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369592 tn?1198515304 , was sitting on the floor with us the other night and suddenly started to breathe, solely, through his nose and started making loud snorting noises like he was unable to breathe.. He was having a very hard time breathing for about 20 seconds and i had him lay down. We thought he was either having a heart attack or a stroke. After about 30 seconds, he was breathing normally, but obviously shaken up (as were we!).
Avatar n tn or is it possible that my Antibiotics have caused some other problem that's affecting me? what is your best estimate? I feel horrible. All that I want to do is lay down and sleep all day... It's been 9 days since first getting flu but the the confusion and lightheadedness is still present and worse than ever. (This took me all morning to write... difficult to concentrate) Thank you...
Avatar m tn By this time she had about 30-40 more... I don't think seizures, but more toned down kinds. I'm not sure of the term. She would be laying on her stomach, and then out of nowhere, flip over once or twice, like she didn't know which was was up. This doctor also recommended blood work. But it is simply too much money. If we had it, we would have done it. After given knowledge of our financial state, the doctor recommended a simple 'Shotgun' antibiotic approach.
Avatar f tn the avelox seem to make me more constipated and stomach pain, it took the swelling i had down though, the clindamycin is giving me bad diareha. The drainage from my nose area is so bad it's awful. I don't understand why these docs are doing anything about it when all i do is shake...can't get too hot or too cold. I have begun to lose a lot of weight. I just want this over without me losing any inside parts or more skin.
1142929 tn?1271626435 Okay first I wanna say calm will be okay. Start off with a clean slate when it comes to a VERY common issue all of us women suffer from. Push the reset button stop listening to your doctors cause all they want is your money. Its called big business...the answer is right underneath your kitchen sink. PEROXIDE (3%) IS THE ANSWER, YES I SAID PEROXIDE...
Avatar f tn i still getting the pain, but it is going to my neck, near your bone, straight across, it feels like it is a burning feeling, but it really bothers me when i lay down, when i sit up it doesn;t hurt or standing up, not as bad as if i was laying down, I do have broken teeth, and infection i have been on zithromycin, ery-tabs, Clindamycin, i went to my cardiologist and said if it is in 1 place its not my heart, but recently it has been moving, going to my right breast, and near my underarm, but s
10894761 tn?1413641484 I had a bunch of stuff going on, had a root canal, then another tooth had a broken root and abscessed, had to have it pulled, was taking clindamycin, an antibiotic that makes me sick, then got through that and got an UTI and had to take cipro which can affect your heart. So I was stressing big time from all that was going on and the PVCs came in droves. They have kept me awake at night on occasion, in the morning when I wake up I am every other beat is a has really freaked me out.
Avatar m tn Because you have noticed significant weight loss I am fairly confident that the initial blood and urine tests will help to narrow down the causes. Many communities have subsidized veterinary clinics that can examine your pet. Many of these hospitals and clinics are Non-Profits and handle cases just like this. Also many of these hospitals work on a sliding scale based upon income. If you live in a small community it may be hard to find. Most large metropolitan areas have such hospitals.
Avatar n tn Mainly my legs and they are achy and muscles and buttocks feel like they are burning sometimes when I sit down or lay down. I don't notice this as much when walking around. Had CBC tests and kidney and liver enzymes, and HIV as well. Ultrasound of lymph nodes in neck as well as Xrays. I am not tired really, and the main problem is just my legs. Sometimes I feel like I'm running a low fever, but when I check it I'm not.
Avatar m tn I've been with my wife for 6 years now. When we first got together around the age of 20, I never noticed an unpleasing odor "down there." In fact, performing oral pleasure for her was always a joy to do. But as the years have gone by, her natural odor has grown into something that has gotten in the way of our sex life. Even right after she takes a shower the "fishy smell" can still be there.
Avatar f tn They drew 14 vials and I started to pass out when they got to vial 9. I had to lay down and they drew the rest. I wonder whether the stress of the blood loss and near-fainting might have shocked my immune system and resulted whatever this illness was.
Avatar m tn Typically, this involves bloating and strong cramping with some gas. If severe enough I'll feel sweaty, tired, and need to lay down. After about an hour of this it will normally go away. Later, when I have a bowel movement it will be very loosely formed, sticky, and irritate the skin from my butt. I'll usually need to go to the bathroom often during the day if I've eaten many carbs and it will feel incomplete. If I don't stop eating carbs I can get some leakage. I haven't seen any blood.
579258 tn?1250652943 We went through the normal check-in process with standard questions, BP check and an ID band and was taken back to an exam room. Once into a hospital gown and a sheet, I laid down on the table with my head elevated and my knees bent. The doctor arrived and peeled the foamy tape off my abdomen, which covered almost my whole left side of my tummy .. from just above my belly button down to my leg, from hip to midline and it felt as though my skin was coming with it.
Avatar f tn I had went to the doctor to see her about the rash on my back and the yeast infection. I have also developed some thrush on my tongue due to the clindamycin I was taking for my abscessed wisdom teeth removal a week ago. She stated that like I suspected it was due to the clindamycin antibiotic I was taking and that the rash on the back of my neck was either yeast or contact dermititis.
