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Avatar n tn In patients who have developed localized contact sensitization to clonidine film, substitution of oral clonidine hydrochloride therapy may be associated with the development of a generalized skin rash. In patients who develop an allergic reaction from clonidine film that extends beyond the local patch site (such as generalized skin rash, urticaria, or angioedema), oral clonidine hydrochloride substitution may elicit a similar reaction.
Avatar f tn I suspect I have the hyperadrenergic form. I recently had a clonidine test... however I have seen an article (which is also posted on ncbi nlm nih gov pubmed 19307679 (if interested PM for full address). It states a conclusion of: "The clonidine suppression test without normetanephrine measurements and the glucagon stimulation test are not sensitive enough to safely exclude phaeochromocytoma in patients with mildly elevated plasma or urine catecholamines.
Avatar f tn I need to 3 year old son had a growth hormone stimulation test and the levels for clonidine came back below 4 at first and then peaked at 13. Then arginine was administered and his levels stayed at below 4. Does this mean he has some form of growht hormone deficiency?
Avatar m tn I had a nerve test and MRI test and all came back normal and no nerve damage. Is that could be related to herpes? I had a very pain on my left testicle before and was very sensetive and painful to touch it with pain in the side like lymph nodes with legs pain like burning and like tingle or vibration onthe head of my penis. Any advise!!!
Avatar m tn GH stimulation test after 25mcg of Clonidine ingestion hGH(basal) 0.51 ng/dl hGH(after 60 minutes) 0.51 ng/dl hGH(after 120 minutes) 0.41 ng/dl Her S. IGF-1 (Somatomedin-C) test value is observed as 38.5 ng/ml Our pediatric endocrine doctor has suggested to start with GH therapy after performing an MRI with attention to pitutary gland. Please suggest, how positive is the GH therapy and effective on a 1 year old.
585414 tn?1288944902 As this is an older muscle relexant (the newer ones having been tried) the risk is worse. What is the responsible thing to do? Get a blood test every month as directed. And don't take more than I need. Well as this is controlling life threatening dystonic and dysphagic spasms the "need" is there but the directions on the prescription vial state "up to 4 times a day". I will increase it under their guidance. And no more than that amount.
Avatar m tn GH stimulation test after 25mcg of Clonidine ingestion hGH(basal) 0.51 ng/dl hGH(after 60 minutes) 0.51 ng/dl hGH(after 120 minutes) 0.41 ng/dl Her S. IGF-1 (Somatomedin-C) test value is observed as 38.5 ng/ml Our pediatric endocrine doctor has suggested to start with GH therapy after performing an MRI with attention to pitutary gland. Please suggest, how positive is the GH therapy and effective on a 1 year old.
Avatar f tn The anesthesia literature provides good evidence that spinal stimulation is effective. Most patients, especially children, can benefit from physical therapy. Tricyclic antidepressants have been used to decrease burning. Gabapentin (Neurontin) and systemic steroids have also been used with varying degrees of success.
Avatar n tn DEPAKOTE ER 500MG TAB TWO TIMES DAILY ZOLOFT / SERTRALINE 100MG (1 ½ TABS) EACH MORNING CLONIDINE HCL 0.2MG (1 TABLET 30 MINUTES PRIOR TO BEDTIME) His Psychiatrist had him on the following and added Abilify, Then, on 1/19/08, his Doctor changed the medication as follows which caused a problem Dystonic Reaction and he ended up in the Pediatric ICU two days later from the Abilify. DEPAKOTE ER 1000MG (BEDTIME) ZOLOFT / SERTRALINE 100MG (1 ½ TABS) EACH MORNING CLONIDINE HCL 0.
Avatar f tn Well, it was early October of last year when I saw that neuroendocrinologist and got that one pituitary related hormone test (cortisol stimulation). Prior to that, I had a clonidine suppression test in April of last year and some other tests the last of March of last year by a regular endocrinologist.
Avatar m tn Hi Jeff Welcome back, It sounds like you know what you need to do to get thru this, what are you going to do differently once the wd is over ? We always think we can control it but we never can I'm glad you made it out this time with your life. Congrats on almost 10 hours !! I hope they give you the clonidine and remember to stay hydrated !
Avatar n tn I had typical PD results on the EMG test with 6-8 Hz tremors and then they did an L-Dopa test - large dose in the hospital and then tests every 30 minutes for 2 hours. Basically the tremor and stiffness improved tremendously. Now I have to go to day hospital and do a DATSCAN. In the meantime they have given me a med called AKINETON. I only take half a 2mg tablet in the morning but I feel terrible all morning until about 2 pm.
