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Avatar m tn Defecation is easier if I put lubrication in my anal canal and take a hose and shoot some water inside for an enema. Coffee enemas were in the Merck Manual until 1972 and male gays do this all the time, so I regard all the precautions and "dangers" listed on various websites as a product of the sissy culture now spreading in the English speaking world.
Avatar n tn His pediatrician has ruled out hirshbrung's. He has had Barium Enema, CT scan of abdomen, blood work and anomanometry. The doctors feel that there is nothing medically wrong. I have to give him laxatives most of the time and increased fiber intake. I am at my wits end with the incontinence. He does this at school, babysitter and at home. When I ask him why he didn't use the restroom , he replies, "I forgot ".
Avatar n tn request a barium enema test. You just drink some stuff and they take pictures of your colon on an x-ray drugs...and you go home within 30-45 minutes. Let me know what you decide. I am routing for you! I'll even recommend my doctor to you if would like his information.He is wonderful! Just let me know. Sincerely...
Avatar f tn Have one mug, also 12 oz. of coffee. Like Pavlov's dogs, usually just the smell of the coffee as I make it, is enough to stimulate a bowel movement, and then I usually have a second movement, after sipping the coffee. After that, I shower and dress. However, if I go off routine, and shower and dress to go out for breakfast, I probably will not have a bowel movement that day, and will be out of kilter for the next week. It does effect my life; but it is manageable.
Avatar m tn Anything that opens up tight junctions or harsh on epithelial cells should be avoided. This includes, coffee, alcohol, gluten food, sugar, dairy etc.…any food that is harsh on the gut is likely bad. Just go to google scholar or just ordinary search engines and look up food or medication that seals tight-junction shut. Also look up bad food and medications. There’s still one I’m waiting for; it’s called “Larazotide”. It’s an engineered 8 amino-acid peptides designed to seal the gut.
Avatar n tn From what I've read you can have coffee/tea? Perhaps you could try a nice, strong cup of coffee to see if that will move things? If it works, it would be faster than a laxative. I believe the program I'll be on will have me only receiving shots once a week. I'm very, very curious what kind of results I'll have compared to you guys giving yourself an injection every 24 hours.
461838 tn?1255793816 Thanks all really appreciate and am touched about the procrit offer, everybody's concern and advice. I talked to my hep staff and they said that procrit was not something to consider at this point. Thanks again. I do like the advice of breakin the trip into 2 days, which might be feasible, I guess I was UND after 5 weeks of taking 1000mg once a week when I did my shot, until I found out my screw up and started taking it twice daily as prescribed.
Avatar m tn The worst scenarios of this nature that he encounters is guys who spend long masturbation sessions looking at internet porn - 1 to 2 hours before an ejaculation, in an excited state clicking through pictures and videos and making it last. No woman wants a guy to get off too quickly, but it's not physically supposed to take 2 hours either. Those guys get these symptoms worse than all of us.
380309 tn?1246471340 Slept in a little this morning. Doesn't look like you two did though. Up and at em! Having my coffee and relaxing a little before i have to hit the shower and the road north. I kind of like that idea on called a reporter Terry. That would certainly get the ball rolling. If things don't go right with this judge you need to go straight to the newspaper office. But, surely the pictures, even if the wound is healed, ought to be all the judge needs to see. A letter from the dr.
Avatar n tn // with pictures: I thought the healthy bits were the sick bits so that goes to show you need to see the pictures and the text to understand what your doctor is talking about)and if you do have Barret's Oesophagus then taking medication is a very good option. I am on something called Losec in Sweden. An operation seems to give pretty ineffective results and is very painfull afterwards. The site doctor said that and if a doctor said it is painful, boy is it painfull.
Avatar m tn It is worse with alcohol and caffeine, as expected, but not much better with just water, sugar -free candies or any of the other suggested things. So, I might as well enjoy the wine and coffee. Sigh. It is so weird having this but not being able to explain it to my husband out of embarrassment. Oh, I forgot to mention, barium swallow was normal and I was diagnose with GERD. I have tried medications, but none change these symptoms. I hope the humidifier will help somewhat.
Avatar n tn Hi, Well I went today to my OBGYN, he showed my husband and I the pictures of my Laparascopy he did last week. Showed Endo on and around my Uterus and Rectum, and also he said I have a Fibrus Tumor on my one overie. I was really concerned if we were dealing with Endo or something else. He assured me that my Bowels are are clear and that the Endo can cause the spasms and pain I am having in my rectum. I chose to go the route of BC pills, and also ha gave me a scip for Flexeril and pain meds.
