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Avatar n tn 00 pm he abilify5mgs @bedtime he gets 3 .1 clonidine to help him sleep and he also night terrors. Now he's got a temper. my niece just went to her Dr. and she got a bad temper as my grandson she was on Focalin I learned from the dr these are all stimulants and why are these children on these types of meds on my grandson none of these meds have worked only made him worse. now my niece is on tenex doing very well she takes in the am and 3:00pm should I talk to my dr.
Avatar n tn Tenex use or clonidine use. Thank you!
Avatar m tn my question is recently we have been perscribed tenex for him his ocd has took over his daily living and its breaking my heart, i think we tried tenex years ago and it did the reverse.. al adhd meds do the opposite on him, looking for users that know of or have tried tenex themselves on there child. for ocd. ty in advance.
Avatar f tn He was only on Tenex for 3 days, morning and afternoon doses 6 hrs apart. How do you move back to the Clonidine from Tenex? We're concerned the Tenex either wasn't working at all MEANING it was like he'd been abruptly taken off the Clonidine! OR Tenex was causing the more aggressive behavior. What to do til we can get back to the doc.
Avatar f tn My son was on Vyvanse and Clonodine for a long time and it was a life saver. He has ADHD and ODD as well. The doctor wanted to try Tenex. We did that for several weeks and I begged to go back on Clonodine. Tenex was awful for us! Clonodine is fantastic and helps him go to sleep at night! If anyone wants to chat, I'm in the same boat~ ***@**** My husband and I have very different coping mechanisms. Any input?
Avatar n tn So after this last growth spurt there was apparently no higher amount that we could go on dosing for the Clonidine, and so our doctor prescribed Tenex. I was reluctant to give it to him because I am fearful of medications, but after he behaved very violently with us recently I was afraid not to try the Tenex.
Avatar n tn Tenex could be a god send for some and not helpful to others. Tenex is classified as a mild hypertensive. Studies have shown that it can regulate levels of the neurotransmitter norepinephrine; especially in the prefrontal cortex of the brain, decreasing sensitivity to distracting stimuli - a positive for ADD/ADHD and certain anxiety disorders. Most medications have their pros and cons - side effects, etc. This is makes it important to work closely with your physician..
Avatar n tn I am a mother of an adhd and odd 8yro boy at this time he is taking vyvance, tenex, and respadol and I am still having tons of problems he is a very angry, disrespectful, violent little boy. He lies, steals, and curses at most people he interacts with. I have tried everything and I am at my wits end. I am so afraid he is going to wind up in trouble with the law very soon. I really need some help!
Avatar n tn Medications such as Ritalin, Dexedrine, Cylert and Adderal are used to treat overactivity, impulsivity and inattention. Antihypertensives, such as Clonidine and Tenex, are used to treat volatility, noncompliance/defiance, and arousal. Antidepressants such as Zoloft, Prozac and Paxil are employed to treat irritability, temper dyscontrol and anxiety. There are also other choices - these are simply some of the more common medications.
Avatar f tn My medications are suboxone 2mg four times a day,clonidine 0.1mg everynight at bedtime, zoloft 50mg every morning, tenex 1mg 3 times a day, and valium 10mg as needed for anxiety. Now to me this seems like a lot of medications to take considering I have never took any of them before. He determined I needed all this stuff after a 2 hour pshc evaluation and I am tapering suboxone.all of these meds he says are to help me through the taper and minimize withdrawels the easiest way possible.
Avatar f tn The most frequent combination is a psychostimulant to treat the ADHD and an antihypertenisive (like Clonidine or Tenex) to addres the oppositional behavior. One thing you might consider is employing Strattera ( a non-stimulant) to treat the ADHD and to divide the Clonidine dose over the day to address the oppositionality. In other words, ask the doctor about giving some at night (he might not actually require .
Avatar n tn Vyvanse and Tenex for the ADHD and Risperdal and Lamictal for Bipolar. He also takes Melentonin to help him sleep. This combination of drugs to help him has been wonderful. They all seem to compliment each other.
Avatar n tn He's been on Ritalin,Concerta,and now Adderall, we've tried Tenex,Clonidine and now Zyprexa...he currently is only on Adderall and Zyprexa ...the Adderall is extremely helpfull for his focusing in school but, the Zyprexa, which is suppose to help with sleep and calm his temper is making him sleep soon but, has no effect on his temper and has made him even more aggressive!!!
585414 tn?1288944902 Technically those medications are for my physical disability (which the Tenex was not working on as well as it should) but they serve as mood stabilizers as well (Clonidine is sometimes used for this officially). But yesterday going off the Tenex and starting the Clonidine there was a "rush" a feeling I don't enjoy because it signals the onset of mania. Today is a bit better. But I have to raise the medications at a scheduled titration. So I'll have to bear with it in the meantime.
