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1138687 tn?1360980244 I also don't see a great proven rack record that Clarithromycin is effective in treating Lyme, whereas every website advocates 3-4 weeks of doxy as the cure for early stage lyme, which i have. I've been infected 9 days before treatment and have been on doxy for 2 weeks, and now Clarith for 3 days. Oh, also, I heard it might be a good idea to swich meds on the bacteria so they don't grow an immunity to just one??? Does anyone have any insight or advise for me?
Avatar n tn However, other than getting a lumbar puncture (or spinal tap) and testing the fluid for the Lyme bacteria, I don't know of any definitive tests for whether Lyme has entered the central nervous system. Lyme can cause brain lesions visible on MRI, but several other processes can cause similar damage, so I don't think that lesions can be definitively ascribed to Lyme.
Avatar f tn Morning, Has anyone taken biaxin as part of the treatment for lyme? I'm also asking if anyone knows how much this costs to fill. since my insurance company/HMO is not helping with this. I'm seriuosly getting a part time job when I feel better to help pay for this.
Avatar f tn I currently live on the eastern shore of MD and lyme is common here so my concern of Lyme was taken seriously. I was told it is still safe to breastfeed though there is some conflicting info on the Internet. I was given a prescription for Omnicef 300 Mg twice per day for 10 days and am to start it pending my test results. I am actually planning to start it tonight without waiting for results. My questions are does this sound like Lyme? What are the chances the blood test will be positive?
Avatar m tn ------------------------------------------------- -- for Babesia: azithromycin/Zithromax and Mepron/atovaquone -- 4 months -- for Lyme: clarithromycin/Biaxin and cefdinir/Omnicef -- 5 months -- drug holiday due to side effects of probiotics--2 months -- for Lyme: Zithromax/azithromycin and Flagyl/metronidazole -- 4 months ------------------------------------------------- This may have been an abbreviated treatment schedule, because I had continuing problems from the probiotics, so my schedu
Avatar m tn The only problem with Lupus is I was misdiagnosed with lupus and MS and other illnesses and it was Lyme all along. Lyme disease does exist in Australia. You may want to google Lyme doctors in Austalia. Call the doc cave76 suggested and maybe he knows of other LLMD in the country. Long term antibiotics are necessary if it is Lyme. The symptoms you described before are all symptoms I have had or still I have. The sooner you get treatment the better. Let us know if you have other questions.
Avatar f tn Could symptons show for me not even hrs after having vaginal/oral intercourse? I have and am being treated for Lyme Dease and one of the meds I take is 500 mg of Clarithromycun twice a day, would that prevent me/get rid of clamydia if I did indeed get it? Also, is it true you need to wait atleast a couple of days after intercourse to get tested for it to be accurate? I'm sorry for spelling/grammar or any stupid questions, it's 2:30 am and I am FREAKING out! Any info would be much appreciated.
Avatar f tn Below is copied from Dr Burrascano's treatment guidelines for Lyme (posted on the ILADS website), including an entry on doxycycline [aka doxy] dosage: "Adults: 200 mg bid [meaning twice a day] with food; doses of up to 600 mg daily are often needed, as doxycycline is only effective at high blood levels." So perhaps your doc's doses are on the light side -- I'd ask him, but sometimes docs get huffy. I'd ask him anyway. It's your health we're talking about.
10506901 tn?1431354357 for Lyme, I was treated with ---- Biaxin (generic: clarithromycin) and ----Omnicef (generic: cefdinir) ----these were changed to: ---- Zithromax (generic: azithromycin) and ---- Flagyl (generic: metronidazole) BOTTOM LINE: there is NO 'standard' Lyme treatment, and do not try to self-medicate. Lyme is a serious ailment and must be diagnosed and treated by a competent MD.
Avatar m tn ) In October 2009 I was diagnosed with Lyme (+IGM WB), Bartonella (+IGG), CPN (+/- IGM, -IGG) and Mycoplasma pneumonia (high IGG and IGM). My symptoms started in March 2009 and grew from standard sorethroats, frequent colds to muscle pains, anxiety attacks, depression, swollen lymphnodes, fatigue...etc. I also started to have UTIs, Urethreitis, Testicular pains from August to September.
Avatar m tn is your doc proposing that to treat Lyme, or something else? If it's to treat Lyme and any other infections often carried by the 'Lyme' ticks, then taking it for months is very common ... the reason is that bacteria are most susceptible to being killed by the meds at the time that the bacteria are reproducing and their cell wall is disrupted to split one bacterium into more bacteria.
Avatar f tn I started taking Biaxin 9 days ago (twice a day orally) to treat my lyme until i get in with the infectious disease dr(who is Lyme Literate), and then I will most likely be treated with the IV antibiotics at that point. I was bit 4yrs ago. I have been told I have MS, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Graves disease..etc. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 4yrs ago shortly after I got bit, and then CFS a year after that.
2125872 tn?1335238667 The naturopath means well, but his basic approach is not something I would follow when dealing with an illness as serious as Lyme disease. Lyme is caused by spiral-shaped bacteria in the same family as syphilis, and I would not spend time or money tidying up my old fillings before I moved aggressively to treat syphilis -- and ditto for Lyme. Much of the medical community does not take Lyme seriously, so there is much figuring out to be done by us, the patients.
