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Avatar f tn I have been suffering with some gum inflamation and irritation for about a week now and had some dental work done because of this. My gums no longer hurt but I do have some pain in my sinus area (right cheek). I went to the ER and although I have no visible abscess they think I may have an infection and prescribed me clindamycin (300mg, 4xday). My question is, since they are not sure if I have an infection or not, is taking this antibiotic worth the risk of getting colitis?
Avatar n tn I was given clindamycin for preventative treatment from sinus surgery. For the past four days, I have been having excruciating headaches. I finally bit the bullet and called my ENT. They took me in (six days after my surgery) and tried to clean out my sinuses, but I was in too much pain. They sent me for an emergency CT to check for a CSF leak/aneurysm, and it came back clean. No pain killers treat the headache, I have no infection, and no abnormal blockage from the surgery.
Avatar n tn Applies to clindamycin: for solution oral, oral capsule, oral powder for reconstitution Get emergency medical help if you have any of these signs of an allergic reaction while taking clindamycin: hives; difficulty breathing; swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat.
Avatar f tn I have been suffering with some gum inflamation and irritation for about a week now and had some dental work done because of this. My gums no longer hurt but I do have some pain in my sinus area (right cheek). I went to the ER and although I have no visible abscess they think I may have an infection and prescribed me clindamycin (300mg, 4xday). My question is, since they are not sure if I have an infection or not, is taking this antibiotic worth the risk of getting C Diff?
Avatar f tn I was put on Clindamycin due to a sinus issue, I was put on Amoxicillin for over a week and my ear became totally stopped up. I seen an ENT which put me on Azithromycin for 8 days and prednisone. After no improvement over another week and explaining that my grandson was hospitalized with MRSA made him think it was possible that it could be my problem. I now have runny, bloodshot eyes too.
Avatar m tn The dental issues persisted, and I had a CT scan on September 7. It revealed an acute right maxillary sinus infection. This was partly the reason for the Clindamycin. I saw an ENT this week to evaluate the sinuses, and he took another CT. He said that the right maxillary sinus had cleared up and what appears there in the CT is actually a cyst. But he said one of the left sinuses is now infected. He didn't name it, but it appears to be the sphenoid sinus.
Avatar f tn He also began the root canal but was unable to finish as the infection had gotten so thick in two days that it wouldnt drain even with lancing my gum above the tooth. He put me on Clindamycin and set up for me to come back in 12 days. I literaaly live on pain medicine & motrin every 4 hours for cheek on the left side I have a small brown dot inside on my cheek. I go back to the endodontist in 2 days.
Avatar n tn given metholypredinsone 6 day pack for hives also worked great for sinuses draining. 4 weeks later little pain put on clindamycin 10day-levawquin 14day. Off to ENT continued clindamycin 20 days still had green drainage. Got CT scan. Report siad completed opacification of left maxillary, left frontal, and most of ethmoid but not left spenoid or anything on right side. ENT reccomended surgery only way to treat and cure.
458072 tn?1291418786 I'm no doc, but it's odd for a bacterial infection to move from sinus to ear to the lung -- more common for viruses to move around like that. But what do I know. Generally, sinus and ear infections will clear by themselves if left alone, and can be treated with natural antibiotics or just good old salt water, but sometimes an infection is just too strong and that's what antibiotics are for.
Avatar n tn Not all antibiotics work well for everything. Usually for a tooth abscess, we prescribe amoxicillan or clindamycin. Also, be careful with how much ibuprofen you take! It can be hell on your kidneys! I'm afraid it may be time for a root canal or an extraction on that tooth. With that much trauma, it just may have finally had enough. There are vitality tests that your dds can do to see just how much life that tooth has left.
Avatar n tn The doctor has found a cyst on my left sinus. I am waiting for an appointment with an ENT, but it is not until March. For those of you who have had a surgery on your sinus, what was done? Lately, I have had an ear infection, which cannot be cured. At the moment I am using Flonase and something for pain. I have high blood pressure so there is a limit to what I can take.
Avatar n tn I am being treated with clindamycin for a sinus infection and waiting to hear if I has MRSA. Now my eyes are running and things appear to be blurred. It is running rapid in my family. My 5 yr. old grandson was hospitalized due to MRSA in his hip joint that found a home from having it in his thumb a few weeks before. They had to go in because it was to thick to drain. He is on the same thing I am but by IV for 6 weeks.
Avatar m tn I also have the surface of my face is numb as if shot with Novocaine, over the left sinus area. I have been on Levofloxacin for 5 days with NO improvement. Face is still numb, I am able to breath through the left side of my nostril, however there is some thick mucus running down the back of my throat. HELP !!!!!!!
Avatar n tn My first thought was- what the heck is going on- I have this bad sinus infection , on meds for that for 20 days- it never goes away- was told to take celexa- (which I took at the same time as the anti-biotic)- and then started having attacks, tingling in my fingers and toes, and then I am being sent to a pyschologists? for anxiety or panic disorder.??? I really hope you get better and I did go to chiropractor ( I have not been in a few months though)...maybe I should go back for a visit.
Avatar f tn I have a fistula at the top of my gum line. My oral surgeon had me on clindamycin for 1 week. Now he wants me to take clindamycin and flagyl. That would be 7 antibiotics a day. Does that sound reasonable? My question is will the antibiotics solve my problem or is it just a temporary fix? Thanks for your help.
