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Avatar n tn i've herard enemas are good for weight loss and stomatch bloating, is this correct and where can i buy them please?
Avatar n tn Does anyone have information on at home enemas? I heard that they help weight loss and are alot less expensive than colonics.
Avatar n tn I went on holiday to Ibiza at the end of august and when i came back i was home for a week then all the symptoms started, Loss of apetite, No eneregy, Nausea, Vomiting, Diorreah. At first when i was ill i was bad for the whole day until the night time where i felt better and could eat, but then as soon i woke back up the next day i was stright in the toilet dry heaving or actually been sick, when i was been sick it was only acid as i had nothing in my stomach to come up.
Avatar f tn So when this happens, the sigmoid needs to be filled with the enema liquid for the contents to get moving. Why doctors never talk enemas with patients is sad. If your problem is at the end of your digestive track, it is so much less stress on your system to do enemas and work on the problem from the outlet end. Because of my long colon, sometimes I need to refill the enema bottle and do more than one application. It takes time, but since I started this regime I am finally getting results.
Avatar f tn Most weight loss aids such as this, don't work. In the event that you might lose some weight on such a "diet", chances are, you will gain it all back as soon as you try to go back to "regular" eating. You'd be much better off to implement a healthy eating and exercise program that will allow you to lose 1-2 pounds/week. Not the fastest way to lose weight, but most certainly, the healthiest.
Avatar m tn Before the last colonoscopy a nurse had to give her 8 warm water enemas to clean her out enough for the procedure to completed. She now can't have a bowel movement at all without taking something to clean her out (2.4 g Monobasic sodium phosphate- a couple of times a month). She has had a severe bipolar disorder for many years & has been taking Alprazolam 2 mg -4 times daily.
535822 tn?1443980380 Water has been reported to prevent and reverse premature aging, cure asthma in a few days, cure hypertension without diuretics or other medications and even help with weight loss effortlessly and naturally, without strict dieting. • Fish oil reduces inflammation pain. A 2006 survey of arthritis patients found that daily fish oil supplements reduced pain in 60 percent of patients.
865902 tn?1239312521 I guarantee that any plan like this one will cause significant weight loss…in your wallet. Sorry. Had to rant about this. People believe many dumb things and will until the world’s end. I feel bad for the people brought in by this and am angered at the hucksters that are fattening their wallets and misleading the uninformed. End of Rant *This post was originally published at Musings of a Distractible Mind.
148354 tn?1211237506 I been on ensure,yogurt,orange juice,rice,chicken,turkey,crackers for months,hard to tolerate solid food so I mostly drink ensure,could milk products make it worse? I also smoke ciggs and drink 1-2 cups of coffee in morning.I try to work back solid food for normal diet since i have alot of hair loss from lack of proper nourishment,I get scared worrying if it will trigger more painful attack so I avoided food..I know..dumb..
Avatar f tn Mostly stuff like eating seaweed and coffee enemas. I cleaned up my diet and started exercising when I was ready to years ago. I started off making changes slowly. Do things at your own pace. I do not drink, smoke, I eat a healthy diet and exercise but I still have MS and Cancer. Now I do what I want and smile at everyone giving me advice. I feel much better with the weight off and when I exercise so I do those things. I feel lousy when I drink or smoke so I don't. Be true to yourself.
Avatar n tn No car and no support groups for Crohns. I have had Crohns for 15 or 20 years and until 8 years ago, one medicine would put me in remission for a few years. Got in a very bad marriage,Crohns came back with a vengence. Now divorced and have been bleeding for four years. I have been hospitalized 5 times. Remicaide Infusion worked great once. Several more tries with bad reactions so no more of that.
Avatar f tn Go ahead and pry...I'm here to help. How terrible that you can't afford to see a dr. I have heard of people who have had yeast problems since they were babies. People are sometimes born with it. Ask your mom if you had diaper rash a lot, or cradel cap, or thrush. If so, it might have been what was behind the constipation. People who have yeast CRAVE sugar. Because the yeast feeds off of it. ( By the way,the Karo syrup would have just fed that yeast if that was your problem.
Avatar f tn Do you have any malnutrition issues, i.e. excessive rapid weight loss (intentional or non-intentional)? Perhaps a B12 deficiency/anemia/s? Best and natural method in tacking constipation is water, and lots of it. Last, but not least, I'd recommend seeking the aid of a GI physician, and perhaps even a nutritionist. BMs at 3-week intervals is most definitely not healthy. Please consider these thoughts and best wishes to you in your endeavor.
251922 tn?1193786078 Dr. S. talked about some people haveing a 'sticking point or weight " that the hypothalamus remembers being at for a time in the past. He recomends dilagence on the diet and I belive some good hard exercise would really help as well. Kt recomends The clensing in phase 1, Did you do that ?
