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Avatar f tn I went to the ER and although I have no visible abscess they think I may have an infection and prescribed me clindamycin (300mg, 4xday). My question is, since they are not sure if I have an infection or not, is taking this antibiotic worth the risk of getting colitis?
Avatar f tn I went to the ER and although I have no visible abscess they think I may have an infection and prescribed me clindamycin (300mg, 4xday). My question is, since they are not sure if I have an infection or not, is taking this antibiotic worth the risk of getting C Diff?
Avatar n tn I was given clindamycin for preventative treatment from sinus surgery. For the past four days, I have been having excruciating headaches. I finally bit the bullet and called my ENT. They took me in (six days after my surgery) and tried to clean out my sinuses, but I was in too much pain. They sent me for an emergency CT to check for a CSF leak/aneurysm, and it came back clean. No pain killers treat the headache, I have no infection, and no abnormal blockage from the surgery.
Avatar n tn I can't take it anymore, and my CT scan came back clean. I'm on the antibiotic as a preventative measure after sinus surgery (I'm about a week out). There's no infection, and all the drainage, etc. is normal.
458072 tn?1291418786 Hello everyone. I have an ongoing sinus and ear infection. It is now trying to move into my lungs(bronchitis). I have had 2 rounds of Levaquin, an injection of Rocephin and dexamethazone and it is STILL not clearing up. I hated to take those antibiotics in the first place. They are always a LAST LAST resort for me. Probiotics have been taken for the issue these cause, but does anyone know of anything else I can try that will work.
Avatar n tn I haVE had combined sinus infection,and bronchitus,now,3 times in a row,and I have had to request to go to the county ENT clinic;my doctor would not do it himself. If my general pract.give me trouble,I'll go to another county doctor,until one of them referrs me to ENT. None of you ever talk about what happens"if you do not have good money,or very good insurance.
Avatar n tn Can the sinus infection cause dizziness and fatigue? Due to the holiday weekend I haven't been able to call my doctor, but after 3 prior visits he's never suggested sinuses to be a cause.
Avatar n tn I am being treated with clindamycin for a sinus infection and waiting to hear if I has MRSA. Now my eyes are running and things appear to be blurred. It is running rapid in my family. My 5 yr. old grandson was hospitalized due to MRSA in his hip joint that found a home from having it in his thumb a few weeks before. They had to go in because it was to thick to drain. He is on the same thing I am but by IV for 6 weeks.
Avatar m tn If true, this means that the currently infected sinus survived the 2 week round of Clindamycin in September (or else it cleared up and got reinfected). I am concerned that throwing another round of Clindamycin at it risks antibiotic resistance (if it's not already). I'm also concerned about antibiotic resistance in the dental infections that remain. I expressed my concern to the ENT, and all he said was that he wasn't happy about more antibiotics either.
Avatar n tn Back in Feb. I was told I would need a root canal after my face swelled and I had severe pain. I was put on an anti biotic and the root canal was scheduled for 6 weeks later. During the cleaning out of the infected root the instrument broke off in my tooth, the dentist was unable to remove the broken piece and rescheduled me for another appt after he met with the manufacture and got a special tool to remove the broke piece (about 3 weeks later).
Avatar f tn you need a strong dose of antibiotics, it is sinus infection. throw out the rest , waste of time drink lots of warm fluids, like tea and soups. salt water gargle every couple of hours.
Avatar f tn 5 days. I went to my family DR as now it seemed I had a horrible sinus infection & eye issues. She said I now have a sinus infection & conjunctivitis and gave me another Z-pak to start. It has now been 10 days & I am still blowing this green foul smelling stuff out of my nose. I have now started with another headache on the other side of my head and have an odd round place on that cheek. Everything originally began on the right side of my face by the way.
Avatar n tn Like a sinus infection or when my TMJD is playing up, but slightly worse. My ears are completely blocked up and my whole head feels full and under pressure, like someone is pushing my head in. I'm also quite dizzy, particularly when standing up. I've also got a headache (not a severe one, but like a tension headache) The thing is, I don't have any of the usual symptoms i get with a cold or sinusitis - my nose is a little stuffy but to be honest, it always is.
Avatar n tn He found what appeared to be chronic sinusitis on CT and thought that I could have possibly had a fungal infection in the sinus cavities--so Sinus Surgery it became. The outcome was multiple sinus polyps and cyst -- causing the sinus' to not drain properly. After the surgery, 10 more days of antibiotics and so far I have been symptom free! I feel better than I have felt in MONTHS! Now for the surgery itself. My surgery was a procedure called FESS.
1085237 tn?1293764246 It continued to hurt off and on and developed a feeling of pressure along with the pain, all along the left side of my head. I thought I had a sinus infection so I went to the local clinic and was told there was no signs of a sinus infection but given Cipro 500mg twice a day for a just in case.
