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Avatar m tn I have 3 abscessed teeth. Bad taste in mouth, hoarseness and what I woke up today. This is a bad drug! This is just one site. Answer the question about his tooth which is why he was put on. Then explain to him his new disease and your diagnosis from drug!
Avatar n tn he told me I was now resistant to both of the prior antibiotics and he was giving me the Clindamycin now. Every time after I take the med. my mouth feels dry and I get an awful taste in my mouth. He also gave me 600 mg of Ibprofun and Tylonel 3. As a mother of 5, something that would make me drowsy isn't the best thing for me.
Avatar n tn I was given a prescription (500mg -20) from someone that hadn't been used yet and i've only taken 2 because it leaves such a bad taste in my mouth. If it is useful for my infection then I will suffer the taste & nausea and continue on with my 3rd dose.
Avatar n tn My burning smell was caused by hypothyroidism and I also had an acid taste in my mouth. I had this for a couple of years and of course was told it was in my head and put on antidepressants. When I started talking Eltroxin for my thyroid the smell went away along with many other unexplained symtoms.
Avatar n tn does anybody have a good home remedy for this awful illness? im always in a bad mood and i havent had sex in four months and im 20! boyfriend says he understands but our relationship is wearing thin. please help!
Avatar m tn but now its just really big and puffy. Is that normally for its to take so long to work ? i have the bad taste in my mouth all the time. would that be the bad tooth draining? my tongue even swelled . should i get my face drained or what should or could do to make this better? please this really hurts. i am barely eating and its been 4 days going on 5. Its very tight. and ice isnt working sorry about my spelling. please just help.
1382342 tn?1279260665 I had the usual post extraction pain, some low grade fever, awful nausea and bad taste in my mouth, (I guess all that is from the anesthesia and the small amount of oozing still occurring). I was slowly improving each day, then yesterday (day 5/6) started feeling a slight increase in pain. The socket appears to be healing, but now the side furthest to the back, feels as if there may be a small piece of jaw bone exposed, it is rough when I feel it with my tongue as well as a fingertip.
Avatar n tn I am a 52 year old male - for the last 6 months I have been experiencng a thick, creamy, sticky saliva accompanied by a sour, rancid taste in my mouth. I have been 2 two different GI doctors - I have had 2 endoscopy's which are negative for GERD. I have been to see 4 different ENT doctors and 1 suggested LPR or silent reflux (when you look down my nose into my throat it does not present as LPR) - I have been taking 30 mg of Prevacid twice a day for 3 months to no benefit.
Avatar n tn I tried taking clindamycin, but every time (with liquids, food, hidden in soft foods, etc) the pill lodges in my throat, then burns it raw for days. This happens with everywhere pill. I also now have a metallic taste in my mouth. The dentist also gave me a pain pill, which made me ridiculously high, to where I couldn't even stand up straight, and then puked for hours afterwards. The clindamycin also made me puke once. I have also tried an allergy pill, to no avail!
974371 tn?1424656729 Was on Clindamycin back in August fir a tooth infection, had for a while. That made me really sick, told to stay on it and was told to stop after 6 days. Something is wrong nobody is catching. I am sick! From my mouth all the way through my stomach and bowels. I have had the CT scans done, MRI, nuclear scan of the gallbladder, etc. how can I be having problems with every drug they ate trying? There must be something going on.
Avatar f tn I'm guessing that the radiation damaged the salivary gland, which caused dry mouth, and hence the back-up/infection in the gland. Currently taking 300mg clindamycin 4 times a day, for two weeks. Doc told me to call after one week if not vast improvement and so far, day 5, not seeing much improvement. Any thoughts, experience would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn I also sometimes get a bad taste from the drip at the back of my mouth. My nose isn't at all runny or blocked, and though i've tried to blow it thinking that there is some foul smelling mucus, nothing comes out. It's getting unbearable, and i've called my oral surgeon only to be told that i probably just have a sinus infection and to use a nasal spray. This seems to have only made things worse and the smell has become stronger.
Avatar n tn (It had previously -- years ago, had two different root canals and crowns) After the Apicoectomy, I continued to have a foul taste in my mouth that would not clear up even with antibiotics and it appeared to be coming from the tooth. The oral surgeon determined that the tooth was healthy at this point and sent me to see an ENT surgeon. The ENT surgeon did not feel I had a sinus infection but did put me on another antibiotic (Levaquin) for 14 days and then did a CT Scan of the head.
