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Avatar m tn or worms that can best be seen via light shadows, angles - when you cut them or scrap the skin, sometimes it will curl up , bunch up and become visible curled up black round, if in the scalp you can literally see the hair raise as if you have goosebumps or it was ingrown and was released - bald spots in hair - when treated with various alimants or medicines , sometimes it feels as if grains of salt or sand are coming out of skin, when you wipe ur skin .
Avatar n tn Can it be that the propane is drying my skin out that bad, and my itching is making the clear (looks like blisters) bumps. I'm not sure what to do. What else could it possible be? My fiancee does not itch at all and we sleep in the same bed, I figured ( and read, close contact) if it was scabies her would have it also, which he does not. I wonder if it is eczema (maybe)? But I itch so bad sometimes I cant sleep. I have tried taking baths in the oatmeal, to sooth my skin and its not working.
Avatar f tn My son had extremely sensitive skin and broke out in rashes. So it was easier for me to just wash all the stuff in dreft or free and clear laundry detergent before they wore them. It really doesn't take that long since the stuff is so small you can fit a lot in the washer at once. Also wash on cold setting and dry on low or med heat.
Avatar m tn ONE WEEK I have completed one full week of no opiates! I have not had any heroin in 10 days and did the last dose of methadone 7 days ago. I can feel that it's getting easier to move around now but I am still lacking energy, especially in the hours after I wake up. My head is also clearer and I have mild depression. On day 8 now and looking forward to completing another week clean. Hopefully all the methadone is out of my system by now.
Avatar m tn For the last month I have been noticing first thing in the morning a clear sticky wetness on the tip of the penis. It is occasionally possible to milk something out. It is always clear and mucus like and there is no pain on urination. I do NOT notice it any other time of the day including when straining for number 2's. I am concerned that it is a NSU flare up. I went to my doctor who did another swab test for C + G and this was neg.
Avatar n tn This is in response to the many people out there with the same thing, I have suffered at the hand of these blisters for 16 years, and have outbreaks from 1 or 2 on my fingers to many hundreds on the souls of my feet to the point my entire soft soul of my feet where covered in them, at the time I put the bad outbreak down to being homeless and put it down to not changing my socks as often as I did, I have had very small outbreaks of 1 and 2 here and there but when I separated from a partner in 20
Avatar m tn Is it commonly 10-14 days as the article says (and as early as 3 days)? Or is it commonly 2-4 weeks as most other people say? Also, does my skin condition resemble the HIV skin rash? As I stated, the skin from my fingers feels dry and it starts to peel after a white bubble appears. One of my theories was that my severe sunburn could have accelerated ARS by lowering my immune system. I got a severe sunburn and I haven't got sunburned in over 4 years.
Avatar n tn So the next day i masturbated and noticed a clear slimy discharge coming out of the end of my urethra about 3-5 minutes after ejaculation and realized it was precum, which would explain the other two episodes, which also indicated to me that i may have an infection in the prostate. This clear slimy discharge turned white after it dried. So i stopped masturbating and having sex for about 2 weeks. About 5 days ago i was playing pickup basketball and took a shot that landed me on my ***.
Avatar n tn I've had eczema in my ears for 15 yrs. It is very cyclical, starting w/intense uncontrollable itching, then clear fluid leaking from skin, followed by crusting over & flaking of skin in ears that is itchy in & of itself, leading to more scratching & picking at ears. The skin in my ears gets very damaged and ratty during outbreaks. I also have swelling of the ear canal after these itch/scratch episodes that are sometimes quite painful, & Motrin helps that. ENT Dr.
Avatar m tn Recently I've had unprotected sex which I regret and I don't know anything about the guy. 3 or four days later a noticed 2 distinct blisters on my stomach by my belly button as big as a large pimple would be. They are painless, I popped one thinking it was just a pimple but a clear liquid came out. I know a little about herpes but I know there are exceptions and plan to get tested, but are the blisters I describe typical of herpes simplex 1 or 2 ?
537731 tn?1268268886 If you wear contact lenses then don't sleep in them and I would personally recommend letting them soak in the clear care contact solution as it does a better job at disinfecting and cleaning contacts.
Avatar n tn My blisters only last for about a week before they start drying out and turning into thick yellowish itchy skin that peels so that the new skin comes in. The flare ups can also be stress related. Soaking my hands in Aveeno collidal oatmeal bath 3 times a day for 10 minutes help the blisters to dry up faster and when the dry skin comes you must keep your hands moisturized with and ointment like Aquahor and a prescribed medication as well that your dermatologist will give you.
Avatar f tn He's got baby acne and I really don't know how to handle it. DD was born with clear skin and never had this problem. Do I do something or does it go away on its own? I bathe him with Aveeno baby shampoo. I try to keep his face clean throughout the day. What did you do to help your little one's acne?