Avatar m tn I have gone through 2 different courses of antibiotics, clindamycin and Z-pac. After still having the infection, I went to an ENT and he requested an x-ray of my sinuses. The results were, "almost complete opacification of the left maxillary sinus with a fluid level. I also have the surface of my face is numb as if shot with Novocaine, over the left sinus area. I have been on Levofloxacin for 5 days with NO improvement.
Avatar n tn I was sent to the ENT where they found infection and a Retention Cyst. He put me on Clindamycin 300mg four times a day, Flonase, and a decongestant to see if my symptoms would improve. They did not, so he recommended surgery. After the surgery, and a few weeks later, I could breath better then I could my whole life. After the surgery the dizziness was gone. Most ENTs will not worry about the cysts, but if you are symptomatic, then you will probably need it removed.
Avatar n tn 9 months ago I began having stuffed up head and a minor pressure in my jaw at night, a few months later I went to Doctor and he figured it was a sinus infection and gave me antibiotics which didn't really help a few months later same problem but with terrible headaches now and again I had a sinus xray and it was fine , finally I went to dentist two weeks ago he thinks I have a cracked tooth so he got it ready for a crown and said i would'nt need root canal and put the temporary on, well the te
Avatar f tn I've been taking it as prescribed for one whole day but the swelling and excruciating pain in my jaw, neck, temple and cheekbone/sinus continue to come and go every few hours. It is now 3 hours into day five and my face is still swollen and in pain. Is the medication successfully fighting the infection? I don't understand why the swelling and pain goes down slightly for a couple hours and then returns just as strong as before.
Avatar n tn I have gone to three doctors and one of which told me to get a nose job and the second told me he wouldn't reculture it again and the last ENT doctor did sinus surgery on me and it is week 10 after surgery and the infection was back in two weeks and my cartilage is collapsed now so I can't breath out of the left side of my nose. Now I am seeing yet another ENT doctor. When will this end? No one can get rid of it.
Avatar f tn How will I know if my tooth infection spread to my brain or other parts of my body??? Scared... I have a sinus infection and eye infection. Are all of these related??? Saw a dentist and doctor recently. I've had all sorts of symptoms for 2 + months. I'm so scared that I hVe a brain abscess. Please help... Thank you...
Avatar f tn As far as I know I am not allergic to penicillin (I took plain amoxicillin without incident when this all began), I tolerated clindamycin very well and it worked well on the infection until I started showing resistance to it (but that was before both teeth had been removed), and I also do fine on Flagyl. Is there some combination that I could suggest to my doctor that we try? Or some other antibiotic that covers these bacteria?
Avatar f tn In May of 2012 I was on Amoxicillin due to a sever sinus infection and we determind I was allergice to it due to the hives and me having symptoms related to a nasty yeast infection(heavy sour smelling discharge, abnormal periods, itching, burning, and sensitivity to even mild vaginal soaps). I returned to the doctor and I was given a Pap smear, and an STD screening, both of which came negative with the ONLY abnormality of an elevated white blood cell count.
Avatar m tn So I did was open again the wound and drained the pus this time if dark yellow. He said we cannot do something about the sinus if we cannot control to infection. He plans on closing the preauricular ear sinus. I am on antibiotics for almost a month and it is still there. So yea, do other Doctors perform a complete excision of the sinus track if there is still an infection going on?
Avatar f tn All in all, though, my specialist believes that I will need to have sinus surgery and that they may have break the septum to get to some of the sinus areas. Again, I have never had sinus issues like this in my life, however, I have researched via the web, the different causes of chronic (and acute) sinusitis and one thing kept coming back to me - stress and how the immune system reacts to more than one type of problem that is caused by stress.
Avatar n tn Is it possible that the source of infection is bacteria from my sinus cavity traveling into the nerve and sitting in that pocket in the tooth socket? Lastly, besides continued use of antibiotics and popping the abcess, what could be my other options?
Avatar f tn I've taken all of them at some point or another for a URI (most often a sinus infection or strep throat) and every time I do, about 3-5 days into the 7-10 day dosage I end up with a rash all over my neck and chest that has tiny pimples. It's barely red and rarely itches, but it always has those tiny pustules that you can literally scratch off. It never gets infected, but it looks horrible and takes weeks to go away once it's shown up.
Avatar f tn I then went to an ENT and had a CT scan of my sinus. Nothing really showed on the CT, except for a slight thickening of my sinus membrane, and a small object where my root used to be. I then went to an oral surgeon and he has put me on Clindamycin. I am on my 5th day of 10. I am just praying this helps, because after 8 weeks I don't know how much longer I can stand this. The odd thing is that about 2 months before all this happened I had a virus and went on an antiobiotic.
Avatar f tn I thought it was a sinus issue. When I woke up Sunday, my neck and under my jaw was swollen and I had severe tooth pain. Went to the ER and was given Clindamycin and Norco. I had #18 molar extracted yesterday. Oral surgeon said it had an abscess. He told me to make sure I complete taking my Clindamycin. I have considerable ear and jaw pain as well as the area of extraction. I'm taking ibuprofen and Norco and continuing antibiotics per instructed.