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Avatar m tn Okay. I am not trying to say Lyme Disease is an autoimmune disease. But still trying to figure out why I am losing all the fat on my body and it continues. At first, my doctors, including LLMD, thought it was ACA. Now both are considering Lyme Diosease caused an autoimmine reaction. First because a skin biopsy showed atrophy but no signs of ACA. Second, because I have not lost any hair in the areas, like legs, arms, etc, which ACA can cause.
Avatar f tn I stumbled across Dr. Jemsek's website today. He is the NC Infectious Disease doctor featured in "Under Our Skin" who was disciplined by his state medical board for overdiagnosing and overtreating Lyme patients, and then sued by BCBS for $100 million. He was a highly regarded and recognized AIDS/HIV doc before he started treating Lyme. He had to declare bankruptcy and shut down.
1692704 tn?1307211780 I was on Sam-e years ago before I knew it was Lyme Disease. I couldn't take it because it made me more anxious. You do have to be careful with the higher doses because I believe it can build up in your system, but please don't quote me on this. As far as the low dose antibiotics, I am fearful that the bacteria will have a chance to get resistant with the low doses and that is my main complaint. I guess I should just trust my doctor. Thanks for the reply...
Avatar f tn Well after the positive lyme test, their daughter refused to accept the lyme diagnosis and treatment for lyme. Why ? Because she was already addicted to painkillers and I think the lyme disease had by then affected her decision making (as well as all of the drugs she had been taking). This young woman had been taking so many painkillers, that when the producers and camera crew arrived at her apartment to film her, they found her unconscious on the floor.... glass shattered around her !
Avatar f tn Are positive Lyme Disease Titers registered in the chronic stage of the disease?
Avatar m tn Many docs say it is, but there is a substantial minority opinion that Lyme is a much more complex disease than run-of-the-mill infections and requires much longer treatment, because the Lyme bacteria have particular characteristics that allow them to evade a short course of abx: the Lyme bacteria have a very slow reproductive cycle, and antibiotics are effective mostly when the bacteria are dividing, therefore a longer course of treatment is called for, as is done in tuberculosis (usual treat
Avatar m tn I was tested for lyme disease over a year ago by my family physician. Test results came back negative. I was reading an article in a magazine concerning symptoms of lyme disease and everything listed as symptoms I seem to have. I am trying to find a specialist in my area who is knowledgable in this area. Should I have another blood test done to see if things have changed?
Avatar f tn And what I meant by doing another western blot is that ive read sometimes doctor give you a trail run of antibiotics if they are not sure if you have Lyme Disease and it might produce a positive IgG if I did have lymes disease...
Avatar f tn Levaquin, there are some intracellulars that also work against Bart, such as the Biaxin/Plaquenil combo and Clindamycin. The headache on Clindamycin could have been a Lyme herx, but it could also have been a Bart herx. I mention this to say you don't have to suffer with chronic stomach pain on Rifampin indefinitely. There are other options if it doesn't go away. I am very glad to hear it's working! At least you can give your doc credit for being willing to learn.
Avatar m tn like this because I stay very active and eat well. Does it seem possible that I could have Lyme Disease even though my tests have been negative?
326184 tn?1348809108 If you have Lyme disease, can it cause lesions in the brain..? could it be Lyme disease? Is a test for this done when ms is suspected or does it have to be ask for? Thank you in advance for any responses.. I have joined many different areas on MedHelp under cantsleep2007..
Avatar m tn He has been on Doxycycline for a week now, even though his results for Lyme were negative. Is it normal to have negative results if you do have Lyme disease? Is it normal for a fever to last for weeks. When can he expect to start feeling better? Any info or suggestions are greatly appreciated.
362692 tn?1248639193 Hey, come visit with us over at the Lyme Disease forum. Sounds like you could use some company. We've all been through the mill and can perhaps give you some information from our collective experience. There is a recent book called Cure Unknown by Weintraub that I highly recommend -- it describes what people have gone through trying to find a diagnosis and treatment and the mess that the scientific and medical communities are in about Lyme and its coinfections.
Avatar m tn Welcome to MedHelp Lyme -- Sorry to hear what you are going through -- you are, in my not-medically-trained opinion, having symptoms that could be associated with Lyme disease. Many MDs are not familiar with the broad range of symptoms that may appear in a Lyme infection and often cycle seasonally and also every few weeks (it's different in everyone). That is, I think, part of what makes it hard for docs to recognize Lyme when they see it.
Avatar n tn Lyme disease is a bacterial infection carried by ticks that may also carry other diseases. The tests and treatments are different for the various diseases. I am not medically trained and it may be possible that all the Lyme bacteria can be killed by the immune system and we just dont know it has happened, but there are so many people sick with Lyme that I would get treated just to be sure. Did your son's doctor advise against treatment?
Avatar m tn t uptight or stressed out at work, and she DEFINITELY is not depressed. She thinks it might be Lyme Disease, and I did a bit of searching, it seems to be what she's having? My question is, is this lyme disease? And if so, what treatment should she take?
Avatar f tn I know it could be far-fetched because he did not have a bulls-eye rash anywhere on his body, that he could have been bitten by a tick last October, and now he is showing signs of Lyme Disease??? We were with family whose dog was diagnosed with Lyme Disease about 2 months after that hiking trip in October?
Avatar f tn Hopefully you will have some luck and success getting tested for Lyme - while your symptoms don't have to be Lyme, they could very well be Lyme (not to forget co-infections). You may need to find a Lyme dr. to interpret the results if they aren't definitive enough for a non-Lyme expert to read. Good luck and let us know how you're doing.
1640442 tn?1302449164 CALDA is the California Lyme disease association, and if you search for them on line, they may have some leads for you on a Lyme specialist in your area, or if no one is in the central valley, then you may have to trek to LA or the Bay Area.
Avatar m tn So I have been bitten by many ticks in my time - I live in Scotland. I have never noticed any rashes or flu like symptoms after infection either. However, recently (years after I have been bitten), I've developed some symptoms I believe are suggestive of lyme or co-infections. It started with anxiety 2 months ago (which has now pretty much gone). It then progressed to dizziness and breathlessness for around 2 weeks - I sometimes still get occasionally dizzy.
Avatar f tn The standard, non-ILADS approach is the one taken by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and IDSA (Infectious Disease Society of America) -- their diagnosis for Lyme virtually requires (1) a documented bite by a deer tick and (2) an expanding reddish rash around the bite that looks like a bullseye. At least half of people with Lyme never saw the tick or had a rash (including me), and the other symptoms can be vague.
Avatar n tn Do you always get lyme disease if bitten, or have had a tick on you? I had a tick on my a couple of weeks ago, got it out with head and all, but still have a pretty large lump where the tick was, is this normal, or should I have it checked out?