Avatar m tn -- azithromycin and atovaquone (for babesia) -- 4 months -- clarithromycin and cefdinir -- 5 months (for Lyme; terminated early due to edema) -- [drug holiday -- 2 months] -- azithromycin and metronidazole -- 5 months (terminated due to systemic fungal infection from yeast-based probiotics intended to *prevent* fungal infection -- but yeast is a fungus, and it colonized my body) It took me a long time to stabilize and get rid of the fungal infection, and at that point was too worn out to g
Avatar n tn It is not uncommon to have one or more of these 'co-infections' (perhaps half of us have them along with Lyme), and they require separate testing and often different medications from Lyme itself. A wise Lyme MD will know how to take a proper history from you about your travels and symptoms, and then to test for any likely co-infections. (For example, I had Lyme and babesiosis, which is similar to malaria.
Avatar f tn clarithromycin) and Omnicef (gen: cefdinir), and then switched to Zithromax (gen: azithromycin) and Flagyl (gen: metronidazole). As I recall, the switch in meds was because I was having a bad reaction to treatment, but it may have been that the doc didn't realize my problem was the probiotic I was taking and not the antibiotics. I don't know. So .. there are several approaches -- the playbook on Lyme is still being written, so there is no 'one size fits all' approach to be had.
Avatar f tn I'd suggest you call the ophthalmologist (not an optometrist or an optician) and tell them your symptoms and ask to be put on their cancellation list. Youve is right, ophthalmologists take Lyme seriously. Mine sure did. Which drugs for Lyme depend on how long you've been infected and what other infections the tick(s) may have given you ... which happens about 50% of the time, so they estimate.
1138687 tn?1360980244 The Lyme dosage is 400 MG a day. For me, mine was a very old infection by the time I started treatment and it worked on me but everyone is different. Rocephin is another good one.
Avatar m tn I just know it's some manifestation of an infection from this tickbite. Maybe not the Lyme spirochete itself, maybe one of the other associated diseases that ticks carry. I'm not sure how long I should wait before I see an LLMD, and if anyone can help with that, please, I'd really appreciate it. I live in Southern NH. I feel like my entire body is under attack and strangely all at once, as if some demon has been hibernating within me and has suddenly awoken.
1464587 tn?1307495205 And also I'm puzzled that he doesn't switch you to another antibiotic altogether. Biaxin/clarithromycin isn't the only med that works against Lyme. One thing that caught my attention in your post about having a recurring/constant yeast infection. Docs often don't pay a lot of attention to that, thinking it's not a big deal, and I was one of those for whom it was indeed a Big Deal.
Avatar f tn He also said like you know parasites can cause symptoms similiar to lyme like tingling, etc. So we'll see. I was on a three day course of flagyl and it made me herx bad and had really awful dreams. what will the new regimen be for you?
1691275 tn?1322331107 The symptoms you describe could be Lyme Disease. Igenex is a more reliable test, but no test is 100%. Lyme Disease is a clinical diagnosis based on symptoms. Perhaps you should consult a doctor who specializes in Lyme and other Tick-Borne Diseases. These doctors are referred to as Lyme Literate MDs (LLMD).
867582 tn?1311630997 Where I should have my blood tested for Lyme. I have so often heard that IGeneX labs in Calif. is the way to go on Lyme testing -that they know best how to do it and are most accurate. However, I heard IGeneX is expensive and I want to make sure that they don't just label every specimen sent to them as positive for Lyme. I mean, think about it - in a time when many other labs are labeling most Lyme specimens as negative, that could be lucrative! Hopefully IGeniX doesn't do such a thing.
207972 tn?1230427719 I was diagnosed with Lyme disease and have been treated with antibiotics for 6 months or so now. I also have Hashimoto's thyroid disease. Still looking for a solution for the fatigue. I am on Armour natural thyroid, am about settled on a correct dose for that. I also have depression but am taking Prozac for that. Almost every day I about have to sleep for 2 or 3 hrs every afternoon. Any ideas on what I can do for that problem??
166496 tn?1236185912 I just went this morning for blood draw to retest after 2 rounds of antibiotics. Need some prayers please............... I did 30 days of doxy and 14 days of Biaxin (clarithromycin). Doc wanted me to wait 30 days between last bloodwork and this one. Still feeling fatigued with joint pain.
Avatar f tn Dear cyber buddies, I just received some excellent news -- someone very close to me has just today gotten (knock on wood) a clean bill of health after extended antibiotic treatment for Lyme and a coinfection. We started treatment at the same time, and I have run into problems with reaction to various medications, so I am still slogging along and accept that I may never be fully well, but it does give one hope. Here's hoping the same good news for each and every one of us.
Avatar f tn I have been on abx since November 1st 2009, (Doxycycline 200mg twice a day orally) and I did see an improvement in fatigue and neurological symptoms, but then a few weeks later fever and shortness of breath returned, so was treated with clarithromycin plus malarone for 3 weeks (Babesia treatment, just in case I had that too) and since then I am back on the doxy again.
Avatar m tn I began taking rocephin+gentamicin+clarithromycin and for 8 days I had neck pain and the swelling went down some. I am waiting for a Lyme Elisa test and have been disabled from brain fog and central apnea, PLMD seizures, hypnic jerks. what kind of infection do I have?
Avatar m tn I began taking rocephin+gentamicin+clarithromycin and for 8 days I had neck pain and the swelling went down some. I am waiting for a Lyme Elisa test and have been disabled from brain fog and central apnea, PLMD seizures, hypnic jerks. I have a neurentric cyst eroding my clivus. what kind of infection do I have?