simple to use and even more simple to clean up and cheap as well.
Avatar n tn Don't eat heavy meals before your appointment will make baby lazy. Try something cold like ice water. Unhealthy way cold soda. Stay hydrated water water water before appointment. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn Im a coffee lover and I mean not the hot coffee but the cold one. Since I found out I was pregnant I try to drink less coffee and less coca cola lol. Because I heard it's bad when your pregnant. Im craving an ice coffee from Mcdonald lol. What. Are you mommy's craving?
689766 tn?1231251810 I am in my 2nd trimester and i am craving coffee, espresso to be inlaws are Italian so they have it all the time!!!!!!!!!!! I never really drank it because of my sensitivity to it (my anxiety) but i want it so bad i think about it all the time...and when i have it i feel so guilty, but i crave it!! i don't know what to do...i go nuts and research it all day long, and get nervous about harming baby.
Avatar f tn Depending on where you get a frappe from it should be okay. Remember places like Starbucks usually use espresso to make their frozen/fancy drinks which has quite a bit of caffeine concentrated in a small amount of liquid. Also remember that the caffeine amounts listed on their websites are average amounts and could be very different than what you actually receive.
628981 tn?1260555203 I'm a veteran with a severly broken back who has been on Hydo and morphine for over 6 years. I told the VA Doc that I was tired of taking all these meds..instead of slowly getting me off these he stopped my precrip. Now I'm in day one of cold turkey and at work...This will be the hardest thing I will ever do..harder than Ranger School.
Avatar n tn Sorry, I am not familiar with witch hazel brew. Thanks again.
Avatar f tn I can honestly says after 1 week I was able to function but got tired very quickly. I followed the Thomas recipe and it helped me. You will get great advice from the people on this site and I can tell you with out them I would not be 33 days clean today! Make sure you get enough water, Gatorade. protein shakes, etc..Eat that's very important and take short walks when you can. Baths with Epsom salts also help a lot. Good luck with which ever way is best for you.
Avatar f tn Phenergan, zofran, ginger, something with not a whole lot of flavor, ******* pops, sipping on ice cold water, sucking on ice, etc.. I had severe vomiting while pregnant(there's a medical term for it) and had to do all of that for the first 5 months! They even gave me the Phenergan and told me to put it up my butt bc it would help better... embarrassing!
Avatar f tn I am interested in trying the Thomas recipe. I am getting ready to take a week off school and work in 2 weeks. I am really scared to do this, it is something that has been on my mind for a five years now and I always have some excuse to not do it. I play a rough sport and we are in the middle of the season right now-another reason I am scared to stop. I take up to 3 lortab 10mg/day, broken in half and taken 6 times/day.
Avatar f tn Working at Starbucks, coffee is everywhere. My doctor says one half caf espresso drink, or one single shot espresso beverage a day should be my limit. If I decide to get caffiene somewhere else (like coke or a green tea latte), then all decaf at work.
Avatar f tn ve found that vitamin c eye gel from the body shop does wonders for under eye circles. You can also do a treatment with black tea bags- brew two bags of tea, take the bags and put them in the refrigerator for an hour, then apply the cold tea bags to your eyes for about 20 minutes. It's a easy way to apply the caffeine that the other commenter mentioned above. Happy thoughts!
Avatar f tn Alot have asked and I am curious myself how do you get the recipe I read it once but cant find the link anymore.
Avatar f tn My husband was taking 15 10 mg hydrocodone a day for the last three months and quick cold turkey yesterday. He is having a really terrible day, He does not think he will be able to make it though. He has convinced him self that was taking to many to have just quite cold turkey, I know this is a very painful process, should I be worried?
Avatar m tn I am on day 5...I am right there with you. Hoping it gets easier.
8526246 tn?1405601876 Brew a ginger tea. Take ginger and pour boiling water leave it for few minutes to cool but not to be cold. Then is very natural way of healing the body quickly.
Avatar f tn Ok my friend took me to the world market before work and treated me out and as a treat we were looking for chocolate covered raisins and I thought they would be a great snack for my adopted two year old too but by accident I picked up dark chocolate covered espresso beans.... I don't like dark chocolate or coffee but I popped a bunch in my mouth thinking it would be raisins.... are they still ok to eat?
Avatar f tn a lot of people try the Thomas Recipe which u can find on the bottom right of this page. Immodium is your friend.... i bought this stuff online called Withdraw-Ease and it has worked awesome. All the same natural things in others post u will read but all n one. Make sure u stay hydrated.... U have made it through the worst it seems.......