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Avatar n tn He is on Tenex and Clonidine now and it is doing nothing!!! I've told them numerous times that the only difference is that he is waking up every night having nightmares and refuses to sleep in his room. I can't even get him to go to the bathroom by himself now. He started off on Risperdal, that seemed like it helped for a while then something was to high on his bloodwork so he got taken off it.He also had Clonidine at night with it.
Avatar f tn As for tardive, what is used is Bachophen, Mirapex, Aricept, Requip and Bachophlen, Botox shots as needed, Clonidine or Tenex, Tetrabenzene, Inderal or Atenolol, Zofran as I've found from clinical studies and the natural remedy rhodiola from clinical studies. However, if a person has movement disorders from these medications please check to see if they are temporary first. See if they go into remmission and if not have your psychiatrist refer you to a movement disorders specialist.
Avatar f tn My son was on Tenex for awhile - it does the same thing. It helps control the impulsiveness - does noting for attentiveness. It is sometimes used for ADHD. We thought it was helpful. Since it isn't psychotropic we didn't see any strange behaviors.
Avatar n tn Non-stimulant treatments for ADHD include Tenex or Clonidine, Wellbutrin, or Strattera. So, there are alternatives.
Avatar f tn My 10 yr old is on ritylin 20mg ,ambilify 15mg in daytime and trazodone 50mg and clonidine 0.1 mg at bedtime. My 8yr old is on adderall 10mg 2x day and clonidine 0.1 mg and trazodone 50mg at bedtime. My question is could there be a better medication for them to help with the behavioral issues. I am going crazy with never ending issues between the two of them. Please help me .. Thank you.
Avatar m tn My son was on Guanfacine, which is the generic name for Intuniv, for 2 yrs and he did wonderfully! That was several years ago, then he went off treatment because it was no longer made in Europe. He did okay for another 3 yrs without meds (only very mild tics), but recently with puberty has gotten much worse. So doc gives him Risperdal--bad stuff! I don't know if other people have had positive results with antipsychotics, but for my son it made his tics explode and he became insomniac!
Avatar n tn In very severe cases of Tourette's in young people, there is a surgery called deep brain stimulation which can be tried, but this is still new and under research. Tenex, which is generic name guanfacine, and clonidine are 2 medications that can be used for tics. Each have their side effects but they are in general safe and are often effective in suppressing tics. Some recent research has shown that behavioral therapy may be helpful to some individuals.
16638194 tn?1449938541 He started out on Risperdal when he was 4 but we quickly took him off because he quickly ballooned by 15 lbs. in 1 month. We eventually ended up on Abilify and Tenex (Guanfacine) and he's been taking that combination for about 3 years. Now we are at the point where those two meds were not working at all and we were already at the approved dosage limits.
Avatar f tn If he had akathesia set off as a child by one medication have him see a neurologist who is a movement disorders specialist to make sure he isn't suspectable to that side effect. As for Tenex it is helpful on ADHD, works as a mood stabilizer and also helps on akathesia and tardive dyskinesia. I took it before for the second two purposes but as it is short acting was transfered to the Clonidine patch but Tenex is quite good as well.
Avatar n tn These haven't gone away for the last couple of years. He is now on Tenex, and Clonidine, for both the ADHD and the tics. We've noticed that when he's getting sick, the tics are at it full force. And within the last 3 months he's had to obsessively go to the bathroom. It doesn't matter where he is, (school, swim, clarinet lessons) He has to go...immediately.
Avatar f tn We upped the dose once and it was too much. It is extremely consistent and does not give him the ups and downs like the other drugs. He also takes 3 mg of melatonin at night to help him sleep, this is a natural remedy that my psychiatrist recommends. My son was originally diagnosed with ADHD and OCD at the age of 5 and has been through all those meds as well, but the Vyvanse works and does not give him the tics that the others did.
585414 tn?1288944902 Now with Tenex (another alpha blocker) replacing the Clonidine and at a full dose the recovery is well under way. I showed my psychopharmocologist that collage I did and just before it was raised to the final dose I had grandiose delusions of wanting to control someone with psychotic thoughts of spiderwebs projecting from my arms. I was terrified. I looked down. My arms were frozen in motion in Parkinsonian form. I took the muscle relexant Skelaxin prescribed for that time of day. It stopped.
Avatar n tn In very severe cases of Tourette's in young people, there is a surgery called deep brain stimulation which can be tried, but this is still new and under research. Tenex, which is generic name guanfacine, and clonidine are 2 medications that can be used for tics. Each have their side effects but they are in general safe and are often effective in suppressing tics. Some recent research has shown that behavioral therapy may be helpful to some individuals.
Avatar f tn I know Trileptal brought me into an agitated mixed state and Keppra caused suicidal ideations. I took Lithium and Depakoate long term without personalilty alterations but I was taken off Lamictal by my psychopharmocologist because it worsened the mania (which he stated could happenned at higher doses). I don't know how common this is. The difficulty is Lithium is the only medication specifically invented for mood stabilization.