Avatar n tn For dieting, one adds carbs back slowly until they stop loosing weight, then they know how many carbs they can consume to loose weight, maintain or gain. For me, (weight loss was a bonus) but I didn't have a lot to loose, so the benefit for me has been helping my stomach problems. I've added carbs and subtracted carbs and I can tell when I've eaten too many, I get gas, bloating, run to the bathroom and have that general yucky kind of feeling that I'd been so used to for the last 5 years.
256349 tn?1189759437 Mid123 - How's your loss going? Are you on your monthly? And how is it going....did the weight loss slow down or is it still pretty consistent. I only drop .5 lbs some days too, and then 1 lbs other. Like yesterday, was only .5 lbs. It is still a good feeling though! Especially when that .5 lbs takes me down to the next lb range! :) Keep up the good work everyone!
Avatar n tn don't know much about it since i don't use it but the girls at work swear by it for weight loss. being the addict that I am, I'd just go straight for the speed. Seriously though, that is what the florafiber is for but what that has to do with narcotics? he probably doesn't even know himself.... If you ever find out his reasoning I'm curious to hear myself. OH LUKE SPOOK ARE YOU OUT THERE? TOM ARE YOU AROUND?
Avatar m tn you're GI system is already going to be a mess and hyperactive as it is. Coffee enemas also come with some risks as well. The lining of the rectum is very vascular, which means, second to introducing something IV, rectal administration means very rapid absoprtion into the system. Just take a quick read here: It's a nice article from a reputable source.
29837 tn?1414538248 sad that is what we are called who , after reading for months and years, does coffee enemas and other things (ozone) to keep my immune system modulated . I will have to see if I can do this while on Harvoni,, This is a confusing thing to navigate and it has taken me years to find what works for me and so it goes. When I started coffee enemas and I was NOT exited about it, my fatigue decreased significantly and my anxiety did as well. So,,, my lab is my body..
Avatar n tn It seems that unless you get HCG specifically for weight loss they only give you enough solvent for one injection. I will go through the injection phase again since I need to lose about 110 pounds and I think I'll go through a clinic that time to avoid the hassle. I could have been done with my injection phase by now if I'd done that. wfinspector, I'll be following the Simeons protocol so yes, gorging for three days then dropping to 500 calories. The Trudeau approach says two days.
Avatar n tn Some cleansing products are designed to eliminate a lot of water from your system (which explains the weight loss some claim to have) and can cause dehydration. Some cleansing products also bind with other nutrients in your digestive system and eliminate them from the body. The testimonials are either paid people or from people who psychologically believe the product helped when it actually did nothing more but make them have a funny looking bowel movement.
199882 tn?1310188142 This also explains why it is possible to go for days without anything happening, and then in one day to go and end up with diah. and a significant weight loss. Is it also possible to have a problem with the muscles themselves, or just the overstretching? In my case, its not usually hard (even after days), it just doesn't move. This has been an issue for me for years. Maybe originally something to do with the IBS (which pretty much resolved with gluten free). But still ongoing.
Avatar n tn For the past couple of months, I have been experiencing feeling of pins and needles on different areas of body. It does not feel like when your hand or leg falls asleep, but instead like someone taking a needle and just pinching you with it. It can be in my arms, legs, stomach, hands, anywhere. When it happens I feel like I need to scratch it or rub it. I'm very concerned because I don't know if it is pinched nerves, allergy or something else.
Avatar m tn If an unfortunate side effect should happen to you, well, I am sorry. I am not charging you for this, you are not paying me for it, so don’t sue me. It’s a responsibility that you have to assume. If you expect a risk-free life, with massive compensation should things don’t work out, then don't try this. So, why is this book manuscript free? The physician who reviewed it said, “The materials cost less than $5.
Avatar n tn I am full time student and today is the first day I missed class due to trapped gas (ouch) I know i will not eat marshmellows for weight sure I lost some when they took the colon, but very soon I was back up to normal. hope this helps ..
Avatar f tn I know what you mean by coffee, I love my 1 cup but I think its a problem for me too. I did notice my coffee creamer has soybean oil in can cause body odor and ranch dressing too has soy in it. So I have to stay away from soy. Bummer!
Avatar n tn I don't know if my weight loss has done this, does anyone have this issue associated with weight loss? Anyway, thank you all for listening. I originally had my endoscopy scheduled for Feb 28, that was before my HIDA scan results came back, my doctor told me to reschedule the test for sooner now that we still don't know what is happening. I will bring up possible SOD as that seems to be a similar pain to gall bladder. Any suggestions on where else to turn or questions to ask??
Avatar n tn I lost 10 pounds in the hospital but put 6 back on. No further weight loss has been noted. My GI physician is stumped. He did mention sphincter manometry but is hesitant due to my pancreatitis. What I want to know is this: Is there a profile of patients who have sphincter dysfunction? Are there certain things that cause it or is the cause unknown? Would that cause LEFT sided pain. With the tests I have had done, would CA be ruled out or would that still be a possibility?