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Avatar f tn y is my left leg ice cold wiv no feelin in it and wen i walk my both legs r so pain full
Avatar f tn I spent three months this year with a cold face - cold upper lip, cold nose, and cold tear duct - on the right side of my face. It was very strange. It felt like I had a chunk of ice on the skin. Unfortunately, it's a paresthesia, so it's either drugs or the heating pad.
Avatar n tn If you're chewing ice for the nausea and it works, good for you, though I'd try to get some crushed ice (chewing ice is bad for your teeth, it can crack the enamel). If you're chewing ice because you crave it, check your iron levels. Craving ice is a sign of anemia.
Avatar m tn what do you think would be the best way to ease the pain, as im sure overnight it should ease anyway. maybe ice? i did have one painkiller. think will be better tomorow as i am busy all day and it wont be on my mind right?
2041076 tn?1329881359 For 2 months now I have considerable sinus vocal chords and upper lung inflammation. The cold seems to bring this out more I was prescribed Levothroxine for my thyroid. When I take this I'm much worse . However even when I stop the swelling is considerable and my singing voice is heavily affected. I am a professional entertainer with no medical.
Avatar m tn I guess I had some kind of infection at the same time because i had runny nose and felt like having a cold. At the same party few hours later, I almost lost my voice. I immediately stopped drinking and went home for a voice rest. I restrained myself from talking for few days. Since then my normal chest voice got better and doesn't feel any wrong but I still cannot sing anything in falsetto nor head voice.
2181099 tn?1337874414 I've wont hurt anything, I eat ice whenever I have a drink with leftover ice and don't feel like getting up for more. But once you can feel your bean move, you'll notice it more when you eat super cold things!
459969 tn?1398170254 Yes its normal and usually when he's going through a growth spurt he'll sleep more. If you really want to see if he's moving and want to feel him kick, put a flashlight on your belly and shine it in there for a couple of minutes, he'll deffinitely react to that! Cold ice water works too and for some people orange juice works. To me, chocolate, ice cold water and flashlight works.
9309926 tn?1405447056 When you drink or eat something cold before you deliver, your baby's skin will be dry. His/her skin will be peeling off & sometimes grow stuff on their face. It's better to stay off of cold drinks/foods.
Avatar f tn During my pregnancy in 2011 I experienced mild reflux. After the pregnancy I had a cold and developed hoarseness that did not go away on its own anymore. Three months later it was diagnosed that the hoarseness was due to (silent) reflux. I took Protonix for several months and the hoarseness went away completely. I also did not take any medication anymore. Two years later, this May, I had another cold that brought on the same hoarseness.
Avatar f tn GERD can cause irritation to your vocal chords, but you need to see an ENT and have him scope your chords. When he scoped my chords they were fine, even though I did have GERD. I had a biopsy, they still could not tell if it was cancer. I am a singer, so hoarseness was not good, so I had 1/2 removed. Turned out I did have cancer, so I had a TT, then RAI. Don't ignore it, see an ENT.
Avatar f tn I'm wondering the same thing, I'm almost 33 weeks and have been getting swollen also, I can't do the frozen compress because I have an allergy to the cold, I'll get the hives when my skin comes in contact with cold looking for solutions also
Avatar f tn I love ice !!!! Never could I chew it before cause it always was so cold on my teeth......but now I feel like a drug addict......I'm addicted to chewing ice lol....I go to the kitchen get out the ice trays put ice in a baggie and use a meat tenderiser to smash it how rediculous I know but its literally something I crave badly right now.....weird!!!! And I heard a wife's tale of it meaning low iron but my iron is fine!!!!
Avatar f tn Is it ok 2 eat da soft crush ice I mean I eat it but not every day sumbody told me it was bad 4 me and I'm 28 wks wit twin boys
Avatar f tn The following week I developed a non-productive cough with such lungs tickling that would make the cough aggressive at times. This persisted for several days as I then began to develop spasms which I thought were bronchospasms which traveled up my throat and closed up my vocal chords making me appear to gag whenever I would speak. This has now gotten worse each day. I went to my doctor who gave me an inhaler which didn’t help.
Avatar n tn Is it ok to eat ice cream or something cold whle pregnant?some people says it will affect in baby's brain is it true?
Avatar n tn Your iron level might be low.
Avatar f tn My feet constantly get ice cold and my legs feel like they get sharp shocks when i walk and my feet are cold. Is this normal im 31 weeks pregnanant and my baby doesnt move as much any more now that i my legs n feet get ice cold.
Avatar f tn Lol the funny thing is I found an article saying that if you're feet are cold you're having a boy.
Avatar f tn The firt 2 days on steroids were good - voice was strong and breathing was improved but as the steroid doesage as been weaned the issues have returned. I am not sure what to expect in recovery following the trach and it's removal. Voice wise and other wise.
Avatar f tn Drink some ice cold water or apple juice and lay on your left side for a little bit. Kicks and jabs will be less common now and it will be more of a rolling movement!!!! Good luck!!!
Avatar f tn Is it advisable to drink cold drinks? Sometimes, i'm yearned to drink ice chocolate, ice lemon tea esp during hot weather.. I'm 12 wks now.
1794411 tn?1321495731 For my headaches, I normally like ice packs, although I have to be careful not to get too cold as that causes a secondary headache. Occassionally, a hot shower or hot bath will help ease my headaches instead of the ice. I guess it depends on the headache? In my opinon, you should just keep trying to see what works best for you. Some days it may be heat and some ice, you'll learn to tell what kind of pain needs what eventually. That's just me, though.
Avatar m tn I had my vocal chords damaged during intubation (2.5 hr. surgery). They kept telling me wait, it might be GERD, try this and that. Well, almost 2 years of suffering with a voice that sometimes was there and sometimes wasn't. It was very hoarse and I had trouble being heard. Next week I undergo "Direct Laryngoscopy" to remove vocal chord lesions. I have been told that I should have a 50% improvement in my voice and the lesions can come back.
Avatar f tn Can eating a lot of ice affect the baby?... I eat ice every single day. Literally a huge foam cup of it. I'm wondering if like does it make my baby cold or something? Can baby get a brain freeze or make him anemic or something?.... I may sound stupid or crazy but I'm just wondering.