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Avatar n tn I have had a serious problem with caffeine ever since I got the Gardasil vaccine. Whether or not the two are related, I have no clue, but I was an avid coffee drinker, soda drinker, what have you, before I got this vaccine. About two days after I received the vaccine I started to suffer something I cannot even accurately describe--my hands would tingle, I would feel like I was dying, I felt like I had the flu and I had a horrible fever.
Avatar f tn 41/2 months isnt too long of a stint, but you say you had problems before, was it with opiates? addiction is addiction at any rate, and is devastating to ones life at any length of time... just make sure you learn all you can about suboxone BEFORE you make your decision, education is the key, learn and ask everything you can BEFORE you decide which route you will take... as far as the study paying for wouldnt hurt to ask. good luck to you!!
Avatar f tn I NEVER HAD THE MEMORY OF MY LITTLE SON OR MY HUSBAND SITTING IN GROUP THERAPY WITH OTHER ADDICTS AND THEIR FAMILIES AND DISCUSSING THE FAMILY DISEASE OF ADDICTION. INSTEAD , I HAVE A MEMORY OF A FAMILY DAY, WHERE THERE WAS COFFEE AND DOUGHNUTS SERVED BUT NOOOOOOOOOO THHHHERRRRAPPPPY. So, because my treatment plan did not offer family therapy, when my husband and child would have attended, I had no accountability built in to my programming about how it affected them.....
Avatar f tn I still smoke and so does hubby. The worst addiction I've ever had. Still, after giving everything else up it is a crutch I feel like I need right now. I had a lung x-ray last week and all is well. Plan to quit someday but not now. My doctor isn't pushing me, too much else going on. The things we do to our bodies--LOL.
Avatar f tn I swear, I had a great support from a girl I've never even met in person, and had I known this place existed in the midst of W/Ds I'd been here...But you know we're here. Turn on some good cartoons, order some pizza for the kids and pour tons of food and water for the dog....because it might be a rough one. But YOU WILL SURVIVE. Trust me, I just did it.
Avatar n tn i'm too much of an anarchist to be a leader! i just wanna' hang with you guys and exchange expierence, knowledge, about addiction, and recovery there of. now lets see recovery....i got up at 3:30 this morning and have yet to "dose with anything today" and feel "mostly ok" ....i hope i've finished with a bup detox any way, as i won't have another day of it... if one exams past threads, they will notice abcense of leadership is definite characteristic of this forum...
Avatar n tn Why did I become addicted to pain medicine? As far as I know, I have no family history of addiction. I only slightly experimented with drugs in high school (pot). I very rarely drink (only on social occasions). What gives? I understand the physical aspect of it but I don't think I was/am physically addicted because I only took one per day (never more, never less). I didn't go through any physical withdrawal when I stopped in the past (just mental). This has been going on for 3 years!
Avatar n tn its website whic deals with the members online to help them get otu of their addiction. its a very new apporach as their help you to go to the root or cause of your addiction and help to rewire your brains. they do it so scientifically and it surely will help you as it is helping me.
2122443 tn?1335785718 I do not know any right words to use here, but I will be here and you will be in my thoughts and prayers. I light a candle for you tonight Randy so like me we can both find our way out of addiction. Away from the darn pills and such, to a healthy life. I send you all the good thoughts I have. Bless you and keep you strong and safe.
Avatar m tn Since I don't want a xanax addiction, I never make that a regular part of my 'cocktail', and unless the need for sleep is desperate (there are old bikers and there are sleepy bikers, but there are no old, sleepy bikers.. certainly not in a college town with lots of cellphone service) never make the xanax part of the recipe two nights in a row. Is that doing any good, or am I kidding myself? A buddy in Germany had a 5L14N he bought shipped here 'cuz the vendor wouldn't do international trade.
314833 tn?1263263099 I have a North Carolina car tag, when I lived in California for 2 years now. 2. I drink more coffee that is necessary. 3. I rarely clip my dogs toenails. 4. I used to own a horse 5. Mr. Peek and I faked our wedding reception pictures for Immigration purposes. We are legally married, of course, but the lawyer felt we needed photographic proof of the blessed day. So a couple weeks after we got married, someone at work invited us to some sort of Holiday party they were having.
Avatar n tn , we were walking back to the room and he started having a siezure, but the time before that he was watching cartoons. There have been several times that he has had a blood draw or slammed his finger in the door, etc... where he got all pale and collapsed, but we didn't realize that this could have been him having a siezure. Thank you all for sharing.
1013194 tn?1296463081 hmm, this person is a 26 yr aold female who has prided herself in never straying from the real, and not indulging in fiction, but two weeks ago picked up the charlaine harris books, sookie stackhouse series, and have read 6 volumes in two weeks, and am contemplating twighlight, though waiting for my finaces to render me capable of such amenities, as i know from recent vampiric addiction, i will need to buy all that they have!