Avatar f tn Wow, so many people with the same symptoms as me! I had my surgery 15 months ago, and had my gall bladder out due to gall stones in March 2010. After 2 or 3 months post op I've had occasional minor "stabbing" pain-- sharp and sudden onset that went away rapidly. I kept mentioning them, but they were dismissed as part of the gall bladder problems. I also have acid reflux, and take meds for that and some other things, too.
Avatar f tn Adopting the new way of eating was a detox on its own as I have done this gradualy over a period of 7 months now as I needed to be able to still continue my work and my volunteering work - I did have die off symptoms - these were bad the first month - but now have learnt how to deal with the die off over weekends - doing a coffee enema once in two weeks also helps a lot as the coffee extracts a lot of toxins from the liver.
256349 tn?1189759437 I usually drink a glass of water in the morning with the juice of a whole lemon and about one cup of coffee with stevia. For lunch I've been eating between 90 and 100 grams of fish. (I hate it so much I don't know how long I can keep that up. I got some lean steak and I'm going to try that.) Also, for lunch I have been choking down just a hand full of spinach. For dinner I usually have 90 to 100 grams of chicken and a hand full of tomatoes or cucumbers.
251922 tn?1193786078 S says we can have unlimited amounts of coffee but the list that I received from NHW says no caffeine. I drink organic coffee but I haven't found organic decaf coffee. Also, you said that you pre-pack all the meats at exactly 100g. What kind of scale do you use?? I only have a typical kitchen scale--it's digital but it's not the one that I've heard is suggested. imalarry: Do you suggest a total workout or will simply walking be a good exercise??
Avatar n tn After that everything you need to begin is sent to you 2nd day air, hcg, bac water, and syringes. They send pictures and directions on how to prepare the hcg solution which must be stored in the fridge. They send a 45 day supply however mine didn't last 45 days, I only had enough for 40 days. As far as hunger went, I was only slightly hungryfor the first 2-3 days, but after that I wasn't hungry again. I did use the 2 apples a day between meals as my snack.
Avatar m tn he did a barium enema, a barium swallow, a CT scan and an MRI. At the end of all of this he diagnosed me with exercise-induced mesenteric angina. He prescribed nitro-lingual spray, which did give me a headache but did not do anything for the abdominal symptoms. I have also had an ultrasound of my heart and I have worn a monitor for a twenty-four hour period (which included an exercise session); these were both clear.
Avatar n tn pelvis area were still swollen- looking as if I was 7 -8 months pregnant, I have had ultrasounds done, bloodwork drawn, colonoscopy, Barium Enema- and still, I am no wiser than before. I am now schedued to see an Oncologist. The frustration of gaing over 35 pounds in less than 2 moinths is depressing and frustrating. I was wondering if you had received any answers to your symptoms.
Avatar f tn Don't have a history of it in family, but keep feeling gassy all day and eat healthy and trying not to drink coffee.....which is my only vice. I have my colonoscopy scheduled for the 19th of December and doctor wants to run a tube down my esophagus to see what else is going on in there right after that; should I do that test before the colonoscopy? What else could it be and should I be doing anything else? I also had an abdominal ultrasound done last week and everything turned out normal.
Avatar n tn Hmmm, sounded like stress. Y'know what it was--the creamer in the coffee I drink only at the office. Believe me, it took me quite a while to figure it out but I've done a variety of "experiments" and only when I drink coffee with that creamer (milk is ok) do I have a problem. If I take a lactaid pill I can drink it. I discovered recently that I've also developed a problem with ice cream. Must be another of those things about turning 40!
Avatar n tn I used to sit normally, but now I have been sitting further forward and bending over. Typing at a low coffee table. I don't know if this has anything to do with it. It is very painful, and scary, and just like you it only lasts a couple of seconds. Who is going to be the first to go to the doctor, I have been thinking about it. Maybe it will be me.
Avatar n tn I thought about Lichen, but I do not see my vagina changing in that form, like the pictures that I have researched. Please Please help me figure out what other problems there might be. I have been in the same relationship all this time. Also, if you know any remedies for the itching, please send my way. I use All Free & Clear laundry detergent, and wash with warm water as I fell needed throughout the day. I also don't get my period often, I tied my tubes in 2003, so I don't take any BC.