Coffee enema for constipation

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Avatar m tn I've always had chronic constipation all my life and started doing enema not to long ago and i was so happy that i had found a solution to my constipation enema was working for me just fine..until a few weeks ago now i need some help I've been doing coffee enema once a week for 4 months now. but my last 4 enemas are making my lower abdomen swollen . i'm not sure what it is.
Avatar m tn I don't use coffee enemas, but I think I can help you out. I do know that coffee enemas can have a Catch-22 effect, where the more you use them, the more constipated you'll get! And actually, I'm not a huge fan of enemas, altho sometimes they help. I prefer using BabyLax or PediaLax, squirt two tubes from the small box in the rear, and some waste will normally come out in minutes. You can repeat once in the same day if you don't get results.
Avatar m tn Constipation for weeks warrants a physician's visit.
Avatar n tn agree with greg another thing to try would be a enema, if that doesnt work ask your doctor if it would be safe for you to drink a bottle of magnesium citrate its what they have most people buy ( its cheap like 2 dollers over the counter) to drink before surgery it wil definatley clean out your intestines,,,if all this doesnt work you may have a fecal impaction , which does require medical care, usually a didgital manipulation of the stool to get things started.
Avatar f tn I was put on Miralax for severe constipation, and I have been taking epsom salt baths every other day which I thought were working but im still constipated with only 2 days of relief in the past 3 weeks. So I called my doc and he said to take castor oil, he said it wont send me into labor because A) my body isnt ready yet and B) if I drink a TON of water it wont send me into labor since castor oil makes you have diahreah and the dehydration is what makes it cause women to go into labor.
Avatar f tn Chocolate milk makes me go too.
Avatar f tn Oh my!that is terrible:(I would get a second opinion from another doctor!that can't be good for you or baby..maybe visit the ER and see what they can do for you..poor thing I know your probably so uncomfortable!prayers going your way!
Avatar f tn I have to take 3 stool softeners a day, fiber pills 3 times a day, and sometimes I eat yogurt or drink coffee for an extra push. It is embarrassing though. My last pregnancy I was so bad that I was stuck in the bathroom for 7 hours and I'll never forget it BC it was on mothers day. My husband ended up having to run to the store and come back and gave me an enema. That was even more embarrassing BC as soon as all was in I told him he needed to run out BC I still didn't want him to see me poo.
Avatar f tn Thanks ladies. I drink coffee occasionally and have everyday for the last 3 days and nothing. I'll look into the apple and prune juice but I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes about 3 weeks ago so I'm not sure if I can drink those. I drink as much water as I can handle everyday and walk my kids to school which is murder on my back so that's about all of that I can handle. I will look into things I appreciate it.
Avatar f tn I have had this problem for up to 10 days. For me, sometimes I have to use sodium based liquid laxative for severe constipation- they sell them in drug stores. They are usually lemon or cherry flavored- but they are a last resort. They taste awful. Fleet enemas are also helpful. I've actually used them together. I also use Kleri Tea. Usually one tea bag, steeped for about 8 min, will do the trick.
Avatar m tn As far as I can remember constipation has only become a regular nuisance for me since I got my appendix out 4 years ago. Not chronic, but just something I remember being more frequent. I'm not sure if this has something to do with it... I have an appointment with a GI doctor at the end of August (at first they told me October!). Anybody got any ideas? A month is a long time and this constipation ruins my week, making me bloated and irritable all week long.
1396846 tn?1332463110 The HMO has no urgent care and has refused to pay for home health care, but they would rather pay $800 for an ER enema than much less for an occasional aide. I've also inquired about being referred to a nursing home or clinic for these procedures. I not only dislike wasting money, I hate to occupy a valuable ER bed and take up skilled emergency nurse time for such a low skill procedure.
Avatar f tn Dear Vonnie, The best thing in the whole wide world to jump-start your husband and end the constipation is two routes. The easy one is for your husband to drink plenty of water all day, eat spagetti and a salad for dinner, and drink a half cup of coffee before he normally goes. And he's got to put plain KY jelly on the area, to make passage of waste easier.
