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Avatar n tn am a failure mum sent money to uk which is very shameful for me. i am tired of every thing fed up of everything there is no God there is no help there is no bliss/happiness all is temporary ............................................................
Avatar f tn im currently studying clinical depression and its effects,could anyone hel me by completing a questionaire????
1118302 tn?1422495161 thats what the phychiatrist declared today not a single check box was left out they fear that im a danger to myself and suggested me to get checked into the hospital for many things going wrong for me this year and through out my life that i cant imagine it getting any worse god are you there? do you hear my cries?
678100 tn?1245978921 My husband was just diagnosed with clinical depression. He is happy to have a diagnosis that makes sense to him. He spent most of last night looking it up on the web. His meds were changed from Effexor and Welbutrin to Zoloft and Welbutrin. The Dr. said this would make a huge difference in his moods and energy levels. I'm thrilled for a chance that things may start to get better. Is there anyone here married to somone with clinical depression?
Avatar m tn Thanks for encouragement. I have psoriasis and depression hx so interferon tx was never an option for me. I had this for over 37 years.... so im very thankful for this chance.
Avatar f tn Well i guess its obvious to most people when i write down what i feel that I'm depressed and i think its time to get treatment if im honest with myself but i'm in the uk and was wondering if anyone knew of any discreet ways of getting help as i am a very proud person and i find it hard to open up about my problems. Thanks for reading this and if anyone could help id greatly appreciate it.
Avatar n tn Seeing as there are a couple of people from the UK around...does anyone know if the routine HIV screens are for HIV-2 as well as HIV-1. The guidelines recommend it, but I am not overly sure. Gotta love Wimpole Street! Went to the Regent Park clinic myself!
469856 tn?1207837626 Well, I have been on Depakote for about 5 weeks now and my blood levels are where they should be. I just wish it helped with the depression. Oh well, the study medication is supposed to help with that. I will be starting on that next week. I just hope I get the actual medication (ziprasidone).
Avatar m tn Are you suffering from depression due to OCD or is it clinical depression? If it is clinical depression, you should check out MedHelp's Depression Forum.
Avatar f tn Hi I've been suffering from depression my while life nand I want to get help but iw to expensive.does any one know where can I get help at low cost.
Avatar f tn Hello, Usually a doctor will ask you to go back in two weeks if you still feel the same. He then has questions to ask you to see if you are depressed. I believe you will find these questions on the internet. Not sure where. Look up depression and see if that helps you identify what is wrong. Try and see another doctor. They vary so much. I have found this. I don't see how sleeping pills can help depression. Tiredness is certainly a symptom of depression. I live in UK too.
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Avatar m tn Recently i read how alot of people who used Chantix in the Usa and the uk are suffering from Depression and suicidal thoughts and its thought that chantix is the reason for this depression. I also have become depressed after its use. I am wondering what others think of my claims?
13864745 tn?1443685231 I was dealing with it also:( I know how you feel.
Avatar m tn In many countries like the UK, it's considered conclusive and you don't need to test further using a duo test post 4 weeks. But "officially" a doctor has to determine if you are conclusive based on the test result and his clinical evaluation. In general, yes. You can stop testing. You don't have hiv.
Avatar n tn There are degrees of depression. Clinical depression general means that you have some depression worth treating, while major depression means it has been going on for a longer time than necessary and the symptoms are more severe or incapacitating.
Avatar f tn ll be able to give you some recommendations, as there is a difference between situational depression (feelings of sadness due to life events or losses) and clinical diagnosed depression. Hope to hear from you soon!
8238390 tn?1397289018 I have clinical depression anyway, but since getting pregnant it's gotten so much worse. Is there anything I can do naturally that might help? And is this a sign that post pardum depression might be bad? I'm really scared of that...
Avatar n tn I have suffered off and on for 20 years with clinical depression. My Dad died last year and since then I have used .05 mg. of xanax for sleep. Currently, I cutting back on it and now I am finding my mood is very gloomy and feels like imminent doom. I feel like I have the 'heebiejeebies." I realize my dosage is small, however can it be the xanax that is causing this or has the Prozac pooped out?? I started Effexor Xr again 5 days ago. Thanks. Any help is appreciated.
Avatar m tn It's my understanding that clinical depression is just a more severe depression. There's a specific criteria you need to meet to be diagnosed with this.
4116706 tn?1351907846 Wrong date, should be Saturday night to Sunday morning. Hubby having problems with depression tonight "because I am negative or arguing". Loud talking, crying, hitting the desk, etc. did not help my sleep. If I got up to help him, he would get more upset. I also think he is afraid because of surgery Friday in Dallas.
Avatar f tn HI there, I'm sorry you are feeling this way. I think that your best course of action is to talk to someone. I think that at your age, you really need the support of your parents. Your mom would be a perfect choice and she would want to be included in this discussion.