Avatar m tn Hi, On day 1 I had unprotected sex with an ex-girlfriend three times. Then on day 3 I had protected sex with a high risk prostitute. Then on day 5 I had unprotected sex with ex-girlfriend again. On day 8 I went to the doctor and he examined my genitals and found nothing suspicious. Tested me for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Herpes PCR from swapping tip of the penis. All which turn out negative. However, ex-girlfriend had a "yeast infection" on day 8. She said she had red irritated skin.
Avatar f tn I am so thankful for your update!!! So many women hide after the birth and we never learn how things turned out. Must be the busy life they're dealing with when the baby comes. My twins also had a higher NT measurement. I think one was around 3.55 mm and the other one 4.5. I did CVS immediately to make sure that nothing bad is going on. CVS came clear, the echo came clear as well <3 They did detect small cysts in one of the babies heads and a drop of urine in the kidney of the other twin.
Avatar m tn you might just have warts. Those clear in 3-4 years and dont come back if you have a decent immune system. I called the CDC today and confirmed that facts of recent research. hpv isnt with you for life unless you develop cancer. Whew.
Avatar m tn and its not going away, its been 7 days now. With some skin rash in first week of may. when I first talked to a nurse in a hospital, she told me it is due to my dry skin, and she can not relate my skin rash with the sore throat. Afterwards I went to a doctor for consultation. I have the flu like symptoms as well so I asked the doctor to take my HIV test.
123759 tn?1226934204 I hope you are right because I began spotting lastnight just after I wrote my message above. Maybe this means I am not pregnant. I will take a HPT on Wednesday and see if so or not. I really felt pregnant but maybe I just have a really long cycle (35 days?) or due to stressing over possibly being pregnant again for the first time since the miscarraige, I stressed myself into a late period? who knows.
Avatar m tn pimple risky during oral ? , what is the darker skin mark that I have on the penis ? Do we have skin in urethra , same as penis , if blood enter urethra cannot go trough the skin correct ? any direct link to bloodstream from inside urethra skin layer ?
Avatar f tn i did visit the doctor but had to endure the cold shivers at night first and hot sweats during the day i was off food for five days anyway it turns out it has turned into a skin infection needing seven days of anti biotics 2 days in and it is clearing up hopethis helps some of you regards Al
Avatar m tn All this symptoms started appearing after a boozing party where I had a lot of smoking Coming to my sexual history... I had gay sex with 3 people (not on the same time) in 2007. And sexual relationship with a girl for about 1 year (ie from 2012 to 2013 oct).After dat I had sex twice with another girl in same year (I.e in Nov 2013). I dint use condom at any time. Diagnosis I took all the tests but all were normal.i took hiv elisa and pcr RNA qualitative test in this month all were negative.
206807 tn?1331939784 Does anyone know of a study that tells how long it takes for your body to clear the Pegintron and Riba? After completing 24 weeks of tx.. I have read somewhere that it can take up to 3 months for them to completely get out of your system after completing tx. I have other people telling me it takes 6 months. With the Riba, I just don’t have the patience to search for it and would greatly appreciate it if someone could post one for me.
Avatar n tn Hi, i am 19 years of age and last week had my results back from the GUM clinic and i am clear, i have not had sex since my results however for the last 3 days i have had dry flakey skin all over my penis it is only on the shaft and is very itchy it feels really nice to give it a scratch but as soon as i stop it turns into a stinging sensation because i have removed some skin by scratching, please can you give me some advice on what i can do to clear it, i know it isnt an std because i am clear ,
Avatar n tn Then I went to an allergist who told me it was some form of excema and dry skin. To bath in aveno bath oil and use aquaphor cream. But the itching would disappear of 2 or 3 days and come back then go??? But he felt it wasn't an allergic reaction to the amoxil. Now I have a uninary tract infection and the doctor put me on keflex and the itching is starting all over again. Mind you I've only been free of this for a couple of days. Last year the same thing happened with doxicyline and macradantin.
Avatar f tn Topical corticosteroids such as 1% hydrocortisone may be applied thinly on the affected area for 3 days. If no response or if the skin condition worsened, then you may need to have this assessed by your doctor.
Avatar m tn was looking for some jaundice and potential fatty liver. He said to diet and exercise and retest in 3 months. In the past month I have noticed some VERY weird conditions in my skin color. Primarily in the hands and sometimes extending to the forearm at a lessor degree ---- They get yellowish/bronze/orange (in order of predominance). This comes and goes --- one minute yellowish, 5 minutes later mostly gone.
1544520 tn?1293487183 3 year old boy with sudden clear-brown spots especially in his buttocks around 4 or 5 round coin sized spots, 2 on his right foot, one on his left arm and two bigger ones just where the kidneys are is like drawing where they are, no symptoms, just there, Doctor thought they were fungus but after 4 days with the treatment is not working, everything still the same....What can it be? I don know if I should worry or not :(. Please help!
Avatar f tn To me they don't look like skin tags, and why would skin tags grow inside the vagina. I am waiting to go back in 3 weeks to get a biopsy..... Any input? It's growing in lines with several bumps in each line. I would say they measure up to 3 mm.....