Avatar f tn What is MSA ? I'm surprised I've never heard of it before. Is it a rare disease ? CFS stands for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. All of the symptoms you've listed I have, except the tremors, body twitches and head & neck sweating. However... those symptoms are seen in some CFS patients. Ringing in the ears (tinnitus) is very common with CFS patients. Usually CFS patients have low blood pressure, but I think the illness can reach a certain point where that changes. There is no test for CFS...
Avatar f tn they said maybe and ive asked for a ACTH stimulation test for Addisons(which is what they primarily suspected). I hope I get answers. I do feel a lot better but have several hours of the day, usually around mid day were I feel really ill again.
Avatar f tn I am a chronic pain patient, got to where I needed more and more of the Loras to work for me, so I made the decision to detox and with the help of my dr. and some Clonidine and a few tranzene, I have made it this far. Thank you again for your reply. and Best wishes to everyone!
238668 tn?1232735930 My symptoms continued and I have been checked for heart problems stress test and ultra sound, lung scans, x-rays chest and neck, colon cancer, lupus, fungus infection and a battery of blood tests. All with negative results. I continued to work and take a 100 mg of naproxen daily. The pain became constant with ranging from mild to severe.
Avatar f tn Your doc should not have put you on HC based on ONE test - unless that test is the stimulation test done after a crisis. Doing one test at one time of day is not indicative of what the body is/does. For instance, I used to have low morning cortisol readings all the time - when I had Cushing's syndrome! So I had elevated cortisol at night! To give me steroids would be like throwing gasoline in a grill.
Avatar f tn a nutritionist can do the test). This is a urine test. (easier on the kids than a blood test). If his sulfate level tests high, then the pathway is very active. Good. If low, then his liver's ability to remove toxic compounds (includiing drugs) is not functioning properly. This would explain your son's reaction to regular and elevated doses of medication.
Avatar f tn the fact that I go out of my house 1 time a week just worse my anxiety in the last year and he explain that now when I have to go out OR be alone at home, it's like going out in the jungle and my body react very badly to the too many stimulation.... and knowing that they have a medical staff their give a lot of reinsurance to start a med, especially when you are in a very high anxiety state... Again sorry for my mistake and my generalization...
Avatar n tn for the $250 he got 3 take home shots ( subcutaneous ones) of buprenorphine and was written scripts for baclofen( muscle relaxer), clonidine ( anti-hypertensive) and naltrexone, an opiate antagonist. This young man had been through withdrawls before and couldn't face detox again... the bup really helped him ... it is a long acting drug and if they would hurry up and put it in a pill ( sublingual) form in this country it would be much easier to dispense and easier to use for maintenance.
Avatar n tn I wouldn't want to test that too many times and haven't since. Keep up the fight my friend, you are doing great. Good luck on the other thing..benzos was it. I'm feeling kinds stupid, I have seen that a couple times now but don't know what anybody is talking about. Sending you a hug for good measure!
Avatar f tn All they wanted to do is give you another tablet and another test, no mention of diet and excercise ( no money in that). A friend of mine said to me , give up Beer, Biscuits and Bread for a couple of days and see what happens, well, all the problems have completely dissapeared. I am now on Gluten free and I feel terriffic.
Avatar n tn I have gone to the doctor many times and no one tells me anything, your heart test, brain test, blood, test all is fine... It might be that your not getting enough oxygen/liquid to the brain and thats why i get all that...OK? And how can i make that one knows...For a while i though it was my sugar, a drop of sugar in my body, but know not even sugar really helps that much...Its been over 4 years now, now i am a freshman but in collge, and still i get this and no one know what it is.
Avatar n tn to start with don't start making assumptions about what your withdrawl will be like. you'll find out soon enough. second yes clonidine can help, especially in the patch form. there are a number of other meds your doc can give you. klonipin for panic attacks (these are a hallmark of any opiate withdrawl i've ever been thru). also valium for sleep, and a muscle relaxer. i'm sure someone will post Thomas's detox. i'm not sure of the easy board site address though.
Avatar f tn Before I got to read your last post, I was going to ask you if your husband had ever been diagnosed with sleep apnea, especially since you say his headaches start upon waking. You may want to request another sleep apnea test, along with a testing of his oxygen level during sleep. I have severe asthma and they periodically do a nighttime oxygen study on me.
Avatar n tn How long does hydrocodine show up in your system for a drug test. I take this drug for the pain I get with Lymes Disease. I'm starting a new job and they will ask for a drug test. How soon do I need to get off of them so it don't show up on my test. Thanks.
Avatar m tn Simular problems and you name a test I’ve most likely had it. MRI scans etc etc. I think the answer lies in the area of migraine or epilepsy. My view and these are only my observations, these are, that the mechanism of both migraine and lesser forms of epilepsy are loosely related (chemical v electrical storm). That it is possible to have migraine all the time it just affects things more on different days (stress etc) so it flares up never goes and in local areas i.e.