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Avatar m tn It's just important to know that you can get the same effects of coffee with exercise or meditation and avoid the bad effects of the repeated use of a drug, but hey, we are all addicted to thing, including eating, so I wasn't criticizing those who like coffee, just commenting on the dandelion aspect. Peace.
29837 tn?1414538248 Dear Forseegood, If anyone does the coffee enema, should it be 1 cup, or two? Ha-Ha. 1 lump of sugar, or two? Do you want creamer with that?? Seriously though, a plain water enema is just as effective. I would still cleanse the colon. At least the bottom 1/2. This topic is getting to poopy!!!
Avatar n tn moderate weight lifting will dramatically lean your body and make it feel amazing. I Do highly reccommend a coffee enema to achieve the best results.
Avatar n tn Benefiber is good stuff and literally, you can put it in a glass of juice, cup of coffee or bowl of soup and you won't even know it's there. I buy it at Costco and a jar of it seems to last about 2 months. Colon Health/poop 101!!! Sorry for the lecture, but this I know about. Like my husband likes to say, "Barb, you really know your s**t.
Avatar n tn You may need a product to clean you out from the inside (basically a liquid that doesn't get absorbed (hypertonic) by the gut and causes diarrhoea) or you need an enema. Then you need to address any dietary issues ie you need a diet high in fibre including lots of fruit, vegetables and grains. You also need to have plenty of water (best for hydration).
Avatar n tn My husband and i also havn't had sex in weeks becuase of pain so i know thats not part of it. There's no bleeding or unusual discharge. I put an ice pack on it last night but that did nothing. This pain is constant! Has anyone ahd this type of pain?
Avatar n tn Do you think I should have a colonoscopy or fear colon cancer or Crohn's or something like that? What should I do--I'm a little scared. I would love your thoughts.
637767 tn?1227583107 No one seems to warn you about this issue. I'm still having good days and bad days but at this point the good are out numbering the bad. A sign to recovery. I hope I didn't scare you. I just wanted to tell you my story becasue I know I tried to find people to do the same for me before I went in for my surgery and had no luck.
Avatar f tn Adopting the new way of eating was a detox on its own as I have done this gradualy over a period of 7 months now as I needed to be able to still continue my work and my volunteering work - I did have die off symptoms - these were bad the first month - but now have learnt how to deal with the die off over weekends - doing a coffee enema once in two weeks also helps a lot as the coffee extracts a lot of toxins from the liver.
Avatar m tn i've heard of people that get addicted to enema's, butt..............NOt gonna go there.
Avatar f tn I had it real bad due to the medicine i was on and nthn helped meds milk coffee stool softer suppository but i ended up having to use an enema it sucked but i finally got relief
3245423 tn?1353505501 Constipation can b terrible i had to use n enema 1x a week during pregnancy cuz the meds i was on made me b backed up bad n no stool softner fiber fruit veggies coffee miralax m.o.m helped enema just got me by. my lil guy is a month n it feels so good to b regular again.
Avatar f tn Liquorice or a small coffee works like a charm :) i hope u get better. I know exactly how you feel.
Avatar f tn Holy cow, I didn't think it was going to get this bad ugh, anyone else having this issue? I'm almost 13 weeks. I know they say fibre is best, what does everyone else think????
Avatar f tn I havnt been able to have a bowel movements in 4 or 5 days.. I hurt so bad so I went and bout stool softener and drink black coffee with chocolate bar.. what else can I do.. I'm in crying pain!
Avatar f tn I have heard most laxatives aren't safe since it can cause miscarriage or pre term labor. Can you give yourself an enema or is that not good either? Very uncomfortable feeling. Any advice???
Avatar m tn that the prune can , can be of on good. Set there as you drink your coffee, in wounderment!!! It can not be, why is that can in the refirgerator,No,! noway? Well , IT was and it was empty!!! so whatch the meds that give increse appetite.Oh and,pennut butter , If you open the refirg, and it's in there go right too the prunes.!!!!!!
1431138 tn?1294570494 It's your body's way of trying to move things along. Try a cup of coffee that is like an instant poop maker ;) or prunes or high fiber foods or fiber pills or more stool softener.
Avatar f tn Three arelies of natural things you can try before meds. Lots of water, wslking, warm prune juice. Increasing your fiver intake is helpful, but make sure you esp drink water with it as it'll cause constipation if you don't. There are some over the counter pregnancy safe needs to try. Colace, which is a stool softener is one that you can take daily. Many people fund that too be effective.
Avatar f tn But if the pain is really bad call the doctor or go the ER
Avatar f tn Benefiber powder 3x day on my food or in my juice, abd 3 caplets Dulcoease stool softener. Make sure you really read those labels, as a laxative isn't really good for you or babe and may not even help you go, although it may increase the urge to. The Dulcoease has definitely helped me. Even if your bowels want to move, your stool needs to be soft enough to pass through your intestines and out. I pay about $5 for 30 caplets and it's totally worth it to me:) Good luck!
209987 tn?1451939065 I know it CAUSES anxiety and does not relieve it in any way, shape, or form. Now is a very good time to quit because I have the urge to do so. I have been having very bad chest pains for the past week now...not sure if they are anxiety induced or not, but I don't care...I need to stop smoking, and need to do it now! I am reading Allen Carr's Easy Way To Stop Smoking ( which someone on here suggested about a year or so ago)...other methods have failed me miserably.
1820473 tn?1344984363 Your going to have to try an enema or suppositories and once u go a good amount than start eating avtivia and more fiber everyday.
Avatar n tn Exercise-- just going for a walk will loosen up your bowels. As far as the enema I don't know if it would hurt or not. I have heard to make sure that you don't use one with oils, in it as it might make things worse by coating the inside of your bowel and the stools.
Avatar f tn I feel pretty good. I am reading a lot of the problems and am amazed at all the people suffering after surgery. One of the things that I know from having had 3 c-section baby surgeries is that you have to proceed carefully after any abdominal surgery. First 24 hours, fluids only, lots of clear liquids, maybe some jello or clear soup broth. Do not try to eat heavy meals, your system will be in pain and unable to digest it.
Avatar f tn Dill is good for the stomach. Gripe water which is used to help babies when they have wind is actually made from dill.
Avatar m tn The one thing that I do that makes the smell worse or better sometimes, usally better, is an enema. Seems like as soon as there is food in me the smell starts to come. Once I clean out with the enema within 2 days the smell gets better. The way I look at is to always keep the fart spray liquid out of my blood and things are so much better. But that would just be a band aide to the problem and doesn't always work. I can even smell sulfur when I'm all cleaned out with no feces in me.
Avatar f tn At first i was like well how emberassing...and i was super worried but now ive come to terms with it and i mainly feel bad about whos ganna clean it up haha. But with or without your bm problems theres still a chance you will. Not garaunteed you will, but things happen. You could try asking for an enema before labor, that may decrease your chances but yeah...i hear a lot of the times they dont say anything if you do poo.