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Avatar f tn We ALL go through periods of being down and having the blues but that is different than clinical depression. If you get to the point that you feel this way for longer than two weeks and it seems like it is all the time, I really encourage to talk to your mom then if you aren't willing to bring it up to her right from the start. Two things you can do that might have some benefit is first, exercise. This releases the brain's natural 'happy' chemical. It is good for mind, body and soul.
Avatar f tn I finally founnd a book for people with Ms about mood swings depression and I believe anxiety. It may still help explain what's going on with your brain if you do have a demylating disease. It atleast helped me realize I wasn't as crazy as I felt. I did start going to a psychiatrist he says I have bipolar ii disorder. I still don't know if I really do. In some ways it fits in other ways it doesn't. The meds help and that's all that I care about.
Avatar f tn I have a family history of bipolar disorder - and I've never known it to become 'full depression', and regardless of any hyper/down cycles in my past, I think this can be pretty much ruled out.
Avatar m tn within a few days I was admitted to hospital where i suffered chronic chest pains and fits which ended in full voluntry nervious system paralysis.After clinical investgations and MRI/CAT/XRAYS no orgnic clauses for these symtoms were found.Development of loss of use of limbs,movement memory,blindness,loss of speach,gate loss,inability to masticate,and bells pausey developed.
Avatar f tn ) I have aches and pains in my neck, knees and hips, dry skin with eczema and feel very low most of the time with no 'get up and go'. I have seen 3 doctors who said my symptoms were due to depression and I have tried 2 different anti-depressants and a course of counselling none of which made me feel any better. I would like to try Amour Thyroid but I have heard that Drs and Endos in the UK won't prescribe it.
Avatar f tn Geodon was approved as an antipsychotic for its primary use all over the world. Geodon has some concerns such as heart arrythmia though and its the only antipsychotic with this problem (out of the ones approved in the U.S. at least). Generally out of all of the antipsychotics Abilify is the least likely to cause weight gain and diabetes and sedation. Geodon was used more for a while because of this but Abilify is generally used more now. Did you ask about that one?
3199802 tn?1362254159 I believe in my case it is simply clinical depression, not situational. My dx is MDD-recurrent. I know I need medication as my brain doesn't have the right balance of neurotransmitters. I have not done well on SSRI's. Effexor XR has been a great help with Wellbutrin. However, the Effexor just caused way too many side effects for me. I am not adverse to taking meds, well kind of. It just seems they "wear off". It's hard to explain.
Avatar n tn Many need drugs for self-mediacation but in the long run, illegal drug use just does not help. Getting help for depression may eventually lead to him feeling better and a step toward not abusing drugs.
Avatar m tn 6 weeks this Sunday I had unprotected oral sex with a sex worker in the UK. It lasted about 5min with a min in her mouth before the handjob! Since then I have tested for chlamydia, gonorrhoea  and HIV test 5 days after the event for results to come back nagitive. Since these results I have been  reading about alsorts and been feeling symptoms of muscle pain all over with joint spasm, I have had a rash on my hands and feel totally drained all the time.
Avatar f tn I used to take 3 tablets a day about 6 years ago was happy, content, had energy etc. Anyway since returning to the Uk. My new Doctor only tests tsh. I have terrible depression. constipation, sluggish.tiredness, over weight hair falling out etc and severe depression. I am very unhappy. My Doctor has decreased my tablets to 1.5 and wants to decrease it even further. I am getting worse and piling on the weight. I tried explaining to him how much betterI am on more tablets but he does not listen.
Avatar m tn My family was almost out the door because of my depression, lack of wanting to help myself, and miscellaneous ways of "self medication". When the $hit hit the fan, I knew I had to go on. I knew I wasn't done and I knew I was not the giant $hit bag I was turning myself into. There is help out there and of course there is a cost. There are hundreds of places across this country that offer help for lesser cost, and some work on a sliding scale.
Avatar m tn My son is now 24 years old. He was suffering from depression three years back. He did not go to college for two months continiously. He was just sitting in a corner and not going out any where. He was started with depression medicine. Doctor gave him Mirtaz tabs and one another tab. After six months he suddenly stopped medicine saying that I donot require this medicine. After eighth months he was to start the same again.
4861077 tn?1360159739 I find it hard to do all my daily things to the point that it hurts to peel potatoes what kind of help can I get for this as it is all new to me. I take lots of medication and am still in pain please help. I take adcal d3 twice a day I take naproxen two tablets twice a day I take flouxotine two tablets a day I take co dydramol two tablets four times a day and I take amitriptline tablets two a day are these right for this diagnosis as I am still in a lot of pain.
370801 tn?1264408618 Is it possible you were suffering from CFS and anemia with just a mild form of depression thrown in all this time disguised as depression. Just a thought since I can't find any clinical evidence that B12 injections alone help major depression, although vitamin B complex may be added to other medications to supplement the treatment of bipolar disorder. Regardless, you're feeling better and that is great, but I'd still discuss the issue with your helathcare provider.
