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214255 tn?1205639236 Ok so I messed up sun. night also too 3 10mg vik's yesterday...If I take clonidine, cause I don't want to take anything eles will it make me tired?
Avatar m tn Was (re)diagnosed with Depressive disorder and Anxiety and prescribed Generic Zoloft and Clonidine. I don't notice much - in any way. Slight side effects (Mild sedation and Stomach issues mainly) but nothing that big of a deal, if they were helping my Depression and Anxiety. I understand that zoloft can be used for both my issues. However, I feel like my Depression is a product of my Anxiety. I tend to let my anxiety run my life and after I do that.
Avatar n tn 90), fractionated catacholamines w/ dopamine 75L s/b 100-440, clonidine suppression (no pheo). My alkaline phosphatase is 181 s/b 25-150, my cholesterol is 243 and my LDL is 169. I am not usually a complainer. Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn I don't know the exact mechanism, but clonidine has a number of effects besides lowering blood pressure. Clonidine is an agonist at 'presynaptic' receptors for norepinephrine in the brain and spinal cord. Those receptors monitor the amount of norepinephrine in the synapse, and reduce the release of norepinephrine by the presynaptic neuron when there is already a lot of the chemical present.
Avatar n tn Withdrawal symptoms are treated with medications such as paregoric and phenobarbital, and studies are ongoing about using clonidine to treat such symptoms because of the impact it has on norepinephrine, a neurotransmitter that is released in large quantities during withdrawal. The good news is that, in multiple studies, babies born with withdrawal to opiates, by the time they reach school age, do as well as babies from similar environments who did not present with such symptoms.
Avatar f tn I think the life of norepinephrine once exposed to room air is only two minutes. My norepinephrine was quite high. I will have a clonidine test to rule out a pheochromocytoma soon. One of the other causes of very high norepinephrine can be severe sleep apnea which I also was diagnosed with during that visit. I am on CPAP now and in a month we can see if that has made any difference with these particular symptoms.
Avatar m tn My family doctor prescribed me clonidine to help withdrawal symptoms and it has eliminated my anxiety along with a ton of other symptoms.
687098 tn?1240893020 As I am sure you know, risperdal is an antipsychotic medication. Stimulants and selective norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (Strattera) are most commonly prescribed to manage symptoms of ADHD. Not every child can tolerate stimulants, but it sounds like you have not tried this course yet.
Avatar f tn Tests for this tumor can be plasma free metanephrines (one of the more sensitive tests), catecholamines (blood and urine), clonidine test (I had this one recently), and glucagon test (I'm still working on getting this one). I don't probably have this type of tumor myself, but I recently had a quite high blood level of norepinephrine, one of the hormones excreted by the adrenals that helps to maintain blood pressure and can speed up heartrate, so I have begun getting tested.
Avatar n tn When you take opiates they do not only increase your natural opiates (different types of endorphins) but have secondary actions on serotonin at certain receptor sites and possibly dopamine and norepinephrine. So not only is your body trying tp produce it's own endorphins again and lean how to regulate them, it is also trying to produce a normal amount of other neurotransmitters (serotonin, dopamine) again.
Avatar f tn Anti-anxiety medications, such as Xanax, Ativan, and Klonopin, can be used to combat imbalances of adrenaline usually seen with POTS patients. Clonidine (Klonopin) can work in patients with reduced sympathetic activity. Ironically an anti-hypertensive drug, Clonidine promotes production and release of epinephrine and norepinephrine. Hope some of this makes since...hope it helps a bit.
1203675 tn?1285879034 Also, hydroxyzine (Atarax,Vistaril) is a sedating antihistamine that's useful for sleep. You can also ask to try clonidine.
203003 tn?1210859507 yeah suboxone can do that the first few days on it, that's why it has to be increased gradually and is usually used in conjunction with clonidine. Clonidine tricks your body into thinking it's producing more catecholemines(epinephrine-adrenaline and norepinephrine) than it is so your body produces less keeping your heart rate and blood pressure down.
Avatar f tn While the urine metanephrine test is a high sensitivity test for the diagnosis of Pheochromocytoma, the CT scan is used find the presence or absence of a mass and its size. The Clonidine suppression test is a method to find out the source of the metanephrines and to establish correlation between the size and the tumor characters. The CAT scan is also used in case surgery may be required. I hope this helped you a bit. you may also find more information at :http://www.pheochromocytoma.
1032898 tn?1258602307 No one knows what to say to me. so far, I'm able to sleep atleast with the help of clonidine. Thanks again for listening.
1178983 tn?1279667255 because of it's serotonin and norepinephrine qualities. have u ever noticed that you'd take tramadol and then start cleaning the house or doing mad **** that you usually don't have energy for? that's the snri component at work.. also on the Flip side.. withdrawing from Tramadol can cause the same thing.. (but without the extra energy :( lol.. so you do have to moniter for that as well..
