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Avatar f tn He said its better than Xanax. I am afraid to try it if it means giving up xanax. I may be addicted. And fearful that if Klonopin does not help as much ,can I also take xanax? I feel axniety and have trouble sleeping and wake up several times feeling axious during the night.My cardio likes Coreg because it is an alpha /beta blocker and actually helps quell anxiety. Maybe I need stop the clonidine in the evening ,as I am reading some of the posts that say beta blockers can increase axniety.
Avatar f tn I have been out of Xanax for a week now. I have already been to the Emergency Room where I was given 10 Ativans. That lasted for 5 days at 2 mg per day. This is day one with no anti anxiety medications at all. I was taking xanax for years at 3 mgs a day and moved to another state 2 months ago. I have no money and no insurance yet and thought my body was going to give out yesterday as the withdrawals started again. I feel like an animal that can get no help.
Avatar f tn Can anyone tell me the difference between tylenol 3 and hydrocodone, I understand the hydrocodone is a synthetic of codeine, but as far a strength of tylenol 3 vs one 5mg vicodin? What is the addiction factor, what is worse codeine or hydrocodone? Just curious..
Avatar n tn I have been clean from oxycontin, lortab and xanax since august 2 . In the hospital the dr put me on 8 mg of suboxone a day (half in the morning half at night) Well, around three weeks ago I ran out of the suboxone and since that dr lives in a different county and other circumstances I cant get there to see him again nor is there a dr here in my town that can prescrib it I have been kinda miserable for three weeks.
Avatar n tn Thinking about trying Suboxone although I have some Xanax so i can use that to take the edge off during w/d. I just said what I said because I have seen a lot of people in AA/NA meeting who are new trying to express something and not getting in quite right or not being quite ready to be hit in the face with reality like a mac truck and they leave. I hadn't seen posts from Joel yet so I figured he was just starting to test the waters.
403399 tn?1201836695 Taper down if you can. If not, ask your doc for Ativan (a longer lasting benzo) or low dose of xanax or something while you go cold turkey and tell them you don't want to be on that stuff ever again. Make it an official ending to that drug if you can! You can stop this sooner rather than later and it will be so much 'easier' now than later when your body has gotten so used to it.
Avatar f tn Today is day number one of NO narcotics although I do have some meds like clonidine to help some. My doc gave them to me. I fear the severe RLS as I don't only get it in my legs but my arms as me, that is like the worst part of this! Ok we go!
Avatar n tn I have been up all night looking up Xanax and pot addiction, poetry of addicts etc and stumbled across this. Call me crazy and I will say your right. But I am in love with a wonderful man whos life has been through hell and back due to his 15mg a day use of xanax(for the past 2 years) and 7-8 joint a day addiction for the past 11. He doesn't have his teaching career due to his disease. He is having withdrawals when he wakes up from sleep because of the xanax.
Avatar n tn When she gets back from vacation tonight I am going to ask her thoughts about the Clonidine vs. Xanax. If she thinks the Xanax is a bad idea I might have her get me a script for Clonidine. Again, thanks for everyones support!
Avatar f tn For this condition, clonidine is often used alone. For the treatment of alcohol withdrawal, clonidine is usually combined with benzodiazepine tranquilizers such as Librium, Valium, Xanax, or Ativan. This medication may also be used to ease withdrawal symptoms associated with the long-term use of narcotics, alcohol and nicotine (smoking). In addition, clonidine has also be used for migraine headaches, hot flashes associated with menopause, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
10623623 tn?1414295689 Day two into my cold turkey detox from 10, 10 mg Ambien per night, I googled it. Ambien is structured like other benzos such as Xanax. The same risk of seizure and death is there. So I immediately called one of the physicians who prescribed it to me and fessed up to the amount I was taking. I told her that I was violently shaking and was scared to have a seizure. I had also withdrawn from Klonopin two years ago and received the same answer from that doc.
Avatar f tn I have a bad back, & was put on pain meds. After about 4yrs. on all pain meds, I was put on Methodone. I have been on that med for the last 4-5yrs, my highest dose being 112mg. I tapered down to 13mg. in about 7mos. I decided at that point to quit. I went to my general Dr. for assistance for withdrawl, sleep ect. & was prescribed neurotin & xanax. The neurotin has been great for the leg pain & the xanax for sleep & anxiety.
Avatar n tn Should I be doing this or am I just prolonging the agony? I read also in another post that Clonidine will help with the w/d. What dosage is appropriate? The Clonodine I have is Clonidine HCL 0.1mg. They are prescribed to my Mom and she is helping me get through this. Again, I can't even begin to tell you how much reading these boards have helped me in just the past two hours. I am so very greatful to all of those that post here and plan on making this site a daily visit for me.
Avatar f tn Im taking 2 mg xanax which has brought me back almost 99%. I have a few ultrams to help, but ive been tapering for 7 days, i had 4 today vs the 20 i was taking. Will the nervousness/psychosis come back?
Avatar f tn How long do suboxone withdrawals last? I only took it for about 2 weeks-I started w/ 1 8mg strip a day & then gradually decreased the amount over the last 2 weeks; however, I have used opiates regularly over the last 8 years. Prior to taking the suboxone I was taking 12-16 Norcos a day. Today is the first day without anything & I wanna crawl outta my skin!