Avatar n tn Is food going to slide out your stomache to a smooth shoot? An enema is for constipation/a pre-surgery/a colonoscopy. By the time stuff hits your colon, the calories have already decided to go where they want. Drink more ice water. A 6z glass burns 25 calories while warming up to absorb in tissue. It hydrates/helps regularity/plumps wrinkles. Just control portions/move more/stay hydrated. Metabolism will shift & you'll burn calories in your sleep. Too many enemas can cause colon damage.
Avatar f tn Hot chocolate or coffee always worked for me :)
3245423 tn?1353505501 i hope u dnt have it as bad as i did its so uncomfortable n for ur hemmoroids ask ur doc for epi foam it works wonders for swelling hope it gets better
5614780 tn?1413051679 ) I noticed when I changed vitamins I felt so much better.
Avatar n tn They may end up giving you an enema to clean you out while they try and find the reason for why you're not regularly going. For some people it can be a lack of adequate water intake (not drinking enough water), and for others, it may be other little things in their diet, hormones, etc. But, there's really nothing you can do at home for it, except try drinking more water for a few days to see if this helps you to go, but for the "lump" down there, you need to see a Dr.
1431138 tn?1294570494 Try milk of magnisium. That should help get things moving. If it doesn't then your only choice will probably be an enema. Sometimes there is something blocking the passage and almost nothing will help so that's your best choice if the milk of magnisium doesn't work!!
Avatar n tn Oh okay, 'cause I had a soap-n-water enema because of constipation when I was pg, but you hold it until you feel like you gotta' go bad, and then you run to the potty! Harris flush sounds easier 'cause they suck it out for you, other than having the tube in (of course). Thanks for defining it!
Avatar f tn I tried fiber cereals and supplements but yogurt has worked best for me. I had to do the fleet enema for a surgery....
Avatar m tn Often an adjustment in diet and fluid intake will fix constipation. If it is persistent, especially if there is any pain or blood, you need to tell your doc who should order a bowel screening for you, but hopefully it won't come to that. I don't think HCV would be the cause but there are many unknowns about this virus so I wouldn't completely rule it out either.
213617 tn?1189759421 I avoid the low cal kind as the artificial sweetners bother me. It may not work for you, but it helps me avoid constipation and also adds needed calcium to my diet (I have trouble drinking milk, but yoghurt doesn't bother me.
Avatar m tn Sometimes if I don't have a bowl movement for a few days, the pain wont go away until I use an enema every day for a few days, like it all doesn't come out at once and I'm real bloated. But I have learned not to miss a day or eat too much, and this keeps the pain away without fail. The laugh at me in the ER, so I quit going. My doctor said I was crazy, but "come back after you get insurance maybe we can figure it out".
Avatar n tn I have eaten large doses of every food recomended for constipation with no results. Now my husband and I know why. Going for my fifth colonoscopy; the preparatory solutions did not work, and I was hospitalized to clean out my colon. The doctor decided to do a barium enema exame instead of the colonoscopy, thank God. It took two hours because my colon is so messed up the barium solucion could'nt even move through the colon without turning me all about and messaging it through my intestines.
Avatar f tn Has your doctor looked for hemmorhoids or fissures on you? If you are still having problems with constipation, this could be causing some of your symptoms. I would recommend trying to increase your fiber intake, your intake of fruits and vegetables, your intake of water, and try and get more exercise.
Avatar f tn When we take alot of pills, especailly Narcotics it causes constipation. Trust me, been through it for 4 years now, seriously i think in 4 years i might have went a total of maybe 20 times if that in the whole 4 years.. This Gentlax, works well... you take at night before bed and wake to relief... Think i am the queen of constipation! Good luck, i know it is an awful feeling!
1529175 tn?1291855161 Yes side effect of the pain med is constipation No rectal pain when menstrating This is new Tested for lactose intolerance neg not gluten I'm not eatting too much fiber, salads and fruits I tried a water enema twice and its helping, very hard compacted stools starting to feel hopeful must have really gotten in trouble with the pain meds my cramps are extremely bad this time too, no flow yet with all the sennakot and prunes i've had stool is not soft yet, concerned...