Avatar n tn Definitely stay on the antibiotics for possible remaining gum infections. However, if you Google "CNN Sinus Infections" you'll read what we already knew here, is that antibiotics aren't removing your sinus infections, which often happen after tooth extractions. First, start with a Neilmed Sinus Rinse, available at chain drugstores. If that's not effective, the infection's in the upper sinuses, so a Sinus flush would be needed http://www.medhelp.
577106 tn?1219842945 for more serious MRSA infections, antibiotics that may still work include vancomycin, trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole, linezolid, tetracycline, or clindamycin. In your case, if a culture and sensitivity test was done and it showed it is sensitive to a particular antibiotic, this may treat the infection. It is important to finish the full course of antibiotics prescribed, even if you feel better before the final dose. This is to prevent the development of further drug resistance in the bacteria.
Avatar f tn Cipro, co-trimazole, Bactrim, Doxycycline, Gentamycin, and Clindamycin. I'm thinking Bactrim would be a good choice?
Avatar n tn points created from sitting at the chair cause a flare up. How do you stop something such as this that does not allow you to even move or sit or lay or TOUCH anything? Do you just stay still in a bed or on a sofa for a week ?!?!?! Origin: Not that it matters to speculate because she could've gotten it from anywhere, but no one in the family has experienced anything like this before EVER and there is me 32 years old, my sister 29, and Dad is 60.
Avatar f tn And the fevers are really frustrating - they are low grade, never higher than 101 F, but when I get them I feel very weak and very tired, and have to drop whatever I'm doing, lay down, and apply ice packs. Otherwise I start to feel like I'm going to pass out and start to feel frantic with heat. Bacteroides gracilis, strep viridans, haemophilus influenzae and parainfluenzae, and neisseria species were cultured from the actual surgical site in the jawbone.
626901 tn?1261876405 After the lancing and starting the new antibiotic (SMZ-TMP) the swelling was going down wonderfully and I was pretty much reduced to what looked like 2 boils. These had even broke open on their own and were draining. Today I started noticing a renewed tenderness to the area, and it feels like it might be "filling up" again. The "boils" have stopped draining as well. Any thoughts on what I should do next? Anyone?
Avatar m tn Last night was hell again - the pain comes on quickly for about 20-35min or so then it calms down. I dont think this is from grinding/clinching at all as this happens the same during the day. Could this be from wisdom teeth pushing, allergies, sinus? Im at a loss here. Is it possible the new crown has something to do with all of this, as I said before I have never had issues like this until this crown..
Avatar f tn If the pain does'nt wane off within 3 days, I would switch to clindamycin+ metronidazole. In my20+ years of practice, this regimen has been successful. However, if you don't respond the regimen, I would switch to clarithromycin+metronidazole. If the last regimen is still not working, I would use vancomycin.If antibiotics is properly administered, dental infections generally subsides within 3 days. PLease go back to your surgeon addressing the issue.
Avatar n tn I am confused about my situation and need help. Best i can do is lay out the facts. 2006 - had filling put in my bottom left molar 2nd from rear. at that time dentist said the filling is pretty close to the nerve and may eventually require root canal. fastforward to july 2008, went back to dentist due to a few months of sensitivity in the tooth which was getting worse - as opposed to quick hit pain when drinking cold or hot foods, pain was lingering.
Avatar f tn They get so bad that I need to rest my eyes and lay down. I've also had red eyes that hurt. Well,I need to get off of here and give my girls lunch. Talk to you all later!!
Avatar f tn It started with acne on my face for which I tried all possible medications (Clindamycin, minocycline, name it..) . Nothing helped and then my derm switched me to acutance for 6 months which got rid of my facial acne but a few months after I developed chronic scalp folliculitis. Over the last three years I have tried everything from shampoos to different medications.
Avatar n tn If I rest for a few minutes as soon as I get up my legs are tight again. Not just tight but painful. When I lay down at night I get pulsing pain in my legs. Always have to move my legs to a different position which only helps for a couple minutes. In the morning my pain seems to be better but as soon as I get up all the leg stiffness and ankle and feet pains return.. I contacted a lawyer but it seems that you have to have a torn tendon to have one want to help.
Avatar n tn Some side effects I encountered were dry peeling lips, cracking in the corners of my mouth (good luck eating anything thicker than 1 inch), sore muscles (especially when I would lay down on my back and then go to get up because my ribs would hurt), dry itchy eyes, an extremely dry nose, and peeling dry patches of skin on my face.
Avatar n tn My symptoms are only that i have a very thick white discharge all the time, i shower twice daily and am very hygenic, i dont use soap because of dermatitis down there too, instead use aqueos lotion.
Avatar n tn Today I went to an urgent care walk in clinic because of really bad almost rotten smells, and watery discharge coming out whenever I stood up from laying or sitting down. I thought maybe it was bacterial vaginosis. When he put the speculum in and was like, "You have a tampon in there, did you know that?" I was like "No!" Its been probably 8 days since the last day I would have used a tampon from my period, so I was absolutely embarrassed and shocked.
Avatar n tn Sometimes they hurt and sometimes they itch. When they bleed on my panties, they make a scab and when I go to pull down my panties to use the restroom, its like ripping off a scab and it starts bleeding all over again. I have no clue what they could be and I have not been to a doctor. I thought I was the only one that got these. THANK GOD there is somebody else. I would always look up the signs for Genital Herpes and Genital Warts thinking maybe I contracted it some other way then sex.