Avatar f tn I was taking up to .5mg of clonidine a day. I cut way back and feel much better. I believe clonidine messes up tests for catecholamines and Pheochromocytoma so you can't be on it when having these tests done. Recently, a friend told be her daughter had thyroid swings(up and down) for more than a year before it finally was diagnosed. She had mood swings, panic attacks, etc. If you really have a nodule on your thyroid, you must find out what that is right away.
Avatar n tn Check with your Dr. though. It blocks the stress hormone, norepinephrine, from being released. Norepinephrine triggers adrenaline- your body's response to withdrawal. No norepinephrine- no adrenaline- less registration of panic in the body. The withdrawal is horrible feeling, but it can be tolerated. Your dose isn't that strong, so you'll suffer a while, but it'll go away.
Avatar f tn I think I have the hyperadrenergic form of POTS, where you can emit high levels of norepinephrine while standing (though I have not had this theory tested). Norepinephrine is part of the autonomic nervous system and is emitted to help maintain blood pressure. I think in hyperadrenergic POTS it goes overboard and can actually make you have high blood pressure standing. However, I am not positive I don't have an adrenal tumor, as I have had incomplete testing recently for this.
Avatar f tn It's no way to live. What do you give people to help with the withdrawl? I've heard of clonidine, does that really help and do you think a doctor would give it to me because I don't think a psychologist can right? Should I get on an antidepressant now so I can better handle the withdrawl, I'm telling you when I've tried before I am unable to feel any sense of pleasure or happiness and the feeling of doom is so strong I have prayed for god to just take my life.
Avatar f tn I have POTS, PLMD, RLS, high norepinephrine and high anxiety. Sleep study also showed no REM sleep. I take paxil for anxiety, wellbutrin for mood and energy, and clonidine. Sleep doc wants me off paxil b/c of its effect on REM sleep. Could I take trazodone for anxiety with the wellbutrin? Or something else for anxiety that doesn't affect rem sleep?
Avatar n tn Strattera is a non-stimulant medication and an alternative to the standard stimulant medications generally employed to treat symptoms of ADHD. It targets the neurotransmitter called norepinephrine. You may find that the Ritalin, particularly since he was taking a short-acting preparation several times daily, was contributing to his mood problems. The Risperdal, Celexa and Clonidine should be helpful in ameliorating some of his anger.
Avatar n tn Studies have shown that it can regulate levels of the neurotransmitter norepinephrine; especially in the prefrontal cortex of the brain, decreasing sensitivity to distracting stimuli - a positive for ADD/ADHD and certain anxiety disorders. Most medications have their pros and cons - side effects, etc. This is makes it important to work closely with your physician.. and not just take the opinion of one person on a forum or in a chat group.
Avatar n tn I have written a few posts about clonidine. I have been researching this drug. I am posting this again because I think it is very important information for the addict and the pain patient. I say pain patient because it has been found to be an effective part of treating fibromyalgia and other pain syndromes including neuralgias.
Avatar f tn at Vanderbilt University in Nashville states that another test (which I have never had, but believe I do have hyperadrenergic form of POTS) in diagnosing POTS is a standing plasma norepinephrine test. That norepinephrine level has to rise above a certain level in addition to heartrate climbing over 30 beats a minute with standing for the diagnosis.
198154 tn?1337790865 remeron is notorious for increasing appetite, it will make you ravenous, and while seroquel may have this effect also, you will likely gain weight just filling the prescription out for this drug. 4.Elavil-also an old school AD. And like Remeron has anticholergic qualities. Elavil is generally used for treatment resistant depression, in which there is also anxiety and insomnia. And like Trazadone, you will also be getting the added benefit of the antidepressant.
Avatar m tn See if you can get your GP to prescribe some clonidine, it is for blood pressure, but will he take the jitteriness edge off. Hot baths are great for the restless legs. I just relapsed on Tramadol after nearly 2 years clean and it took over a week with withdrawal from that. Everyone is different. I grew up in AZ, take advantage of the heat and take a good swim. Exercise is good too. All the best to you.
Avatar m tn Now in my opinion the lower the starting dose the better, but depending where you are at with your addiction and the doctor the starting dosage varies. I started at 8mg suboxone daily, Clonidine, melatonin to help with sleep and MSM. In less than 4 months I was off suboxone, tapering 2mg every month, and I had little w/d effects.
Avatar f tn Opiates suppress the stimulants epinepherine and norepinephrine (aka adrenaline and noradrenaline), slow down your breathing, and decrease your ability to feel pain. They also cause a rise in dopamine (the reward system in your brain). So, initially, when you just start taking opiates (or the synthetics which are referred to opioids), you have a tendency to feel sleepy, pain free, and rewarded.