Avatar n tn I have had extractions before with a local antisthetic before, but this experience I just went through has left me with a bad taste in my mouth, quite literally!! The procedure occured 5 days ago and prior to this I had been taking antibiotics, amoxicylin 500 mg 3x/day. I finished the antibiotics 2 days prior to the extraction. During the extraction while trying to numb me with a local, the hygenist was having a hard time getting me completely numbed.
Avatar n tn I wondered if I had acid reflux but I don't have a sour taste in my mouth when I wake up not breathing and also it only happens the SECOND I'm dozing off and it seems like acid reflux would cause it to occur at any time when you're lying down or sleeping and even throughout the night. ? For some reason, sitting at the computer always makes me feel like I'm going to choke too. Must be holding my head in a certain position?
Avatar m tn So the next day i was folding clothes and got this god awful taste in my mouth. i ran and spit it out (smelled awful too),,,but it was like WHAM no more tooth pressure and the knot in my cheek was instantly gone. i called him up and he said " Bingo, you have/had an abcess and it ruptured on its own and that was very good"...he did put my on clindamycin...which i still have 6 days of to go, but since that thing ruptured and drained i havent had the pain of pressure!
Avatar f tn Also my lips have been getting dry and i had a weird taste in my mouth. The bad taste left but i still feel like no matter how much water i drink my lips feel dry is this any sign of anything ???
Avatar f tn having taken a sleeping pill, i was able to fall asleep, only to wake up w/ a disgusting taste in my mouth, and a gross white film on my 2 front teeth, and ovcourse, the throbbing!! i felt like my ear was going to explode, and God forbid, leave me deaf in that ear, my jaw felt as if someone had broken it, and vicodin 750mg. couldnt even get close to taking the pain away the least bit.
Avatar f tn since won full custody n moved from my to here in fl . let's face it economics in the US is going bad I just heard that loto not even paying winners smh ..
Avatar n tn I've heard of people smelling burning toast or marshmallows when they have a brain tumour but not this so I doubt it is what's wrong with you but I don't know for sure just haven't heard of this.
4865450 tn?1361298133 I started to notice that I have spicy food so throat burns and i do feel that if i lay down the food or anything backs up near my throat, at nights i felt miserable, i brush my teeth at night and morning, still i had bad breath and bad taste in the morning. so i found this forum when i was searching for some good info. I am very happy that i can talk about my problem with someone who will understand.
Avatar f tn I mean I always bit my lip, never thought anything of it, i would go down on past boyfriends without thinking to check if I had a cut on my lip or in my mouth! OMG I hate myself for not knowing!!! My cold sores don't hurt!! They just look like a cut that doesn't heal because the virus is oozing out! Atleast this present cold sore looks that way. I know I was pisses when the dr refused to do a swab test!!! Atleast this dr was smart and did the test! I won't know the results til wed!!!!!
4520139 tn?1355852769 5 yrs) guy who has a severe inflammatory allergy to the bacteria in his mouth. Because eating has become so painful for him, he has lost weight despite our many efforts to medicate his condition and offer him food that is more palatable. This has not been adequate, and his mouth remains painful, and his body remains frail. He no longer grooms himself or plays, and his apparent discomfort is heartbreaking. My Vet has spoken with a Veterinary dentist, who both recommend total extraction.
Avatar n tn It wasn't coming from the cut either it was coming from inside the nasal passage and I could taste the blood in my throat it was horibal! Can anyone help because it also feels like my nose is caving away were the cut will not heel! Its very wierd.
Avatar n tn I would like to know what vagina he's tasting because mines taste sour. I have a question though, can my boyfriend get BV in his mouth?
Avatar n tn behcets is a syndrome that causes really bad ulcers on the genitals and in the mouth NOT small paper like cuts if they had behcets they would most certainly know about it ! its more than likely just the position and angle that u had sex in i had the same and a disorder or syndrome doesnt just pop up out of nowhere right after sex !
Avatar n tn It may be nothing, but please see a physician. Don't feel bad that you left one in, it happens. Just make sure that you are ok. The tampon manufacturers cannot do that.
15607012 tn?1442453350 I can even provide photos of rashes, hair loss, blisters in my mouth if I need to. In my next post you'll understand why I believe I've been exposed to something, but there's clearly some other long term condition going on as well. My goal is to get at least one of them identified.
Avatar f tn One day my right eye was hurting so bad I thought it was going to bust out of my head. In the roof of my mouth I have had this bump that keeps busting filled with blood and pus for a year now. I didn't have insurance and couldn't go to the dentist. I have a temporary root canal done since 2004 that now has a big abcess in the hole of my tooth that ruptures.