Avatar f tn have had at the beginning of october alot congestion nose and throat and ear congestion cough and mucus that would not come out the doctor said it was allergies so he told me to take zyrtec and flonose nasal spray and prescribed me amoxicillin 250mg 3 x a day for 15 days and took allegraD and it help a lil only till it wore off so im still not feeling better and am desperate to be better i have a two yr old. .i even tried the nasal irrigation and not better..
Avatar m tn 2/2012 - Strong urge to urinate/clear discharge/testicle pain for 3 days. UA neg. 4/2012 - 10 days erthromycin for sinus infection. 6/2012 - Clear discharge/testicle pain. Given PCR for m. gen.,Trich, other STDs. All neg. 7/2012 - Strong urge to urinate/clear discharge. Two-cup UA shows "weird clumpy" WBCs. Dr. says maybe urethritis and only option left is clindamycin. But there was never any unprotected sex. I go to an STD specialist and a urologist when discharge continues.
Avatar f tn I took the powder out of a 500mg capsule of Ampicillin (coincidentally, my son was being treated for a sinus infection, too) and divided it into five parts. Then, I took one part and divided it into five parts. That gave me doses of about 20 mg. My cat is 17 pounds. I found that the best way to give it to him was to add it to a tiny amount of whole milk. He took it much, much easier than the antibiotics the vet used to give him, when he had some episodes of UTIs.
Avatar f tn Who gave me antibiotics. It went away for a few days but then came back. My symptoms were running nose, nasal drainage down my throat filling my lungs with gunk, and subsequent cough. After 3 more trips to my family Dr. and three more, and different antibiotics, I demanded something was wrong and I'm not taking any more antibiotics. I went to see an ENT and he said it was my deviated septum causing the problems. So I scheduled an appointment for the surgery.
Avatar m tn Hi Everyone, While I've been avoiding it for several years I'm facing the inevitability that wide surgical excision may be the only option left for me. In a final attempt to deny my fate, I wanted to see anyone has some advise for me regarding any real alternative to surgery when you're at stage III. I also wanted to hear from anyone who has has a positive experience with wide surgical excision.
Avatar f tn As the day progressed it was worse and worse but no apparent swelling or any other symptoms that would point to sinus issues which are a frequent for me. After work I came home and ate supper. Around 10 PM a migraine hit me like a ton of bricks and within 20 minutes I was running to the restroom to vomit. Mind that usually after the onset of a migraine for me it takes a few hours before I get sick. Yesterday (Tuesday) I went to a local medical clinic as I do not have a primary physician.
Avatar f tn Over a month ago I developed a sinus infection, congestion fever. Took a zpak, felt good while on it. The day I stopped I started to feel crummy and the fever came back. Went back to the dr after 10 days and I tried levaquin 500mg for three days, on the third day I really lost my appetite, and was shaking/shivering with chills. So the next day the dr switched to clindamycin 300mg and prednisone.
Avatar f tn Hello, I had been experiencing headaches, cheek and jaw pain for awhile. I thought it was a sinus issue. When I woke up Sunday, my neck and under my jaw was swollen and I had severe tooth pain. Went to the ER and was given Clindamycin and Norco. I had #18 molar extracted yesterday. Oral surgeon said it had an abscess. He told me to make sure I complete taking my Clindamycin. I have considerable ear and jaw pain as well as the area of extraction.
168348 tn?1379360675 Norman's site, along with many others. My new Internist took new labs; Thyroid was 1.20 for TSH and 0.9 for FT4, which she said was normal. Cholesterol was elevated to 212 (borderline); Triglycerides were 177 (150 desired), LDL was 128 (100 desired), HDL was 49 (40 desired; 50-60 optimal for women). Glucose was 100 (normal). These were taken in June. I watch my diet, eat lots of fiber, drink lots of fluids, take supplements to help my heart--having these elevated shocked me.
Avatar f tn Hi, I'm new to the forum and lookin doe help/advice. I have been hypothyroid now for 20 years and I suffer from every symptom still and my doc says My blood in all in the normal range!! I don't feel anywhere close to normal, each year that does by I feel worse and worse!! I joined the gym over a year a go and love it but it's really difficult for me to find the energy to go!! Today I got a blood test and for the first time requested my results.
15607012 tn?1442453350 I've been fighting a mystery condition for two years. I've been to many doctors I've had many tests ran and lots of things have been uncovered, but I still do not have a clear diagnosis and I don't know where to go or who to turn to. Instead of writing a novel I'm going to keep my initial post short and I'm going to withhold information at first so I don't influence your responses. I'm going to list the symptoms I'm experiencing right now and I'd like for you to give me your first impression.
1085237 tn?1293764246 I thought I had a sinus infection so I went to the local clinic and was told there was no signs of a sinus infection but given Cipro 500mg twice a day for a just in case. The doc said to check with the dentist to see if it was wisdom tooth related so went to dentist they weren't sure and referred me to an oral surgeon who could not be sure that it was but went ahead and removed the left impacted wisdom tooth.
Avatar m tn He plans on closing the preauricular ear sinus. I am on antibiotics for almost a month and it is still there. So yea, do other Doctors perform a complete excision of the sinus track if there is still an infection going on?
Avatar f tn All in all, though, my specialist believes that I will need to have sinus surgery and that they may have break the septum to get to some of the sinus areas. Again, I have never had sinus issues like this in my life, however, I have researched via the web, the different causes of chronic (and acute) sinusitis and one thing kept coming back to me - stress and how the immune system reacts to more than one type of problem that is caused by stress.