Avatar m tn So I know how addicting they can be and my doctor would be fully aware of my potential for abuse, but if I got some pain control out of it then it would be worth it. I already take 2-3mgs of xanax and am planning on starting a taprer here soon, but Ive been getting conflicting reports about klonopin and valium being easier to withdrawl off than xanax or ativan because of the different half lives.
Avatar m tn the pills keep me awake and motivated VS how I use to be which was constantly tired due to classic depression issues. I haven’t had a need for a nap in years now… This is what determines an addict, or the potential to get addicted. I also have suffered with textbook Depression for most of my adult life, and it has progressed big time over the past 20 years… 3) When I am taking the pills I lose a lot of inhibitions, and can speak with most anyone about most anything.
Avatar n tn im in portland oregon. clonidine is a blood pressure med thats used to help with w/d's. A benzo is valium, xanax, ativan, klonopin, librium, which can also be abused (and addictive) but if you only use em for a few weeks, you should be fine.
Avatar n tn , in my own personal experience, darvocet was an appropriate choice for me, because i had already tried suboxone, and the suboxone was too much like methadone FOR ME i do not speak for anyone other than myself, when i compare detox from suboxone vs.
Avatar f tn In other hands, you can ask to try the Xanax at LOW dose, it's more effective to prevent the panic or stop them but the effect don't last a long time and you need to take a lot of them daily to keep the panic at bay... One solution will be to ask for the Klonopin, who sometimes work well for panic...
Avatar n tn Now i have 200 vicoden left, and I just got perscribed 180 Xanax for anxiety/panic attacks. Now what's the best method of coming off of it, and keeping it from my family and work? I'm a very involved dad, and have a high stress job where i have to preform. Will the xanax help me? I've read that it helps with withdraw symptoms from opiates. is this true? Is xanax an opiate?? Please any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar m tn Put me on Butrans 10 MCG and Clonidine .1 for withdraw. I have been on hydrocodone for about 3 years on and off. Last year pain a lot worse and used more often. My problem is I really liked the hydrocodone as I felt great and finally had energy and felt like I had a normal life. Anyone know what kind of withdraw I will be going threw, how long? Will butrans help with pain? Will Clonidine help with withdraw? Going cold turkey started patch last night and still have pain after epideral?
Avatar f tn I'm a about 185 days clean and still learning about forums vs. groups, posts of your own vs posting on other peoples "threads", etc. can all be confusing until you toot around a bit. You're getting it. Don't get discouraged ok? Two things, first.....YOU DESERVE HUGE PRAISE FOR YOUR WEEKS OFF METHADONE!! Don't give up, don't go back ON something. You have so much already behind you. I have no personal experience with methadone, but many forum members DO.
Avatar m tn 2) These types of drugs knockout ‘normal’ people, especially the strength I need to take whereas I have a high-tolerance per the doc. It’s classic that with me; the pills keep me awake and motivated VS how I use to be which was constantly tired due to classic depression issues. I haven’t had a need for a nap in years now… This is what determines an addict, or the potential to get addicted.
7474434 tn?1391194108 As far as the clonidine, im guessing that maybe the mg's are different because if im right I would have to take 500 of my clonidine to equal one of yours. I swear im not lieing my bottle says 0.1mg clonidine.
Avatar f tn Hopefully, you have (or can get) clonidine. It sure helped me alot. The anxiety is really uncomfortable, I know, but your body is going to take the time that it needs to recover. Our bodies are very resilient; you've come so far and will be on the other side of it soon. Hang in there, ok?
Avatar n tn Will someone who has gone c/t vs tapering please advise? I tried to quit after tapering to 3/day in June and it was wretched, I gave up. How would this compare taking 5x that amt for this long? I fear it will be 5x as painful....but I am 100x more ready to be rid of these drugs. I value anyone who will give me a moment of their time. Please, please.... I am at such a sad and low point in my life and I want to turn it around.
Avatar n tn So instead of just finding out if you smoked last week (higher, easier detectable levels) vs. 3 weeks to a month out. It is harder and a more in depth test. It is all about money. Most companies have a "screen" that they pay for. It costs x amount of money and will test for x amount of drugs. If you want to order a higher level more indepth initial screening = more money to the hirering company. Just my $.04 cents worth.
Avatar f tn Dark chocolate is best because it helps with cravings AND it is considered to be healthier. Clonidine if your doctor will prescribe it. It is a high blood pressure medication so you need to talk to your doctor first. It is also used for opiate, nicotine and alcohol withdrawals. It does help reduce the symptoms quite a bit. One of the main benefits is it helps with cravings. It is only used for 7 to 10 days otherwise you would have to taper off of it (like most medications of this sort).
Avatar m tn When it comes to CT vs taper, in a lot of cases, with a lot of opiates, either is a possibility, it just depends on preference. There are some benefits to CT, like you said, it doesn't drag the process out as much, HOWEVER, in your case, on your dose, it really isn't advisable. You've done this many times, and keep ending up back where you started, meaning something has to change.