Avatar f tn My interpretation of all this info is that you most likely have central hypothyroidism which is a dysfunction in the hypothalamus/pituitary system that results in relatively low TSH along with relatively low Free T4 and Free T3 levels, with accompanying hypo symptoms. Now, getting that recognized and treated in the UK is the problem for you.
574118 tn?1305138884 Hi it's time I seek help now from the kind people here although my last experience with the group was a mistake I did towards the nicest lady and our leader I am supposedly BP1 since 2 years only (got 1 mania for sure, although 4 years before an OCD person only). I was stable since then more or less on Ap's only: seroquel 25mg risperidone 1mg stelazin 2mg xanax 0.375mg the last 2 months I began to go down so i added lexapro/cipralex 5mg every other day, then everyday now.
Avatar m tn I Have Dx of Non-specific URTi with Post-viral fatigue syndrome I'm Assuming Hiv anxiety/Depression Has caused GAD, Majority of Symptoms. Btw No Uk Dr. Will Do CD4/8 ratio Here. Yours are Fine, So You May not Have CFIDS/CFS Hey, If I go to India, I will get a Full Body/Health Check!! (Valtrex, May of Helped, But dosent always, CMV is usually mild in Immunnocompetent Individuals. Don't dwell on that) For Closure, I would really like an answer on these spots and gland swellings....
Avatar n tn I just want to lie in bed and have hot baths.... anyway the reason I said 'help me and others' is that I work for depression and anxiety service and I've noticed that a disproportionate number of my patients have "treated" thyriod problems, or a family history of thyroid problems. Can anyone reccomend and decent literature on living with thyriod conditions?? I'm thinking about evidence based rigorous stuff that I can point patients towards.
Avatar f tn in all of the resons i have, i could not find my hope and lost it unlse some body out there help me. please i beg SOME ANGLE to send me beno or bean-zyme( which is cheap) only 1 botel to try it . AND TO KNOW THERE IS HOP UOT THERE.
Avatar m tn I am wondering what my risk of transmission is? (I am 20 years old from UK, otherwise healthy, have average dental hygiene - I have several childhood fillings and my gums occasionally do bleed when brushing, but when at home I brush teeth twice a day & use mouthwash and pass most dentist checkups without comment) I am so worried, and want to know my risk? I have read some websites stating what they called a "low" (but I thought very high!) risk of 1-4% for cunnilingus.
Avatar n tn plzzz ppl... I hope u help me out with this.... wil b waitg for ur help....
8256587 tn?1399901106 constipation, depression, fatigue, cold intolerance. I have now eliminated gluten and dairy in its entirety. I had an abnormal urine sample which showed leukocytes (white blood) and protein. I was given an antibiotic but I have not even taken it as I am asymptomatic. Weight was 46kg, then 52kg and now back down to 47kg. I did have some fat around my middle (muffin top) but this has since gone. Any advice on the above would be very helpful.
Avatar m tn I ran across something interesting that I thought this forum members would like to know about. There are an awful lot of people who are unhappy about the kind of medical help they are getting. Check this info from the UK. Nothing seems more straightforward than treatment of hypothyroidism. We have robust assays to diagnose the condition and an effective replacement in the form of synthetic thyroxine.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with Clinical Depression a couple of years ago, and was prescribed Sertraline (UK name for Zoloft). This has totally changed my life more than you can believe, since it has helped enormously with the depression, and has also almost eliminated my panic attacks. Since you mention that you have been having crying episodes, then it's possible that you are having some kind of depression problems too.
292592 tn?1234143024 I heard this and cried thinking they think my daughter has that but they said they don't think she has an attachment issue but the therepy for it will help her. It's called regulation therepy. It's to help the child center themself and calm down on there own. I don't know but it's worth a shot. We go to a doctor on Wed to see if she has a sensory issue too. Poor baby has been tested for so many things to rule out any other problems that could cause behavioral problems!! She has alot of anger.
Avatar f tn I am unsure whether this tape showed up anything significant and if it doesn't no-one will help me anymore and I'm so scared. When the monitor came off today i got strange feeling in my chest and took a major irregular episode which my dad felt, he is knowledgable as has had atrial fibrillation 20 years. I took a quarter bisoprolol to see if helps but need be careful as pulse at times goes slowly and my bp is slightly low at 100/60.
Avatar m tn Anyway, she's now a lawyer and doesn't suffer sore throats any more, except when she screams at her own kids! We attended Great Ormond Street Hospital, London UK with this child for years. A world renowned children's hospital. Yet, when she was ill with GF, she was too ill to travel for the 45mins it took to get there, so we attended a local private hospital and saw another, as it turned out, excellent ENT consultant.
Avatar m tn Treatment includes weekly injections of alpha interferon along with the drug ribavirin, which can cost more than $30,000 per year and can cause flu-like symptoms, nausea, depression and other side effects. And only half of patients undergoing this therapy will be cured of the infection. Nearly 4 million Americans are infected with the hepatitis C virus, of which nearly 80 percent have a chronic infection, according to the American Liver Foundation.